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Chapter 78 Part 2: Entering the Palace

To speak of these two people, Jiang Yu Yan was a silent girl, but Jiang Yu’e had never shown a good look at Jiang Li.

A glance at Jiang Yu’e and Jiang Li immediately knew that the other person was plotting something.

“Second sister, you walked so fast, I couldn’t catch up to you.” Jiang Yu’e opened her mouth and spoke warmly and amiably.

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Jiang Li stood where she was, not even willing to feign civility.

She only politely said: “Is there something, fifth sister”

Jiang Yu’e didn’t expect that Jiang Li wouldn’t even bother to pretend to give face.

Her expression almost changed, but within a moment, she quickly adjusted herself and smilingly said: “In Wan Feng Hall today, before second sister came, there’s something spoken.” Up to here, Jiang Yu’e paused intentionally before continuing: “it’s third sister’s marriage.

Eldest aunt said that third sister and Zhou heir’s marriage is already set at the end of winter, beginning of spring next year.

I believe perhaps second sister is not yet aware of this and so especially came over to tell.” 

Just for this

Tong’er was a bit angry, Jiang Li laughed slightly and said: “Thank you for the information, fifth sister.

I got it.”

Seemingly dissatisfied with Jiang Li’s flat tone, Jiang Yu’e observed Jiang Li’s complexion carefully.

Seeing that Jiang Li didn’t show any pain or disappointment, she spoke again: “Actually, second sister’s and Zhou heir’s marriage agreement at that time was also very good.

If second sister didn’t meet with mishap at that time, the one marrying into Ningyuan Marquis’ s residence would be second sister.

In the entire Yanjing, Zhou heir is considered one of the best match.

Now third sister is going to marry into the Zhou residence effortlessly; second sister is more senior than third sister, but the marriage is not yet settled.

From the bottom of my heart, I feel unfairness towards second sister.”

Jiang Yu Yan was somewhat terrified as she glanced at Jiang Li, wishing to stop Jiang Yu’e’s words.

In the end, she just reached her hand out and pulled the corner of Jiang Yu’e’s sleeve and didn’t say a word. 

Jiang Li didn’t immediately reply to Jiang Yu’e and simply stared at her with a smile.

Her smile was gentle and soft, without any intention inside.

However, for no reason at all, Jiang Yu’e, who was being stared at, felt nervous. 

In order to break away from this oppressive feeling, Jiang Yu’e asked Jiang Li: “Why is second sister staring at me”

“Nothing.” Jiang Li said lightly: “I just felt moved that fifth sister is so concerned like this for me.

But…….” She indifferently said: “Fifth sister’s intention, do mother and third sister know” 

Jiang Yu’e’s face changed all of a sudden.

She was eager to stab Jiang Li’s feelings, but unknowingly, if that sentence “feel unfairness towards second sister” fell on Ji Shuran, mother and daughter’s ears, what kind of situation would it be. 

Jiang Yu’e reluctantly smiled and said: “These are confidential words between second sister and I…….”

Jiang Li looked at Jiang Yu’e and smiled: “In fact, fifth sister doesn’t need to be overly worried about my marriage.

My father is the current court chief assistant.

No matter how bad, still able to look for an official family in Yanjing.

Even if mother isn’t worried about me, there’s still father and old madam.

I am the biological daughter from the main branch, can I still marry low” She looked meaningfully at Jiang Yu’e: “Although fifth sister hasn’t reached marriageable age, it would be better to take care of your own things.

Third uncle’s official career prospect doesn’t appear to bright.

Based on third uncle and third aunt’s tendency, in the future, it’s hard to say what kind of family fifth sister would marry into.” 

Seeing Jiang Yu’e’s complexion turned ashen in an instant, Jiang Li’s mood turned good.

She went on neither slowly nor hurriedly: “In the world, it should be known that although talent, appearance, temperament, moral characters are all important, without family background, everything was futile.

Why don’t you look at those young ladies in the capital’s Yi Hong Lou Which of those ladies doesn’t look like a one in a thousand immortal beauty Beautiful and intelligent, yet they will only be a girl in their lifetime.”   

After speaking, she didn’t wait for Jiang Yu’e to reply and immediately took Tong’er away. 

Naturally she didn’t see Jiang Yu’e’s expression behind. 

On the way back, Tong’er rolled over in laughter the whole way.

When they reached Fang Fei Garden, she told this matter to Baixue and the other few people without missing any words.

After she finished recounting, she laughed heartily and said: “You didn’t see fifth miss’s expression at that time. Aiyah our young lady is truly capable, comparing the fifth miss and the ladies at Yi Hong Lou, fifth miss must be bursting with anger. Ptui, who told her to have bad intentions and to deliberately provoke. 

“Why does fifth miss always want to make life difficult for our young lady” Mingyue was still young and asked curiously: “If the third miss makes life difficult for our young lady, that’s because third miss and miss are both the biological daughters of the main branch and third miss is jealous of miss as her love rival.

But fifth miss belongs to the third room.

Miss does not hinder her at all.”

“Shameless people are like that.” Tong’er blurted out, “absolutely insisted for every person to have resentments like her.

What for Our young lady is of golden branch and jade leaves, why on earth would she often compare with our young lady.

Miss is better than her, isn’t that proper and to be expected”

Jiang Li listened to her servant girls’ discussion and smiled while shaking her head. 

What Jiang Yu’e was seeking was nothing more than her being not reconciled.

Jiang Yu’e wished to see Jiang Li down and depressed.

In this way, Jiang Yu’e would feel superior to her.

Jiang Yu’e even hoped to use Zhou Yan Bang to irritate her.

But what Jiang Yu’e didn’t understand was that Jiang Li really didn’t have the slightest interest towards Zhou Yan Bang.


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