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Chapter 77 Part 3: Feast

“Shen Yurong has arrived at the princess mansion, Cheng Wang was also present.” A black clothed imperial bodyguard came to report. 

In the ducal residence’s study room, Ji Heng placed the book he just took, back to the wooden rack.  

The guard then disappeared quietly.

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“It seems that Shen Yurong and Cheng Wang have connected.” Lu Ji sipped his tea and looked with a beaming smile towards Ji Heng. 

“It’s something that will happen sooner or later.” Ji Heng put the book back, yet didn’t leave.

He stood in front of the pear wood rack as if he was looking for another book. 

“Congratulations, Lord’s plan goes forward a step without any hitch.” Lu Ji said: “Shen Yurong joined Cheng Wang, Cheng Wang added another person from the new appointees, his influence would rise a lot more.” 

Ji Heng replied absent-mindedly: “Shen Yurong has ambition, Cheng Wang has ambition.

The bodies of people with ambition emitted the same smell.

Just like wolves wouldn’t associate with dogs, in the imperial court, Shen Yurong is unlikely to choose the emperor.He would only choose Cheng Wang since only Cheng Wang has the ability to satisfy his ambition.” 

“It’s still the lord who can see people accurately.” Lu Ji sighed.

Suddenly remembering something, he said: “It’s a pity about the Chengxuan envoy.

Meng You De was previously the person of the Right Minister, now after committing the offense against Princess Yongning, it’s the same as committing an offense against Cheng Wang.

The Right Minister is Cheng Wang’s person, he naturally will no longer use Meng You De.

This person, Meng You De, is actually still very capable ——”

The Meng family originally handled affairs for the Right Minister, he was also Cheng Wang’s subordinate.

Nowadays, due to the unexpected incident in the racecourse between Meng Hong Jin and Princess Yongning, the Meng family was destined to be abandoned by Cheng Wang.

Actually, Cheng Wang really didn’t take his anger on them, rather, since Meng You De’s daughter was harmed to this point, even if Meng You De said that he didn’t mind and continued to handle Cheng Wang’s affairs, there would inevitably still be complaints in his heart. 

If there’s complaints, perhaps there would be a day that he would bite back.

Cheng Wang was cautious and suspicious, he absolutely wouldn’t use Meng You De anymore.

In fact, speaking of Meng You De’s ability, when he grew in the future, it would perhaps be a good help.

As a person standing in a position outside, he felt sorry for Cheng Wang.

It’s a pity the matter had gone so far and there’s no way to redeem. 

“This time, again it was because of Jiang second miss.” Lu Ji said with a smile: “Before it was Ye Shijie, because Jiang second miss helped him out, the plan was altered.

The current Meng Hong Jin is also due to Jiang second miss, causing the Meng family to separate from Cheng Wang.

Twice because of Jiang second miss, the lord’s plans were hindered.

This Jiang second miss and the lord really have an ill-fated relationship.”

“You want to say that Jiang second miss wasn’t accidental” Ji Heng asked.

“Doesn’t the lord think the same way” Lu Ji replied while smiling: “Otherwise lord wouldn’t ask Wen Ji to interrogate and get to the bottom of the matter as to who reminded Ye Shijie from behind.”

Ji Heng finally found the book he was looking for in the wood rack.

He took the scroll out and turned around, the golden butterfly embroidered in the corner of his splendid red gown fluttered behind him.

He said: “It’s Jiang second miss.” 

Lu Ji stopped smiling and looked at Ji Heng: “Jiang family…..”

“Not the Jiang family.” The corner of Ji Heng’s lips slowly raised, exposing a mysterious smile: “It’s Jiang second miss.” 

“Isn’t it interesting” Ji Heng leaned back and said lazily: “I suspect that this Jiang second miss came precisely to restrain me.”


The summer days were long and soon it’s almost time to enter autumn.

Yet, there was still no inkling of the cool autumn to come.

The days continued to be extremely hot and the flowers in the garden withered from too much sun. 

Therefore, when the overdue rain came, it especially received much appreciation. 

It rained at night and didn’t stop when morning came.

It only changed from a downpour to the patter of a drizzle.

The rain water flowed along and dripped down the eaves like a close beaded curtain, ticking onto the courtyard’s bluestone bricks.

It washed them especially clean, resembling an unadorned cyan stone and the fragrance of earth seemed to be emitted.  

Tong’er brought breakfast in.

Seeing that Jiang Li had not yet woken up, she was somewhat surprised.

In the past, Jiang Li woke up very early and she didn’t have the habit of waking up late.

Whenever Tong’er brought breakfast in, Jiang Li would have finished dressing up by herself. 

“Miss.” Tong’er called out softly. 

Jiang Li who was fast asleep on the bed, opened her eyes suddenly.

Seeing that it was Tong’er, she hesitated for a short time before she realized the time.

She sat up and pressed her forehead.

Tong’er saw cold sweats covering Jiang Li’s forehead and was stumped before she promptly looked for a handkerchief and promptly and carefully came over to dry them.

She said: “Did miss have a nightmare So much sweat came out.”

Baixue was walking in from outside and hearing Tong’er, she immediately walked towards the windows and pushed them open.

All at once, the cool air from outside came rushing in and the air inside the room wasn’t as sultry as before.

Jiang Li also seemed to be much more awake. 

She said: “I had a dream.”


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