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Chapter 77 Part 2: Feast

Is it just me I think Princess Yongning is sick, she’s an absolute madman.

A psychopath and a masochist at the same time…..

The princess mansion was brightly lit, entirely different from the Meng residence.   

The thinly dressed young girls dancing in the reception hall were dancing gracefully, veils covering half of their faces, only exposing a pair of watery eyes full of tenderness, each and every one flung towards the person in the center of the hall.

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That man in the center had a tall nose, deep eyes, thin lips and strong eyebrows.

His facial features were handsome, yet because his face was long and narrow, he looked a bit detached and hard to get close to. 

This was exactly Cheng Wang. 

“Whichever one elder brother thinks is good, just take it from me.” Princess Yongning said weakly. 

Cheng Wang glanced at her and said: “Why are you in low spirits”

“There’s nothing interesting, of course low spirit.” Princess Yongning supported her head, her gaze was charming.

Unknown what she was thinking about, she suddenly became restless.

Cheng Wang said: “A few days ago, didn’t you bring back the young lady from Chenxuan envoy’s residence to play with Why do you still think it’s not interesting”

Princess Yongning was a bit surprised when she heard this and said: “Bother you to actually pay attention to this matter.” She picked her nails and said: “Don’t talk about it, that Meng Hong Jin looks amazing, but she’s someone who looks strong outside but actually weak.

I merely brought her into the torture prison in the princess mansion for a walk, before I do anything to her, she’s already been so scared she peed her pants.” Princess Yongning showed loathing, “looking at her like that, my joy in torturing her was also gone, so I immediately sent the person back.”  

“Perhaps even a man couldn’t take in the miserable condition in your torture prison,” Cheng Wang laughed, “you took her there to look around, no wonder she was scared senseless.”

The torture prison of the princess mansion contained all those people who caused Princess Yongning unhappiness.

The people that Princess Yongning extremely hated and she was unwilling to let them die immediately.

Therefore they were left here and she came up with ways to torture them.

For example, peeling their skin halfway, or perhaps digging their knees, copying the method of torture by boiling someone alive.

In short, it’s not an exaggeration to say that this was a purgatory on earth.

Although Meng Hong Jin was arrogant on weekdays, inside the Meng residence, the most she had seen was the killing of one or two servant girls.

Such living devastation was sufficient to scare her out of her wits and turned into her eternal nightmare.  

“Boring.” Princess Yongning smiled sarcastically, “naturally, it’s only interesting to torture people right in front of your eyes.

It’s best to struggle before death.

Seeing her strived to survive and when it seemed that there’s a gleam of hope, she, “puff”, breathed her last breath.

Just like the small lamp in front, its flame extinguished, I feel it’s very fun,” she chuckled and continued: “Just like this, extinguishing her last trace of hope, made her desperate, that is called enjoyable.

A prey who knows to resist and struggle can be called the best prey…….” 

Cheng Wang smiled faintly: “You must be talking about Xue Fang Fei.”

Princess Yongning curled her lips and was about to answer when someone announced from outside: “Assistant Secretary, Master Shen, is here.”

Princess Yongning heard him and her eyes brightened.

The tiredness in her eyes was immediately swept clean.

She opened her mouth happily: “Quick, let him in!”

Cheng Wang remained calm and collected, lifted the teacup in front of him and took a sip without saying a word.  

Soon, Shen Yurong followed someone in and first saluted Cheng Wang.

After that he looked at Princess Yongning and called: “Her highness.”

Princess Yongning was overjoyed upon seeing him and her expression turned much more amiable than before.

She said to Cheng Wang: “I invited Master Shen here.

Elder brother, didn’t a few days ago you say that Wen Chang Pavilion lacks people…….” 

Cheng Wang frowned slightly, appearing somewhat dissatisfied with Princess Yongning’s impatience.

Fortunately, only Princess Yongning alone who neglected her appearance.

Shen Yurong still stood in the middle of the hall honestly and cautiously without glancing sideways.

Cheng Wang was a bit satisfied with him. 

Princess Yongning and Cheng Wang had a very good relationship, naturally she could tell that Cheng Wang was satisfied with Shen Yurong.

She felt very happy, and somewhat proud, as if he was proud of Shen Yurong.

Since the day she was injured by Meng Hongjin’s arrow on the racecourse, many people came to the Princess Mansion to inquire about her body, but Shen Yurong didn’t.

Shen Yurong was the current Assistant Secretary, also someone Hong Xiao Emperor placed importance in.

His wife hadn’t passed away for long, so it wasn’t a good thing for other people to see him walk too close with the princess.

It’s not that Princess Yongning didn’t understand this reason, but she couldn’t help not missing him.

Actually, Shen Yurong couldn’t be said to be currying favor with her, unlike other men.

On the contrary, he was more cold and indifferent towards Princess Yongning which made Princess Yongning loved his style even more. 

Princess Yongning felt that Shen Yurong was born precisely to conquer her.

For Shen Yurong, she abandoned her self-respect as a princess, put her face down, even so much as killing his wife and child.

In front of him, she showed a smile which had never been revealed to others.

All of these were done simply to make Shen Yurong reciprocate her affection.   

She loved Shen Yurong very much. 

Cheng Wang started to ask Shen Yurong some affairs.

Shen Yurong stood straight, his bearing was neither servile nor overbearing, with the elegant manner of a very capable person.

The satisfaction in Cheng Wang’s eyes became thicker.

Even though there’s a relationship between Shen Yurong and Princess Yongning, Cheng Wang didn’t think this was a big mistake.  

Accomplishing a big matter wouldn’t bother about trifles, besides, it was merely a woman without any usefulness. 

People on earth were either stepping stones or stumbling blocks.

Stepping stones needed to be stepped on, stumbling blocks needed to be thrown aside. 

Shen Yurong only discarded a stumbling block, his road in future days would only become broader, a smooth and straight road.


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