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Chapter 76 Part 8: Breaking Marriage Contract

“Ridiculous!” Tong’er spoke.

She put the teapot in her hand onto the table furiously, “My family’s miss is not their Zhou family’s servant girl, going as they wish Previously, their Zhou family had the final say and rescinded the marriage contract, now wanting to once again marry miss, did they ask miss’s opinion Ningyuan Marquis’s house is simply bullying!”

Even Tong’er was outraged on behalf of Jiang Li.

Feeling odd, Jiang Jing Rui asked: “Why are you taking offense at this Although there’s nothing great about Zhou Yan Bang, in any case, within Yanjing’s city walls, he is considered a handsome and talented young man, well-matched with the Jiang family.

His background isn’t bad, a lot of young ladies admired him greatly.

It’s not a loss for your family’s girl.

Moreover, Jiang Li,” he looked at Jiang Li, “If you were to be together with Zhou Yan Bang, Jiang You Yao would most certainly be angry.

It’s proof that you are more superior than Jiang You Yao, that she’s not as good as you.” 

Jiang Li simply found Jiang Jing Rui’s arguments laughable.

She had figured it out, Jiang Jing Rui evidently didn’t think too far.

She said: “I’ve defeated her, why do I still need evidence, for whom do I show the proof to In order to anger Jiang You Yao, I throw myself in, am I crazy Furthermore,” she laughed coldly, “even if Zhou Yan Bang is better, the things that others have used, I, Jiang Li, am not willing to pick up.” She’s not Princess Yongning, specially fond of picking up the things that other people had used.

Jiang Jing Rui was dumbstruck as he stared at Jiang Li.

Jiang Li’s speech, saying Zhou Yan Bang was the same as something that had been thrown on the street.

In addition, looking at Jiang Li’s expression as she spoke, she truly disdained Zhou Yan Bang and wasn’t pretending.

Jiang You Yao regarded him as a treasure, on the contrary, he was abandoned by Jiang Li like a worn out shoe.  

Jiang Jing Rui said: “Why are you angry with me Zhou Yan Bang was the one raising the matter.”

“After that” Tong’er hastily got to the heart of the matter: “Did Master agree to this matter”

“How is it possible” Jiang Jing Rui spoke with disdain: “Previously, Zhou Yan Bang rescinded the marriage contract with your family’s miss, that’s because……. Cough, something came up and your family’s miss went to the nunnery.

Currently, Zhou Yan Bang mentioned breaking the contract, but Jiang You Yao didn’t make any mistake.

How could eldest uncle agree It’s already benevolent for him not to visit the Zhou family’s house and say a few words.” 

Jiang Li grasped the important points in Jiang Jing Rui’s speech and said: “Why The Zhou family didn’t send people over”

“Huh, how would the Zhou family dare to come ah.

Zhou Yan Bang is crazy, but his parents aren’t.

This was said by Zhou Yan Bang alone and Ningyuan Marquis and Ningyuan Marchioness don’t agree.

The servant boy serving Zhou Yan Bang heard their quarrel and secretly told the person from our residence.

That person told the eldest aunt.

I heard Jiang You Yao cried badly.

While eldest aunt was comforting her, eldest uncle was very angry and nearly went for a trip to Ningyuan Marquis’s residence.” 

Jiang Li suddenly understood, no wonder while asking around, Tong’er heard that Jiang You Yao was crying, as it turned out, it was due to this matter. 

“How did you find out” asked Jiang Li.

“I overheard my mother gossiping with her wet nurse.” Jiang Jing Rui spoke offhandedly: “All day long, my mother concerns herself with the matters relating to the main branch.

Just a slight stir and she would know about it faster than you would.”

Jiang Li was left speechless. 

“This Zhou Yan Bang,” Jiang Jing Rui continued to say: “actually said that he wants to break the marriage contract at this juncture.

It can be clearly seen that he is thoroughly fascinated by you.

Wants to marry you as his wife…..

Jiang You Yao likes him so much, I reckon she must be furious.

But she only has herself to blame.

At that time when you were sent to the nunnery, eldest aunt soon came up with the plan to make Jiang You Yao replace you in marrying into Ningyuan Marquis’s residence.

From this it’s clear that some things cannot be snatched away.” 

The way Jiang Jing Rui said this appeared as if he was still proud of Jiang Li.

However, Jiang Li didn’t have the same good mood as Jiang Jing Rui.

She understood clearly that the matter of Zhou Yan Bang wanting to rescind his engagement and marry her wasn’t a good thing for her.

At least in the mind of Ji Shuran mother and daughter, at the moment they must have hated her a hundredfold, more than before, perhaps even a thousand times more.

In light of the narrow mindedness and vicious disposition of these two mother and daughter, Jiang Li felt that Jiang You Yao absolutely wouldn’t let her off easily.

In order to make Zhou Yan Bang’s idea disappear completely, they would even cut weeds and eliminate the roots. 

Come to think of it, the palace banquet in the near future would be an exceptionally good opportunity. 

Jiang Li lowered her eyes, the crisis is gradually approaching.


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