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Chapter 76 Part 7: Breaking Marriage Contract

Making Jiang Li and Ye Shijie “be in love”, not only would ruin Ye Shijie’s future, it would also smash the Ye family’s hope, rendering the Ye family incapable of turning over.

It would also make Jiang Li marry a husband who held resentments towards her, everything would be unfavorable.

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As long as she married to Xiangyang, Ji Shuran believed that she has ten thousand ways to make Jiang Li suffer life worse than death. 

“Thank you elder sister, for pointing this out.” This time, Ji Shuran was completely convinced by Ji Chen-shi and said: “Elder sister’s method is much more comprehensive than mine.”  

“Compared to Li-pin in the palace, the two of us still have a long way to go.” Ji Chen-shi said: “Now, quickly go and console You Yao.

She’s been pampered since young.

With the way Zhou Yan Bang humiliated her, she must be feeling extremely sad.

You must not let her be impulsive in a moment and cause something foolish, breaking your plan.”

Ji Shuran shivered in apprehension and said: “I got it, I’ll go immediately.”

Ji Chen-shi nodded with satisfaction.


At the other end, Tong’er was telling Jiang Li the news she was inquiring about. 

“Said that the third miss’s mood was very bad, the people in Precious Courtyard were all being punished.

However, someone saw that third miss was also crying…….”

Jiang Li put down the book in her hand and feeling strange, she said: “Crying” Jiang You Yao got angry, the reason for the most part was probably because of her.

But Jiang Li didn’t believe that she could make Jiang You Yao so angry that she cried.

However, she just stayed in the residence and didn’t go anywhere, and didn’t even offend Jiang You Yao.  

“Yes ah, it’s not known what’s the matter.

Afterwards, heard that she was better after Ji-shi comforted her for a while; but then, the master got angry.”

Jiang Li was even more puzzled.

However, she had only arrived in the Jiang residence for a short period of time and had no way of arranging her own people in the residence.

Aside from Fang Fei Garden, other matters in the other courtyards could only rely on Tong’er to make some inquiries.

The news gotten from this method wasn’t always thorough. 

Only a few sentences had been exchanged when a shout calling her name was heard outside: “Jiang Li! Jiang Li!”

It’s Jiang Jing Rui’s voice. 

“Second young master came again.” Tong’er’s mouth twitched.

Jiang Jing Rui came so frequently, the tea in Fang Fei Garden was almost wiped out.

The new tea would only be sent in another half a month.

Jiang Jing Rui noticed Tong’er’s expression and shouted: “Jiang Li, take good care of your servant girl.

I am the second young master of the residence, others seek me but I refuse to come.

Me coming here bring light to your humble dwelling, but look at her expression”

Jiang Li was too lazy to correct his random excuse and simply asked: “Why did you come here” Originally, she was a very patient person and treated people amiably.

But this person, Jiang Jing Rui, no matter how, was truly a troublesome person and his speech was too unpleasant to hear.

Therefore, Jiang Li didn’t really welcome him.

Jiang Jing Rui looked at the surroundings and pulled Jiang Li inside the house before closing the door.

Jiang Li felt helpless, if there’s a spy in Fang Fei Garden, afraid they would know with a glance that they were going to discuss things secretly based on Jiang Jing Rui’s attitude.

It was as if he was afraid that she didn’t realize he wanted to talk. 

Jiang Li waited until he fully closed the door then she sat down on one of the wooden chairs.

She saw Jiang Jing Rui ask Baixue to give him a cup of tea with familiarity. 

Jiang Li said: “I’ll go out if you don’t speak.”

“Hey! No no no, This time I brought a huge secret for you.” Jiang Jing Rui winked at her.


“Cough cough.” Jiang Jing Rui cleared his throat and deliberately lowered his voice to speak: “Do you know Ningyuan Marquis’s heir Zhou Yan Bang want to remove the marriage contract with Jiang You Yao!”

“What” Even though Jiang Li had prepared herself from early on, she was still very startled by Jiang Jing Rui’s words.

If her memory serves her correctly, Zhou Yan Bang had previously dissolved one marriage agreement, that was, the one with Jiang second miss.

Afterwards, the marriage agreement was changed to Jiang third miss.

Now the same thing happened again, rescind the marriage contract with Jiang third miss, which drama is he playing, making so much noise

“You know you must not be aware of this.” Jiang Jing Rui seemed very proud when he learned that Jiang Li didn’t know of this secret.

He said: “Guess, in the end, why did Zhou Yan Bang want to break this engagement” He smiled teasingly at Jiang Li.

Jiang Li vaguely guessed a bit, but she felt that it was absurd and unimaginable.

No matter how willful Zhou Yan Bang was, it was unlikely for him to go as far as this.

She said: “I can’t figure it out.”

“It’s because of you!” Jiang Jing Rui burst into laughter: “Nowadays Zhou Yan Bang regretted, perhaps due to seeing you in the limelight during Ming Yi Hall’s examination, he felt that you are much better than Jiang You Yao.

Only then he decided that he wants to break his current marriage contract and once again take you as his wife!”


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