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Chapter 11: Certainly Return

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Tong’er nodded her head at the end of Jiang Li’s explanation.

Once again, she thought of something and asked: “That Madam Liu was truly a good person.” Then she beamed while looking at Jiang Li, “actually, after these so many years, this servant no longer remembered her.

I didn’t expect young lady to still remember the appearance of this Madam Liu.

There were so many madams just now, yet only this Madam Liu was willing to speak up.”

Jiang Li smiled.

When she was Xue Fang Fei and moved to Yanjing, she often gossiped with a few madams and young ladies.

And what other people didn’t know was that she had an excellent memory since young.

The Chengde official residence’s Madam Liu and the former Xiangyang family’s Ye Zhen Zhen’s close relation was also mentioned by these people.

Moreover, with her brief contact with Madam Liu, she perceived Madam Liu as someone benevolent who valued human’s heart.

She also had a tendency to be somewhat chivalrous.

Today she had made use of being Madam Liu’s former acquaintance’s daughter to first gain sympathy, hinting that there was something strange behind her being sent to the nunnery.

Having emotion and logic, there was absolutely no way Madam Liu would just watch with folded arms.

“However, young lady,” Tong’er opened her mouth with hesitation, “even if Madam Liu returned to the capital and mentioned you to Master, would Master immediately arrange for someone to bring you back If not, why don’t we just follow Madam Liu to go back together tomorrow morning.”

Usually Tong’er spoke with certainty, believing that Jiang Yuan Bai would one day be sure to ask Jiang Lî to return home.

However, after all these years, Jiang Yuan Bai had not shown any interest in this daughter of his.

All the people could see it with their eyes.

Tong’er couldn’t convince herself whether that day would really arrive.

“Don’t worry, father will definitely arrange for someone to pick us up.” Jiang Li replied.

Three years ago, the Chengde official resisted the instruction of the Vice Imperial Censor.

It was because him and the student recommended by Ji Shuran’s father, Ji Yan Lin, held hostility for each other.

Before being the Chengde official, he was supposedly able to land the rank, yet the student tried to fight over the lucrative job of being the Chengde official based on his connection with Ji Yan Lin.

To take away someone’s credit and block his official career, between Lord Liu and Ji Yan Lin, the situation could not be regarded as calm and quiet.

As long as Madam Liu returned to Yanjing and mentioned this matter to the Chengde official, this smart person naturally wouldn’t let go of the opportunity for Ji Yan Lin to eat this loss.

This matter was originally the Ji family’s mistake.

Moreover, with Ji Shuran’s image of being a kind and charitable, the Chief Assistant’s wife who had a tolerant and broad mind, she would even pay more attention to her reputation as a good person.

It wouldn’t be possible to leave a handle of being unkind to one’s own daughter on her body.

“I don’t just want to return, but I still want to return grandly.” Jiang Li reached her hand out to tap on the desk.

“If we go back together with Madam Liu, it would be just like following the ride.

It wouldn’t cause any wind and waves in Yanjing.

It’s different if someone is dispatched to welcome us.

The whole Yanjing will become aware of it.

“Jiang second miss is going to return to the capital,” the circle of nobility will know this news.

This way, it can be regarded as grandly returning officially.”

Tong’er blinked.

Didn’t know why, these days, she sometimes felt that the second miss became extremely unfamiliar.

The previous Jiang second young miss was impulsive, stubborn, rude, impetuous and weak.

Compared to the current Jiang second miss, although being extremely gentle and soft, and extremely calm, she also was extremely difficult to deal with.

“Just wait.” Jiang Li bent her eyes, “it will be soon.”


On the second day at dawn, Madam Liu set out on the journey back to Yanjing.

Those madams and young ladies also returned together with her.

Their appearance showing their hurry to depart was just like avoiding something taboo.

Thinking back, that was the case.

With a scandal erupting from a supposedly clean place of Buddhism, the womenfolk naturally couldn’t wait to flee.

Not clear about the situation at He Lin Temple, the Buddhist nunnery where Jiang Li was, but all the Buddhist nuns were cleanly moved away.

Not even one was left behind.

It was said that the government office nearby was notified and on the same night, the Buddhist nuns here were all taken away to be locked up and interrogated.

Before Madam Liu left, she left a few servant boys and bodyguards to guard the safety of Jiang Li who stayed behind.

Madam Liu’s close-fitting servant girl, Yu Xiang, was also left by Jiang Li’s side.

As the carriage was about to set out, Madam Liu lifted the curtain of the carriage.

She worriedly looked at Jiang Li and said: “Jiang second miss really wants to remain here I kept pondering about it and still felt that it is not proper.

It’s still better to follow us and return together to the capital.”

Jiang Li gently yet firmly rejected her.

While smiling she replied: “Thanks madam for your good intention.

But since I have promised father, I have to keep my word.”

Mentioning Jiang Yuan Bai, Madam Liu recalled the untimely death of her close friend Ye Zhen Zhen and her face sank a little.

Snapping out of her thought, she looked at Jiang Li and sighed.

Then she spoke: “OK, since you are so determined, I won’t persuade you anymore.

Don’t worry, I will definitely convince your father to dispatch someone to pick you up as quickly as possible.” Then she turned to Yu Xiang and instructed: “Yu Xiang, take good care of Jiang second miss.”

Yu Xiang nodded in response.

The carriages rolled away, leaving the smoke and dust behind, then gradually disappeared from sight.

Tong’er gazed towards the faraway carriages, her eyes appeared somewhat listless.

With this departure, one didn’t know when there would be people coming over again…

Tong’er couldn’t help asking: “Young lady, can we really go back grandly”

“We will.” Jiang Li smiled.

Of course, she wanted her return to be grand and lively.

She wanted all the nobility in Yanjing to know the existence of this low-lying second daughter.

For her to be able to restore the previous life.

Jiang second young miss, this status, would help her get countless conveniences.

This way it would be totally appropriate for her to approach Princess Yong Ning.

Princess Yong Ning, Shen Yurong, including the Governor1.

In addition, there were those people who helped them.

 Father’s, Xue Zhao’s enmity, she would remember them in her heart at all times.

Every second, every time, she didn’t dare to forget.

Yanjing, was a good and bustling place.

Yanjing, was also a good place to start exacting her vengeance.

The smile at the corner of Jiang Li’s mouth deepened.

Yu Xiang, who was standing by the side, saw this and a faint surprise floated in her eyes.

The second young lady of the Jiang residence was unarguably gentle and soft.

When she smiled, it was just like a clear and pure flower.

Yet, for no reason, there was a faint trace of sorrow.

Today is full chapter ^^ so tired ah, finally done with the exam but I don’t even want to think about all those assignments and groupworks that need to be done >.<


1: 京兆尹 (jīng zhào yǐn): the governor of a place.

I’m sorry >.< I stated him as Minister Yin in the first chapter.

Changing it now.  ( Here it refers to the one who colluded with the Princess and was involved in Xue Zhao’s death).


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