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Chapter 76 Part 6: Breaking Marriage Contract

Hi~~ I’m so sorry for the  absence.

My parents got sick one after another before I finally succumb to sickness too.

The weather has been quite bad and it takes a while to nurse the health back.

On top of that, I’m going out of town next weekend for a thing.

Posts will resume as normal schedule on the second week of March.

Meanwhile, please enjoy this super late post and I hope everyone stays in tip top shape!

After Jiang You Yao left, Ji Shuran spoke coldly: “Sister, now you’ve seen it.

Jiang Li, that slut, has the means.

She’s only returned for how long, yet she could already entice Zhou Yan Bang.

Really has no shame!”

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“Zhou Yan bang is still young.

Men, all are the same seeds,” Ji Chen-shi said: “A wife is not as good as a concubine, a concubine is not as good as those snatched, those snatched are not as good as those unable to snatch.

When Jiang Li and Zhou Yan Bang’s engagement was still there, did Zhou Yan Bang ever ask about her, even a sentence Now that Jiang Li was back, he suddenly remembered this marriage engagement.

It’s nothing but three words, ‘not allowed to ask’.

If he got Jiang Li, he would miss the goodness of You Yao.” 

Ji Chen-shi’s words had actually analyzed men’s inferior nature extremely unrestrainedly.

Ji Shuran said: “Though it is so, thinking that the person that my daughter’s husband is missing is Jiang Li, I feel nauseated.”  

“So to say, you have to find a way.” Ji Chen-shi said: “At first I thought of fussing over Jiang Li’s marriage.

But thinking about it now, with Jiang Li marrying other people, instead of making Zhou Yan Bang rest his thoughts, I feel that it will be even more ‘not allowed to ask’ and will make his obsession towards Jiang Li even worse.

Inevitably, the blame will be placed on You Yao.

I watched You Yao grow up, I treat You Yao like my own daughter, how can I have the heart to see her feel wronged”

Ji Shuran said: “I think the same way too.

But sister, to move our hands within Yanjing is not easy at all…….”

“Move our hands to do what” Ji Chen-shi shook her head, “We, the members of Ji family, never move our own hands.

Moreover, what’s good about wanting her life”

Ji Shuran was puzzled: “Sister’s meaning is”

“Wasn’t it said that the person who placed first in Ming Yi Hall’s examination will enter the palace in a few days and face the emperor His Majesty would then personally reward her with a gift Many people will be coming into the palace, all will be Yanjing’s aristocratic families.

Supposedly some messy activities happened in the palace, then the reputation would certainly hit rock bottom.” 

“It’s to make her…….” Ji Shuran suddenly saw the light.

“Do you still remember Madam Shen, at that time she was the wife of Master Shen, the Assistant Minister Such a nice and beautiful child.

Talking about appearance and talent, she could even enter the palace.

But in the end, wasn’t she still spurned by ten thousand people You see after her death, there’s not even a single person who spoke well about her.

That’s because the scandal was done in the presence of the nobles.

Jiang Li is also the same, her talent and appearance still falls short, in addition, she has the reputation of harming the mother and murdering the brother, as long as she made a mistake during the palace feast, there’s no way to extricate herself.” Ji Chen-shi said slowly. 

She said lightly, but was able to make Ji Shuran understand in a split second.

She seemed to see the scene where people pointed their fingers at Jiang Li appeared in front of her eyes, making her feel both excited and pleased. 

“I will arrange this thing.

During the palace feast, I’ll carefully arrange a ‘secret lover’ for her.”

Ji Chen-shi glanced at Ji Shuran and said: “Stupid, isn’t there one right now”

Ji Shuran was puzzled. 

“I heard the receiver of the top spot in the Imperial College is Ye Shijie, from Ye Zhen Zhen’s parents’ home.

In any case, Jiang Li and that Ye Shijie are cousins.

With this relationship, it’s most likely to give birth to some things.

Didn’t Jiang Li previously stand up and help Ye Shijie out on the street My guess is, they definitely have something going on.”

Ji Shuran’s face darkened: “You mean Ye Shijie Why let her have the advantage” In Ji Shuran’s view, Ye Shijie could reluctantly be regarded as a young and handsome talent.

Now he was even the top scorer in the Imperial College.

Jiang Li marrying Ye Shijie was truly giving Ye Shijie an advantage.

It’s better to let Jiang Li marry someone who had nothing at all, an ugly and repulsive fellow whom nobody could look at at all.

Only this would let her anger out. 

“My dear sister, you must think a bit for the long term.

Is it really good for Jiang Li to marry Ye Shijie” Ji Chen-shi neither slowly nor urgently said: “At present, Ye Shijie got the top position, in the future he is going to be an official.

Even though the Ji family does not take importance of him, he would eventually be an annoying presence.

If the Ye family relies on Ye Shijie to rise up, Jiang Li would have her outside grandparents family to rely on.

At that time, it would be even more difficult for you if you want to do something to Jiang Li.” 

“During the palace feast, if Jiang Li and Ye Shijie were to mix up and were revealed in front of everybody, the minister’s anger would certainly be taken out on Ye Shijie.

He would then have no chance of getting promoted and might even be criticized while Jiang Li would have a bad reputation.

These two people would then have no other alternative but to get married.

But after they get married, can they really have mutual respect as husband and wife with this condition” Ji Chen-shi continued: “Because Jiang Li destroyed his future prospects, Ye Shijie would inevitably blame her.

The Ye family would consequently hold Jiang Li responsible too.

When husband and wife have animosity…….” Ji Chen-shi laughed, “Wanting to live a good life must certainly be as difficult as ascending to the sky.

At that time, you just need to look for a few pretty girls from outside, or perhaps bribe the person beside Jiang Li to say a few sentences to incite disharmony from time to time.

No need to be afraid that Ye Shijie and Jiang Li’s animosity would end.”    

“Bound in marriage with your enemy, the female would always suffer more.” Ji Chen-shi continued: “Wait until Jiang Li in Xiangyang, if you’ve thought of a way to deal with her, it would be much easier then compared to now.”

Ji Shuran had a flash of insight and all became clear to her.


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