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Chapter 76 Part 4: Breaking Marriage Contract

Yuan Bao saw Ye Shijie’s surprised expression and asked: “Eldest young master, what happened”

Father and second uncle are going to deliver goods to Yanjing.” Ye Shijie said: “They are already on the road, probably they’ll arrive in about seven days.”

“Oh” Yuan Bao was stunned and foolishly opened his mouth to say, “then, do we still write a letter back”

“Write.” Ye Shijie said.

However, just writing about his situation would do.

He thought inwardly, since father and second uncle Ye were coming to Yanjing, he could be considered having one’s family present to consult on Jiang Li’s suspicions.

At that time, they could naturally talk it over instead of him having a headache over it by himself. 

With this thought, Ye Shijie felt relaxed at once.

In two three moves, he folded the first letter and sealed it inside an envelope before handing it to Yuan Bao.

“Send it.” He said. 

Yuan Bao received it happily: “Okay!”

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After the examination ended, there’s no need for the students to go to Ming Yi Hall for the time being and they could rest at home for a few days. 

On the second day, Jiang Li’s people stood at the gate of the Imperial College and following Jiang Li’s words, they declared that the wager with Meng Hong Jin was null and there was no need to brood over it.

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Li’s value in the eyes of the people in Yanjing rose again.

She had put in a lot of effort for this bet, yet after her success, she didn’t hold on to it and refused to let go.

Her heart was wide and she had benevolence, it was extremely hard to come by.

Consequently, Meng Hong Jin had, in contrast, become a joke.

Not only that, because Jiang Li showed an extremely gentle appearance, people started to doubt whether there’s something hidden in the matter of Jiang Li harming the stepmother and murdering her brother.

On the account of such a gentle and lovely lady, no matter how they looked at her, she didn’t resemble someone who could do such a ruthless thing.  

Moreover, Ji Shuran was a stepmother.

This relationship was subtle and the guesses also differed. 

These words made their way into Ji Shuran’s ears and her anger wasn’t small.

However, as a result, her treatment towards Jiang Li became even more virtuous and devoted, which made Jiang Li feel somewhat ill at ease. 

Inwarm and virtuous garden, the servant girls inside and outside were working earnestly.

Everyone knew that Ji Shuran’s mood wasn’t too good these days.

The servants were in fear that a mistake in their work would be made into a scapegoat and they worked even more carefully compared to ordinary days. 

Two servant girls stood on guard by the door.

Inside the house, the ice cubes inside the copper ox couldn’t seem to solve the summer heat.

The summer days were coming to an end and the days had become stifling hot, provoking people’s mood to be impatient and restless.

Ji Shuran was in the middle of chatting with her sister, Ji Chen-shi. 

Ji Chen-shi came over first thing in the morning looking for Ji Shuran.

Jiang Yuan Bai wasn’t in the residence, Ji Chen-shi said: “What have you been doing these past few days Do you know what the people outside are talking about you now Even I’ve heard those gossips, saying that the matter where Jiang Li harmed the mother and murdered the brother perhaps was something that you pretended to do.”   

It was still okay if this matter wasn’t mentioned, once this matter was raised, Ji Shuran was thoroughly angry and said: “Older sister, why are you blaming me This was spread by the people outside, up and down in my courtyard, no one dares to mention this.”

“No matter who brought it up, more rumors have spread.

It’s not a good thing for you.” Ji Chen-shi said: “This was the matter that came out because of the involvement with that girl.

Why couldn’t you even handle a little girl”

Before Ji Chen-shi and Ji Shuran got married, their relationship was very close.

Compared with Ji Shuran’s generally graceful and subdued stance when doing things, Ji Chen-shi was much tougher.  

Ji Shuran spoke in a bad mood: “That girl is slippery and too clever.

Don’t say me, perhaps if it’s you against her would also need strenuous effort.

Did you thoroughly see how the Meng family is now Meng Hong Jin has clearly suffered a double loss.At first I thought since Meng Hong Jin was going to deal with her, I’d be the fisherman and just reap the benefits.

Who would have thought Meng Hong Jin was of no use.

She not only didn’t succeed, but still managed to get herself thrown inside.”  

“What’s going on” Ji Chen-shi was startled: “Meng Hong Jin’s matter also had something to do with her”

Ji Shuran proceeded to carefully inform Ji Chen-shi about Meng Hong Jin and Jiang Li’s matter.

She concluded: “Ever since Jiang Li returned to Yanjing, she hasn’t suffered any losses.

Her age and You Yao’s age weren’t much different, but you see, her tolerance and ingenuity was much better than You Yao.

Leaving her in the residence, in the future, how would You Yao be her opponent”   

“Listening to you,” Ji Chen-shi muttered to herself before saying: “Jiang Li cannot stay, afraid in the coming days, she will become more outstanding.

It’s better for you to make arrangements for her to leave as soon as possible.”

“You mean…….

give her a marriage” Ji Shuran said: “It is doable, it’s just that Master will definitely ask about it.”

“Isn’t that simple” Ji Chen-shi sneered: “there are countless pampered sons of wealthy families that have gilded exterior but ruined on the inside, just find one that seems pretty good.

Just someone who’s not very outstanding, you marry her over and in two three years the person would disappear.

Outsiders also wouldn’t search for it, isn’t it such a simple matter”  

“Older sister, you help me pay attention.” Ji Shuran said: “If there’s such a person, I’ll find a way to tell Master, let him set the marriage.”


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