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Chapter 76 Part 2: Breaking Marriage Contract

Recently, Zhu yan Bang was often in a trance while doing his work.

He was also absent-minded when explaining matters.

The marchioness wondered if it was the results put up by the Imperial College where Zhou Yan Bang got third place and felt sad.

So she consoled him: “Is it because of the Imperial College thing Yan Bang, your father already said, you are not to blame for this.

We’ve never heard of the name Ye Shijie before.

Since he was able to surpass the Li family’s eldest son, Li Jing, in all likelihood, he is a very capable person.

You don’t have to worry about it so much, getting third place is already very good.”

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When the Imperial College’s results came out, Zhou Yan Bang first thought that he would get second place.

There’s only the Right Minister’s eldest son, Li Jing, who could surpass him in the entire Imperial College.

However, this time Li Jing got second place and he got third place.

The first place belonged to Ye Shijie, a person whose name was never heard before.

It shouldn’t be from an official family in Yanjing. 

“Mother, it’s not due to this matter…….” Zhou Yan Bang found it difficult to express.

The Ning Yuan Marquis’s residence only had him, this sole son.

Both the marquis and marchioness loved him dearly.

But raising this request at this time, Zhou Yan Bang himself thought it was absurd. 

“Then what is it” The marchioness asked with bafflement. 

“I…….” Zhou Yan Bang gritted his teeth and said: “I don’t wish to marry the Chief Assistant’s Jiang third miss.

The one this son takes fancy to is Jiang second miss!”

The saucer with desserts in the marchioness hand fell onto the ground with a “plop”.


“Master sent some silvers.”

In Fang Fei Garden, Tong’er held a small wooden box in high spirits and placed it on the table. 

Jiang Li opened the small box and was immediately met with neatly stacked silver ingots.

Before, she heard that when Jiang You Yao scored well in the exam, Jiang Yuan Bai would reward her with silver.

Him sending silver this time, whether it was for the sake of fairness was unknown.

However, Jiang Li understood.

If Jiang You Yao came on top in the examination this time around, aside from giving silvers, Jiang Yuan Bai would still congratulate her warmly, not just saying a few simple compliments before walking away.

Jiang Li wasn’t surprised at all.

Jiang Yuan Bai, and a daughter who was away from home for eight years, aside from feeling guilty, it’s really very difficult to have profound sentiments.

Naturally he would love Jiang You Yao, the one who was raised by his side, more dearly.

Jiang You Yao losing at this time, without a doubt, Jiang Yuan Bai would not congratulate Jiang Li with great fanfare as a parent. 

The difference between being close and distant could be seen at a glance. 

She said: “Put the silvers away, it will be useful in the future.”

Tong’er listened to her and put the money away.

Mingyue knocked on the door from outside.

Jiang Li said: “Come in.”

Mingyue closed the door after she entered.

She then stepped forward and said in a low voice: “Miss, this servant has made some inquiries.

Until now, the Meng family’s young lady hasn’t returned to the residence.

The Meng family’s madam is still waiting in the residence while Master Meng is appearing personally to deal with it.

It seems this time around Princess Yongning isn’t willing to let it go.” 

Jiang Li nodded: “Got it.” This was something she had guessed.

Meng Hong Jin should not be fine.

Jiang Li had first hand knowledge on the methods Princess Yongning used to torture people.

This time, it’s possible that Meng Hong Jin had left a scar on Princess Yongning, it would be weird if Meng Hong Jin had an easy time.

If it was within her prediction, tomorrow Meng Hong Jin would be released.

However, what Meng Hong Jin would sustain during this time would certainly be unknown.

Perhaps she would receive a huge fright, or perhaps, Princess Yongning would leave a few scars on Meng Hong Jin’s body. 

The Meng family would be forced to suffer in silence, unable to speak of their bitter suffering. 

Bai Xue heard the conversation and asked Jiang Li: “Then, is the wager between Miss Meng and miss still counted” 

“I wish, but what a pity, it can’t be counted.

Tomorrow, Meng Hong Jin definitely won’t come out.

At that time, you look for a few people to declare at the gate of the Imperial College that I empathize with the frightened Miss Meng and that the wager was just a joke.

From now on it’s resolved and not to be mentioned in the future.”

Tong’er said with disappointment: “It’s truly letting her off cheaply.”

Jiang Li smiled: “Even if I didn’t say anything, Meng You De will look for a reason to nullify this wager.

Perhaps giving me an apology, but in short, he wouldn’t let Meng Hong Jin’s face reach rock bottom.

On the other hand, if I had lost, father would also think of a way to evade this wager.

The ending is already foreordained, by saying it like this at this time, it will gain a good reputation for me.

Then why not do so”


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