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Hello~~ I’m back! My apology for missing last week.

New year does not equate to holiday at all T^T, work piled up like crazy. On that note, this is the last part of this chapter and we can move on to chapter 76.


At this time, Jiang You Yao and the several other people had also dismounted from their horses and returned to their family’s side.

As soon as Jiang You Yao saw Ji Shuran, she shouted “mother” with lingering fright.

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Jiang You Yao also didn’t know what happened.

Initially, she saw Jiang Li’s horse startled and was secretly delighted.

Unexpectedly, a disaster lasting for a thousand years, yet Jiang Li didn’t fall to her death and was even in the limelight, her archery skill was outstanding while on horseback.

Even Meng Hong Jin, who was the best at archery riding, wasn’t able to compete with her.

Moreover, Meng Hong Jin had inexplicably shot at Princess Yongning.

Seeing how Meng Hong Jin was seized by Princess Yongning’s people, Jiang You Yao felt a burst of lingering fear for no reason.

“Mother——” She stared at Ji Shuran with anger and panic in her eyes.

Meng Hong Jin was the person who set herself against Jiang Li, how was Meng Hong Jin suddenly thrown into prison 

Ji Shuran was also annoyed.

Starting from yesterday, when she glimpsed Meng Hong Jin’s gaze when she looked at Jiang Li, she faintly guessed that Meng Hong Jin would do something to Jiang Li.

Without doubt, Jiang Li’s horse abruptly went crazy today must have Meng Hong Jin’s hand in it.

But the ending didn’t damage Jiang Li in the slightest, instead, Meng Hong Jin was taken down. 

Although it wasn’t clear what Jiang Li had done, today’s matter caused Ji Shuran to re-assess Jiang Li.

One by one, the huge change in temperament after Jiang Li returned to Yanjing, in addition her sudden qin and horseback archery skills, these two made Ji Shuran feel strange and danger. 

If previously Ji Shuran still intended to use other people’s hand to remove Jiang Li, this thorn in her side, now the threat Jiang Li gave to Ji Shuran had increased.

This made Ji Shuran think, even if she used her own hands, she had to make Jiang Li disappear as soon as possible.

She couldn’t afford to wait anymore.

The announcement was made at the time but the crowd was already in chaos due to Princess Yongning’s injury and nobody cared about the names that were read out.

But even if they weren’t listening, probably everybody knew that Jiang Li received first place today.

Jiang Li herself had no intention to listen to the person announcing the list.

Her sight crossed the crowd and fell on Shen Yurong who was near Cheng Wang and at a distance from Princess Yongning.

Princess Yongning was protected by the imperial bodyguards and was waited upon by her personal maid to leave the examination field to heal her injuries.

Jiang Li estimated that although the arrow wasn’t able to take Princess Yongning’s life, it didn’t merely cause a light scratch.

She probably needed to take care of it for half a month, it’s also difficult to tell whether it wouldn’t leave a scar.

Princess Yongning was in such a rage precisely due to this.

However, Princess Yongning at the moment, apart from flying into a rage, her rather weak and pitiful gaze still lingered on Shen Yurong.

Jiang Li had never seen such a Princess Yongning.

In her last memory, Princess Yongning had a carefree and complacent smile on her sinister and venomous face.

This kind of in love and coquettish look made her seem to have turned into a different person.

Jiang Li looked over at Shen Yurong.

Shen Yurong slightly evaded Princess Yongning’s gaze, but at the moment Princess Yongning was about to get angry, he timely cast a concerned glance.

As a result, the anger of the arrogant and willful princess immediately ceased and she returned to the previous tenderness. 

Jiang Li was disgusted and couldn’t help sneering in her heart.

Unexpectedly, Shen Yurong had such good luck with women.

Princess Yongning was actually head over heels for him.  

However, being his wife for three years, Jiang Li clearly understood, as long as Shen Yurong wanted to “love” a person, nobody could doubt his sincerity.

Very few people could resist. 

It was no surprise to Jiang Li that Princess Yongning would fall.

But seeing this pair of adulterous couple exchanging flirting glances in front of her eyes, Jiang Li still felt angry and ugly.

She turned her head quickly, fearing if she looked a bit longer, she might not be able to mask the entrenched hatred in her eyes. 

Now is not the time yet, without complete assurance, have to wait, still have to wait a bit longer…….

In the alley outside the race course, two people were walking deeper inside.

The person in the front wore splendid crimson red clothes, his rear view looked outstanding. 

“Wen Ji.” The person walking in front opened his mouth, in the night, his voice was spread like the galaxy, cool like a dream.

He said: “ Is there animosity between Princess Yongning and the Jiang family” 

Wen Ji paused and said: “This subordinate doesn’t know.”

The person in front didn’t stop and walked just like before.

After a long time had passed, a voice was heard. 

“I’m not aware either.”


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