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Chapter 75 Part 7: Thrilling

Kong Liu finally sat down and patted his chest.

At this moment, he was also perspiring profusely.

Zheng Hu Chen who was beside him wasn’t much better.

Seeing such a thrilling examination, he felt it was more tiring than the usual practice drill.

However, Kong Liu was still very happy.

He spoke to Ji Heng: “Did you see Jiang second miss was so powerful.

Today was really an eye opened for everyone, this would let her be in the limelight.

I suppose she’s very happy.”

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“I think she is a little disappointed.” Ji Heng said.

“Disappointed” Kong Liu doubted: “Why disappointed She got first place.

These damn six arts competitions are over, she’s number one in each and every one of them.

What is to be disappointed about”

“Unable to borrow a knife to kill somebody, naturally is disappointed.” Ji Heng laughed lightly and stood up: “Today’s drama is also not bad, just there’s no blood, a bit simpler, let’s see another day.”

Then he walked away.

“Truly a pervert.” Kong Liu muttered.

He thought of something and said: “You still haven’t judged!”

Ji Heng walked so swaggeringly.

However, it went without saying that today’s equestrian archery was better judged compared to the music yesterday; because the contrast was too big.

There’s no importance, whether Ji Heng took part or not.

Everybody could see that Jiang second miss’s equestrian archery was close to perfection.    

But that Meng family’s miss was certainly out of luck.

If her shooting skill wasn’t good that’s fine, instead she hit Liu tai fei’s most doted Princess Yongning.

It wasn’t a good matter for a female body to have a scar, let alone Princess Yongning.

Even an ordinary official’s daughter would be unwilling to forgive.

To say it was small, it was an accident; to say it was big, it was plotting against the relatives of the imperial household.  

Meng Hong Jin’s face was ashen; she was shivering in fright.

The current her also understood that the matter was grave.

She couldn’t help struggling and said: “It’s not me! I had no intention to injure the Princess, it’s…….

it’s Jiang Li! Jiang Li harmed me!”

Some people in the crowd looked on with contempt: “Why is this Miss Meng lie so much, the arrow on your highness the princess’s body has a blue mark.

It was obviously her arrow, but still want to implicate Jiang second miss, really ridiculous.”

All the arrows had marks on them, the mark on the arrow that hit Princess Yongning was blue, naturally it belonged to Meng Hong Jin.

Jiang Li’s arrow bumped into Meng Hong Jin’s too quickly, moreover, the distance was too far so nobody could see clearly.

Although Meng Hong Jin said it herself, afraid nobody would believe her.

Firstly, Jiang Li’s archery skill was too exquisite.

Secondly, without rhyme or reason, why would Jiang Li conspire to murder Princess Yongning 

Liu Xu trotted over and pulled Jiang Li’s hand with lingering fear.

She said: “You have really scared me.

Just now when the horse got frightened, why did you still continue to run forward It was just a competition, how is it worth exchanging your life with”

“Am I not fine” Jiang Li smiled and comforted her, but she felt regretful.

In the final moment, she deliberately shot and made Meng Hong Jin’s arrow deviate; believing it would be good if she could injure Princess Yongning.

It’s a pity that the chess piece was poor. 

“Meng Hong Jin is in big trouble this time…….” Liu Xu spoke in a low voice: “Look at Princess Yongning’s situation, afraid she won’t let it go easily.”

Jiang Li sneered in her heart.

Princess Yongning had always been aloof, not looking at people whose positions were lower than her as people.

Even if Meng You De was a Cheng Xuan envoy, in Princess Yongning’s eyes, he wasn’t worth mentioning.

But Jiang Li didn’t have the slightest sympathy towards Meng Hong Jin.

Although she didn’t know what Meng Hong Jin had done, certainly her own dark brown horse going mad didn’t escape Meng Hong Jin’s responsibility.

Jiang Li remembered clearly the moment before the horse went mad, Meng Hong Jin was right behind her.  

Meng Hong Jin wanted her life because of a competition, she could be considered vicious and merciless.

She could only have herself to blame now that she had offended the equally vicious and merciless Princess Yongning. 

“To speak of, it was really cheap for her,” Liu Xu also didn’t sympathize with Meng Hong Jin.

Instead she said: “This time Princess Yongning made things difficult for her, her bet with you could be considered as forgotten.”

“Who said to let it pass” Jiang Li asked back a question: “Wait for her to finish dealing with Princess Yongning, she naturally still needs to fulfill her bet with me.

I’ll be waiting.” 

Liu Xu was astounded.

At the beginning, she thought Jiang Li was a person with a magnanimous temper who didn’t like to argue with others and believed that Jiang Li was entirely different from the rumor.

It’s the first time she saw Jiang Li being so overbearing.

But she couldn’t help laughing after her initial surprise.

She said: “It should be like this, after all, the bet was won with painstaking effort, how could it be let go like this All the owners of the gambling den in Yanjing would be outraged by the injustice.

Regardless of the outcome, Meng Hong Jin still has to comply with the bet.

I’ll be your witness.”     

Jiang Li smiled and nodded.


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