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Chapter 75 Part 6: Thrilling

Happy New Year!!! ^^ Let’s have a wonderful year ahead.

May all of us stay safe and healthy, made headways in our study and/or work, and may this novel be completed quickly!! (one of my new year resolution) Thank you so much for being with us last year and looking forward to seeing all of you in 2022!

At this time, this group of examinees seemed to be in a “you die, I live” situation.

However, what shocked everyone was still Jiang Li.

The dark brown horse was an animal, not a person.

When in pain, it wanted to throw Jiang Li off even more badly.

Yet no matter how the dark brown horse swayed, Jiang Li’s hands holding the reins continued to remain steady.

It was as if aside from the horse being mad, everything was still the same as the beginning and nothing had changed.

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Including her calmness.

When it neared the last section of the road, a row of targets appeared once again.

Jiang Li crept on the horse’s back, her one hand tightly pulled the reins while the other hand started to feel around the quiver.

“Look! She still wants to shoot!”

“My goodness, she doesn’t want to live!”

Jiang Li’s previous wonderful three arrows that had hit bull’s eyes were already the only achievement in today’s examination.

It truly wasn’t necessary for her to continue shooting arrows.

Besides, the horse she was riding on at present was crazy, both hands were needed for archery, it was much more dangerous than before.  

“This girl has a lot of energy,” Kong Liu exclaimed in admiration: “I admire her!”

No one cared whether he admired Jiang Li or not.

Meng Hong Jin who was closely following Jiang Li saw this scene and her heart abruptly constricted.

She recalled as she was about to shoot her arrows in the halfway point before, she was occupied in using the mechanism to scheme Jiang Li and didn’t shoot at all.

So back then, Jiang Li shot three bull’s eyes and now she already had three bull’s eyes while she had nothing. 

If she didn’t hit three bull’s eyes at the finishing line, then she would lose to Jiang Li.

Then it would be too late!

Meng Hong Jin was momentarily unable to think too much and promptly took out an arrow from the quiver, then she pointed at a target. 

Right at this moment, Jiang Li suddenly raised her lips into a smile and followed in nocking the arrow.

She shot the arrow in her hand immediately behind Meng Hong Jin’s. 

Jiang Li’s arrow had a red mark, Meng Hong Jin’s arrow had a blue mark.

By coincidence, the two arrows were both shot towards the center of the target, one in front and one behind, one blue and one red, looking exceptionally slow-moving in the empty air. 

Perhaps the strength when Jiang Li pulled the arrow was a big more, or perhaps Meng Hong Jin was a bit too anxious, in short, between the two arrows, Jiang Li’s arrow which was behind, overtook Meng Hong Jin’s arrow in midair.

Jiang Li’s arrow feathers came in contact with Meng Hong Jin’s arrow and caused them to bump into each other.  

A brush, also seemed as if they didn’t touch at all, Jiang Li’s arrow still continued to rush towards the center of the target, but Meng Hong Jin’s arrow subtly changed direction after the contact.

In addition, due to the force injected by the red arrow, it shot quickly into another direction——

“Your highness!” Someone opened their mouth in panic.

A huge clamor suddenly erupted.

Meng Hong Jin subconsciously took a look and soon saw nearest to the finishing line, beside Cheng Wang, Princess Yongning was covering her shoulder with her hand, blood was flowing out. 

That was…….

Meng Hong Jin was somewhat blank.

“Shameless! Arrest her for this princess!” Princess Yongning shrieked.

“Is it me” Meng Hong Jin thought vaguely, but she still wasn’t able to think clearly what happened.

Soon Princess Yongning’s imperial bodyguard suddenly advanced and captured her regardless of it still being the middle of a competition.

Meanwhile, Jiang Li finally passed the finishing line.

One of her hands held the dark brown horse’s mane while the other hand extended.

When they were passing by a nearby locust tree, she let go of her grip and jumped towards the tree.

She was suspended on the locust tree.

Although her posture wasn’t especially elegant, it could be regarded as graceful and free.

The crazy dark brown horse rushed out and someone already went to block it’s path.

The final arrow that Jiang Li and Meng Hong Jin both shot out, an arrow had fallen steadily on the bull’s eye.

The arrow’s feather was smeared with red cinnabar. 

She won.

Jiang Li was silent, then quietly looked at the other side.

Princess Yongning was being escorted away, a trace of coldness flashed in her heart. 

Princess Yongning managed to escape.

If it was a bit closer, Meng Hong Jin’s arrow was a bit sharper, then that blue arrow wouldn’t simply enter Princess Yongning’s shoulder, rather it would be Princess Yongning’s chest. 

The difference was just a little bit.


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