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The chandelier in the hall fell into pieces.

Sharp pieces of glass were embedded in the carpet, and the shiny crystals were dizzy and lost their meaning as decorations.

The white candle, rolling on the ground, was trampled on by mud-covered gunfire and crumbled.

“Wait a minute, what a rude thing to do! At least after she’s ready…… Whoosh!”

The butler tried to stop the knights, but his efforts failed.

The body of an old butler, who died without screaming, fell to the floor.


“Search everywhere.

Catch those who hide!”

Knights came inside to find Countess Crimson Rose, the Countess’ daughter, and son.

The cries of frightened servants followed, and the sounds of breaking objects were heard.

It was then that Roseline appeared from the stairwell.

“What are you doing”

The rose-colored red hair, which symbolizes “Crimson Rose,” has vivid green eyes that stand out from a distance.

Knowing at a glance that she was the Count’s daughter, Antonion took a step forward and raised his left arm in front of his chest.

“The Count of Crimson rose has gambled against the country’s law.

This undermines the dignity of the aristocracy and undermines the prestige of the empire.

You know it’s a felony equivalent to treason.”

“I don’t know,” Roseline reached around her waist and pulled out her sword.

She pulled three silver blades out of a sheath decorated with gold with a sharp iron sound.

“I can’t be dragged away by those who broke in so recklessly.” she hastily said.

“Lady Crimson Rose, please confess your guilt.

If you resist in this way, the crime becomes even heavier.”

It wasn’t wrong.

In addition to the crime of disgrace for making false claims, the punishment is heavier than initially deserved.

It is advantageous to resist the ruling when innocent, but if you commit a crime, the sentence will be lighter if you do not resist.

The worst case was when Roseline pleaded not guilty and resisted but was found guilty.

So even if she was innocent, she learned that if it is difficult to prove her innocence, it would be better to surrender and receive a reduction in sentence.

Although realistic, it was unreasonable to be published in law books that she learned from her middle school.

“But it’s already a felony equivalent to treason.

It’s not a crime that can be lightened.”

If she admits to the charges, she will only feel a little comfortable being taken, and the results will be the same.

They will all die in prison or on the streets.

“A nobleman of the rank.”

It was disastrous for the aristocrats who are used of their wealth and lost their title by committing crimes.

Since they do not know how to farm, it is difficult to escape to the countryside and hide their identity, and the only way left is to fall into the dark side.

As a criminal, they cannot go to an office or become a knight.

Even if they do business, they don’t have a top to sign a transaction contract, and even ordinary stores don’t accept it with one hand.

“I don’t mean to admit it anyway,”

But the Knightsman seemed to have no faith in Roseline’s words.

“I understand that the Crimson Rose family are very close.

Don’t lie that you didn’t know.”

Her father thought of his daughter as a tool.

Still, he was a person who cared about others’ reputations to the point where he was concerned, so he always talked to others, saying, “my family is always harmonious and friendly.” She didn’t deny it because it wouldn’t be good to know that we were on bad terms, but she didn’t expect to come back like this.

“If you don’t believe me, I’ll insist on my innocence.

So I have no choice but to resist.”

“We are officially trained knights.

You’ll only be ashamed if you resist the swordsmanship you’ve learned a little in the academy.”

The tone was polite, but there was undeniable sarcasm.

“But isn’t it the childish Count who grew up without knowing the world To confront the Knights of the Empress with a single blade is to say that you don’t understand the situation.”

“If you think so, I’d rather be glad.”

The more you look down on your opponent’s skills, the easier it is to be careless, it is naturally easy to aim for a gap.

Roseline turned her wrist, and her three swords bent and stretched out toward the sky.

It seemed that the actor on stage seemed to be performing tricks, and some of the knights standing behind the chief of the Knights burst into laughter.


The Captain blamed the knights behind him, but the only thing that stopped was a laugh; the look in his contempt remained unchanged.

In their eyes, Roseline would have seemed a foolish child who could not grasp the situation.

“Last warning, Lady Crimson Rose.

If you don’t surrender, I’ll have to put you down with all my might.”

“Try,” Roseline stood upright and pointed at the sword.

The afternoon sun from the cracked window glitters against her sharp blades.

“If you’re going to tie me up, you’ll have a hard time.”


The Roseline’s sword was like a living creature in itself.

It bent like an elastic vine, took the blade of the knights, and drilled sharply and accurately into the gauntlet, breaking the tendons of his wrist.


There was no need to aim for life, for Roseline was not slow enough to be caught by a half-horse knight who could not hold his sword.

The faces of the knights who laughed at the sight of a childlike aristocrat wielding a knife came to mind.

The knight’s face showed that he didn’t understand what was happening now.

It was instead the Empress’s knights who could not grasp the situation.


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