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The boy watched as his colleagues ran away.

Moments ago, they were threatening him.

He got up from the ground and dusted off the leaves and blades of grass that clung to his clothes.

He straightened his shirt.

Now that the menace was over, he intended to return home with confidence.

Roseline, who knew this, hid behind a tree and watched him.

However, the boy did not leave.

Instead, he made his way to the tree where she was hiding.

Did he see me She wondered.

The forest was dark and dense.

The boy couldn’t possibly have been able to see her from where he was.

She had gauged the distance by throwing a stone to make sure the spot was far enough.

The boy approached the spot where she was and stopped three steps away from the tree.

He did not come any closer.

He bowed respectfully in her direction instead.

“Thank you for your help.”

He sounded so calm, not at all like the boy who was just bullied by his colleagues.

Roseline turned her head slightly to examine the boy.

He was taller than the boys his age.

He bowed with his head still lowered.

She couldn’t see his face.

But she saw that he was very lanky and thin.

“Are you hurt anywhere” she asked.


Thanks to you.”

“Go home safe.”

“I would like to thank you formally.”

“But you just thanked me.”

“I was taught that genuine greeting and gratitude should be done face to face.”

Roseline was a little taken aback by his unexpected smart response. I am still being protected by Melchor.

Is it really okay for me to reveal myself

Roseline might get into a difficult situation if she was caught.

She had taken the wrong path and ended up in this forest. Should I just act like I was passing by this place

Roseline looked at her clothes.

She was wearing her comfortable pants because she had been fighting with Melchor.

But this would pass off as an outdoor outfit anyway.

Her match had ended quickly so her clothes weren’t very messy.

Roseline stepped a little away from the tree she had been hiding behind.

“Is this enough”

“Oh….” The boy seemed taken aback at the sight of her.

He hadn’t really expected it to be a woman who had helped him even though the other person’s voice had been higher in pitch.

“Uh… thank you for your help.”

“No problem at all,” she said.

“I don’t like it when a bunch of people pick on one person.”

She didn’t know she would encounter bullying when she somehow reached the forest while passing through the sponsorship.

She hadn’t expected to meet anyone at all.

She hadn’t meant to interrupt.

She was going to hide and leave quietly but she couldn’t stand it when she saw a group of people bullying a helpless person.

She had chased away the rest of them because she didn’t want them to see her in actuality.

She hadn’t really intended to help anyone directly.

So, there was really no reason for him to thank her.

“I am Julian, a senior at the Imperial Academy,” said the boy, introducing himself.

“May I know the name of my benefactor”

Benefactor Roseline didn’t think that was entirely true.

“I didn’t really do much.” She felt goose pimples break out on her arms.

She felt embarrassed.

She rarely received gratitude from others.

She hadn’t intended things to reach here.

She had expected the boy to just leave quickly so she could return to the sponsorship as fast as possible.

“My name is….” Should I really tell him my name  She breathed deeply and relaxed her shoulders.


I am Roseline.”

“Roseline is the name of my benefactor then,” said the boy.

“Please stop saying that.

I did nothing really.”

“Thank you for your help, Roseline.

Please call me Julian.”

His polite and gracious demeanor was so different from his calm and clear voice.

Roseline felt awkward.

He seemed like a gentleman rather than a knight.

“It’s not polite to keep insisting when the other person has refused to accept credit when they didn’t do much.” Roseline straightened up.

“Of course,” said the boy.

“But if there is anything I can ever do for you, please call upon me anytime.

I would like to repay your kindness regardless.”

“Oh, it’s really alright.

You don’t need to, Julian.

I just did what I had to.”

Julian smiled at her softly.

“There is very little I can do actually.

My willingness might not be enough but I still wanted to tell you.”


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