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Arch Magus Camilla had definitely heard these names before.

It should be said that as long as it was someone who had some understanding of magicians on the continent, they should have heard these two names before.

Even a few years ago, these names represented idols for Arch Magus Camilla.

The reason was very simple, it was because both of them were Arch Magi.

Arch Magus Camilla took a deep breath and forced down the waves in his heart before asking Levin Hasko, “Did you two come here this time because of the Mana Magic Kingdom matter”

The Mana Magic Kingdom was called the third strongest country after the Candra Empire and the Marlow Empire because other than having the most powerful magician army on the continent, they also had five Arch Magi. They were second to the nine Arch Magi of the Candra Empire and the Marlow Empire, but it far surpassed any other country of the continent.

It had to be known that on the entire continent, there were only a total of twenty eight Arch Magi including Arch Magus Camilla.

Putting aside the eighteen in the Candra Empire and the Marlow Empire, of the remaining ten, the Mana Magic Kingdom took up half of them.

Then with the powerful magician army, it meant that the Mana Magic Kingdom was the strongest country after the two empires.

And of the five Arch Magi of the Mana Magic Kingdom, it included the names Levin Hasko and Sarandal Clay.

So when he heard these two names, Arch Magus Camillas first reaction was that it was related to the Mana Magic Kingdom matter.

“It can be considered this and also not.” Levin Hasko said with a faint smile, “The magicians of the continent have always had a rule, which is that Arch Magi cant interfere with wars between countries. So we didnt come this time because the Mana Magic Kingdom was attacked by your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but…...it is related to this matter.”

Arch Magus Camilla couldnt help revealing a cold smile, “The Mana Magic Kingdom couldnt send an army to fight back, so they could only depend on the strength of you Arch Magi to destroy our Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

“No, no, no, I already said it, we didnt come because of the request of the Mana Magic Kingdom, but purely for person reasons and as for that personal reason……” Levin Haskos voice turned ice cold, “When your Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards fought the Mana Magic Kingdoms Glorious Regiment, two of my disciples and seventeen of my grand disciples died in the hands of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. With this reason, I think thats enough for me to seek revenge with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, right”

Arch Magus Camilla was silent for a bit before pointing at Sarandal Clay who was beside Levin Hasko and had never spoken, “This means that he is here for the same reason”

“Thats right, I had a nephew die in that battle. Other than that, there were several disciples that died at the hands of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. I came this time not as an Arch Magus of the Mana Magic Kingdom, but to seek revenge as an individual.” Sarandal Clay said.

Arch Magus Camilla looked over the two of them before revealing a smile of ridicule.

“The fellows that stay with the Magicians Guild really become as fake as them. Alright, no matter what your reasons are, since you are here this time, you want to attack our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Then what do you think we should do If you want to destroy the entire Frestech Chamber of Commerce, your actions will definitely be condemned by all magicians on the continent.”

“Of course we wouldnt do this. Destroying that whatever steel mill just now was only a warning.” Levin Hasko said with a smile, “As for what well do…..its very simple. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce attacking the Mana Magic Kingdom was on Xu Yis order, so just hand him over to us to take care of and your Frestech Chamber of Commerce will give us some compensation. Dont you think that this is very reasonable”

Arch Magus Camillas lips twitched twice before revealing a cold smile.

“Hei, reasonable Can you really say this!”

Xu Yi had already taken care of everything and flew back into the sky. After looking at the two Arch Magi, he slightly knitted his brows, “Two excellency Arch Magi, I can understand you seeking revenge on our Frestech Chamber of Commerce and I can understand you wanting to take care of me, but when you destroyed the steel mill, there were at least three hundred deaths, one thousand heavily injured, and two thousand lightly injured. Isnt that cruel enough”

Levin Hasko looked at the sea of flames in the distance with an indifferent look.

“Its just some normal people, its fine if they die. Not to mention, chairman Xu, this is the mistake that you have caused, so you can only blame yourself.”

“Is that so” Xu Yi gave a sigh, “Alright, I understand your purpose in coming here this time, its to attack me and our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Since the two of you came together, you must have some scruple with grandfather who is an Arch Magus being here, so you had to send an Arch Magus to take care of him.”

“Youre very smart.” Levin Hasko nodded with a faint smile, “Thats right, it is like this, but what are you planning on doing”

“I cant do anything since our company doesnt have two Arch Magi.” Xu Yi shook his head and paused for a bit before continuing, “How about this, Arch Magus Hasko, whether you admit it or not, I am very interested in you and the people behind you who are targeting our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so theres no benefits from destroying you and them completely. So how about we change to a place that wont cause a mess At least a place where we wont injure innocent people”

“I never thought that you would be such a caring person.” Levin Hasko revealed a faint smile, “But thats fine. Although I dont care if these normal people die, its good to cause a little less trouble. Speak, where do you want to fight”

“In order to stop us from affecting others, I suggest that we both have our respective duels.” Xu Yi said, “It will be me against one of you and the other person will face grandfather, what do you think”

Levin Hasko couldnt help slightly knitting his brows, “You really want to do this If youre with Camilla, he might be able to help you, but if you challenge us alone, do you really think you have a chance of winning”

“It was my order to attack the Mana Magic Kingdom, so I should bear the consequences.” Xu Yi said with a serious look, “Is Arch Magus Hasko not willing, or are you afraid”

Levin Hasko gave a cold laugh, “Young man, you want to anger me with such a crude method Alright, since you insist on doing this, Ill go along with you. Anyway, this is your final request before your death, theres no harm in agreeing to this.”

“Thank you for your understanding.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Then which one of you will duel me”

Levin Hasko looked at Arch Magus Camilla, “Although I want to see how Arch Magus Camilla broke through the Great Magician Realm after all these years, I will accept your challenge. Sarandal, how about you go play with Arch Magus Camilla”

Sarandal nodded before pointing at the sea behind him with his thumb.

“Come, lets fight over there. No one will be affected there.”

Arch Magus Camilla looked at Xu Yi and the smile on Xu Yis face made him feel assured.

“Be careful.” Arch Magus Camilla patted Xu Yis shoulder before disappearing from the air.

At the Arch Magus level, one was much more sensitive towards magic fluctuations than normal magicians. One could immediately sense any small magic fluctuations from the other side.

Sarandal Clay felt this and then disappeared along with Arch Magus Camilla.

“Very good, now theres only the two of us left. Chairman Xu, where do you think we should fight How about the sea as well” Levin Hasko asked with a smile. Xu Yi pointed to the north, “Lets not disturb grandfather and Arch Magus Sarandal, theres a barren hill over there.”

Levin Haskos lips curled slightly. He looked at Xu Yi like a cat that had caught a mouse, wanting to tease it.

“Alright, lead the way.”

Xu Yis magic released and with a flicker, he appeared at a barren hill that was ten kilometers to the north of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces maIn base.

When he appeared in the air, Levin Hasko closely followed behind him.

Whether it was distance or position, the two of them were the same as before.

Just based on this, one could see that Levin Hasko was worthy of being an Arch Magus. His grasp of spatial magic had already reached such a high level.

“This place” Levin Hasko looked around before giving a satisfied nod, “Un, the scenery isnt bad here, it works as a place to bury your bones.”

Xu Yi smiled and didnt seemed move. He just moved a bit away and raised his right hand.

“Then senior, shall we start”

Levin Hasko gave a yawn and waved his hand, “This is seeking personal revenge, not a duel. You can do whatever you want, you dont need to tell me. But I can tell you that Im very interested in how you became a Great Magician at such a young age and want to see what level your magic is at, so Ill give you some time to attack me so I can see what your magic level is at. As for the time…..let me think…...lets set it at five minutes.”

After saying this, Levin Hasko revealed a dark smile as he continued, “Xu Yi, grasp your final five minutes of life! One second has already passed……”

Xu Yi couldnt help shaking his head.

This Levin Hasko was a respected Arch Magus, why did he seem like a homicidal maniac

After looking into Levin Haskos gaze filled with violence, Xu Yi took a deep breath and raised his left hand, saying into the Magic Communicator on his wrist, “Begin!”

After saying this, Xu Yi wildly released his magic power and disappeared, moving three kilometers away.

Suddenly, there were countless fireballs and beams of light that flew out, aimed at Levin Hasko who was three kilometers away.-

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