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After being dazed for a while, it was unknown who called out first, but then everyone ran outside.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Airship, everyone had heard of it before, but there were few that had seen it.

Now the legendary master of the sky had appeared in this small town of the Candra Empire, which made them curious.

In the tavern, people could only see the large clouds passing by in the sky and when they came out to look up, everyone saw the power that belonged to the legendary Magic Airships.

The Magic Airships passed by several hundred meters above their heads which wasnt considered that high, but it also wasnt considered low. It was a height that normal people couldnt reach, but it had allowed them to clearly see the Magic Airships and even some people with good eyesight could see what they looked like.

This kind of giant flying over their heads had naturally put pressure on the people on the ground, even making people mistakenly feel that the sky was closer.

“Gods! This thing was really made by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce” A shocked cry came out of the crowd of people looking up at the sky.

“Right, such a terrifying thing, isnt it something that only gods can ride Are there really humans up there”

“The Frestech Chamber of Commerce could really make such a shocking thing, this is too terrifying!”

“No, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce must have received the inheritance of the devils! This isnt something that belongs to humans!”


The Magic Airship didnt seem to be flying fast, but it was actually moving very fast. After appearing above Larul Town, it didnt take them long to fly over.

When people thought that the Magic Airships would fly by, the ten Magic Airships had suddenly stopped and slowly descended from the sky.

Seeing this, everyone was a bit surprised.

This was the Candra Empire, part of its central territory, so what was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sending these shocking Magic Airships here for

There were the sounds of horse hooves clopping that came from behind them. Everyone was surprised to see a team of cavalry running over from the west along the east path, heading in the direction of the Magic Airships that had just landed.

This team of cavalry belonged to the light cavalry team that guarded Larul Town, the one who led them was the mayor Viscount Soxs nephew Morey.

After the cavalry team led by Morey disappeared, there were several hundred fully equipped guards that were surrounding a luxurious horse carriage that came from the west, also heading in the direction that the Magic Airships had landed in.

This horse carriage had the mark of the Sox Family, so it was clear that it was Viscount Soxs private vehicle.

After a while, the dust had settled and the light cavalry team led by Morey and Viscount Soxs heavily surrounded horse carriage had disappeared into the distance, leaving the merchants and mercenaries who came to watch the fun to look at each other in a daze.

This was just too curious.

Based on how rushed Moreys light cavalry team and Viscount Soxs heavily armed soldiers looked, they clearly werent prepared for the arrival of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Airships, so they were panicking.

This means that those fellows from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had visited without even informing Larul Towns government.

This was just too surprising.

It had to be known that this was the heart of the Candra Empire and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasnt a Candra Empire company. For them to suddenly bring a bunch of people here, in the strictest sense, this could simply be considered an invasion of the Candra Empire!

It was no wonder Viscount Sox was that worried. As the highest noble here, if he allowed the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Airships that no one believed wasnt armed to invade this place without even doing anything, he would have to wait for his head to be cut off.

Viscount Soxs reaction was very strong, he had brought out all the armed forces of Larul Town, which showed that this was the highest reaction that he could have.

The light cavalry and the soldiers disappeared and the crowd was just left there looking at each other. Several mercenaries suddenly got on their horses and headed off in that direction.

As expected, something big was happening today and it would be wrong to not take a look.

With some people leading the way, almost all the mercenaries of the town followed.

After the merchants thought about it, they also went along.

As merchants, they cared very much about anything that happened on the continent and the possible hidden opportunities there may be.

Not to mention that this might be a direct conflict between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Candra Empire, which made it even more valuable.

So after a while, most of the people in Larul Town had headed off on the northeast path to the Sunset Mountains, raising plenty of dust into the air.

Among these people, the first that arrived was naturally the light cavalry team led by Morey.

Looking into the far off Sunset Mountains, Morey was finally able to find where the ten Magic Airships had landed.

The doors to the ten Magic Airships were open and there were people wearing the uniform of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce taking stuff out.

Seeing the strange things that he didnt recognize that these people had and seeing the fierce looking machine that was brought down from the Magic Airship, Morey couldnt help feeling a chill in his heart.

He and his uncle Viscount Sox had only made guesses before, but now that he was seeing these strange machines, he was certain about one thing.

These people were definitely from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards and the things that they had with them were definitely the powerful military magic machines.

As for the steel pipe looking thing that was in the open field, that was most likely the famous Magic Cannon.

But the problem was, why did the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards suddenly come here Why did they also bring along this incomparably powerful Magic Cannon for

After hesitating a bit, Morey calmed himself and led his horse over.

However, when he took two steps, two of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards suddenly turned and raised the cylinders in their hands to point at Morey as they said in a low voice, “The Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards are carrying out official business here, unrelated people are not allowed to approach.”

Morey was surprised before being filled with rage.

This was the Candra Empires land and people from other places came here to say that “unrelated people were not allowed to approach”!

After looking over these people, Morey forced down his anger and cleared his throat before saying to the two Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards in a low voice, “I am the Candra Empire Tagna Provinces Larul Towns guard commander Morey Sox, the highest ranking military officer here. You are the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards Why did you suddenly come here Do you have the authorization from our empire”

Those two guards still pointed the weapons in their hands at Morey and didnt say a thing.

Morey was filled with even more anger and pointed at the two of them as he roared out, “Im warning you! This is the empires territory and if you enter without authorization while holding weapons, under the laws of the empire, I will regard you as invaders and will have to arrest you. If you dare resist, you will be cut down on the spot!”

Those two Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards still didnt move, almost as if they couldnt hear him at all.

Morey deeply knitted his brows and raised his right hand, preparing to give the order to attack.

He had to do this as per the empires orders, but seeing the military magic machines these people had, as well as the terrifying Magic Cannon that was in the open space, he couldnt help hesitating.

If these people really were the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards and their battle strength was as terrifying as he had heard from the other nobles, charging in with the hundred light cavalry he had brought was just giving up his life.

But if he didnt do anything, then as the local highest ranking military officer, he would be the first to be beheaded by the army headquarters.

“Damn, I dont believe that these Frestech Chamber of Commerce fellows will dare attack the empires army in our territory!” Morey hesitated for a long time before gritting his teeth and preparing to lower his hand to give the order to attack, but there was a rushed set of footsteps that came from behind him.

Moreys expression suddenly relaxed. He turned around to see Viscount Sox rushing over with the guards that he had brought.

Viscount Soxs luxurious horse carriage came to Moreys side and the door opened to let Viscount Soxs slightly chubby body jump out of the carriage, raising dust from the ground.

Looking in front of him and then looking at Morey, he gave a nod before fixing his expression. With a faint smile, he walked towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards.

The two guards holding weapons saw Viscount Sox coming over and raised their weapons again.

Viscount Sox stopped and looked around before asking with a smile, “I am Larul Towns mayor, may I ask who is in charge this time”

The two Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards still had no expressions, but there was a person who came out of the Magic Airship behind them.

Seeing this reaction, Viscount Soxs heart relaxed.

As long as the other side was willing to negotiate, everything else was easy to handle.

However, after he saw the person who came out, his expression couldnt help changing as it became a bit uglier to look at.-

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