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Magic Industry Empire Volume 6 Chapter 152 - Anger

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Xu Yis face was dark as he looked at the documents on the desk in front of him, unable to hide the anger in his eyes at all.

These documents were reports from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces branches over the past month. There were a total of thirteen of them and they were all reporting on accidents that happened to subordinates of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

These accidents included caravans being robbed, offices being ransacked, and people dying in accidents…...

Among these things, what concerned Xu Yi the most and created the most loss was the report of the transport ships being attacked three times on the seas.

Strictly speaking, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was a large company with offices in countless countries on the Sines Continent, so it wasnt strange for accidents to happen each month.

After all, this continent was equal to the feudal society stage of earth. Whether it was communication, public security, or social order, it couldnt compare to a modern civilization like earth.

But before this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce never had more than ten accidents in a month, so this really was too dense.

If it was before when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasnt famous on the continent, so their caravans would be attacked and some accidents would happen to their subordinates, it wouldnt be strange. But now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was a large and famous company on the continent, who would provoke them

Moreover, what really caught Xu Yis attention and raised his vigilance was the three consecutive attacks on the transport ships.

Although most of the pirates on the endless seas had already been eliminated by the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet and the Candra Empires navy, the endless seas were boundless. To protect against these accidents, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sent out their guard fleet to patrol the seas to provide a certain amount of defenses. Even the large transport Magic Ships would be equipped with some military magic machines so they could defend themselves.

With the might of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces military magic machines, as well as the steel hull of the Magic Ships, a normal boat was unable to deal with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport Magic Ships at all.

However, from these three reports, it clearly indicated that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces fleet had suffered heavy losses in these three attacks. There were even two large transport Magic Ships and five guard ships that sank because of these attacks.

This information came from the crew that could barely escape. The Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard ships couldnt block the attack of the other side because not only did they have a large amount of High Grade Magicians, there were even Great Magicians!

“Great Magicians……” Xu Yi gritted his teeth which made a crackling sound as his eyes filled with endless rage, “Good! Very good! Those damn fellows, I thought that they would have some scruples, but I never thought that I had underestimated them. Those fellows are ten times more shameless than I thought!”

Still and Arch Magus Camilla sitting in front of Xu Yi looked at each other and didnt know how to comfort Xu Yi.

After a while, Still hesitantly said, “Xu Yi…..You shouldnt be in a rush to draw conclusions. This might not be the work of the Magicians Guild headquarters, they…..shouldnt be this shameless, right”

“That isnt certain.” It wasnt Xu Yi who refuted this, but rather Arch Magus Camilla beside her.

He looked at Xu Yi before turning to Still with a serious and dark look on his face.

“Still, you are still young, so you dont know that those fellows are a bunch of shameless people who only care about their own greed, so they can do any shameless thing. This time Xu Yi had shaken their foundation, so it isnt strange that they would fight back at all. Moreover, I think that this is just them giving Xu Yi a warning.”

“Just a warning” Stills mouth opened wide in surprise as she pointed at the thick documents on the table. Just in these thirteen reports, there were over four hundred casualties and losses as high as seven hundred thousand gold coins for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

If this was just a warning, then what would a real attack be like

Thinking of this, Still couldnt help being a bit worried. After hesitating a bit, she turned to Xu Yi, “Xu Yi…..Actually I feel that…...it isnt impossible to cooperate with the Magicians Guild headquarters, just that you……”

Seeing the expression Xu Yi looked over with, Still immediately closed her mouth.

Xu Yi silently looked at Still for a bit before giving a sigh and shaking his head.

“Still, do you still not understand, this isnt a private grudge between me and the Magicians Guild, it isnt even a conflict of interests, its a foundation clash of ideals, so theres no room for negotiations at all.”

“It cant be, right Even if you want all the magicians on the continent to join the magic machine industry, the Magicians Guild would be happy to work with you on that, so why do you have to go against each other” Still had a confused look, “I feel that as long as both sides are willing to cooperate, it will even benefit everyone.”

Xu Yi curled his lips and turned to Great Magician Camilla.

“Grandfather, do you think there is a possibility of cooperating”

Arch Magus Camilla shook his head without any hesitation.

“Impossible, unless you give the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to them.”

Xu Yi spread his hand, “Its clearly impossible for me to give the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to them. Its not because Im not willing, but Im not assured in giving it to them. I dont believe that they will properly develop the current magic machine industry that is on the right path, so you see……”

Xu Yi turned back to Still, “This is an irreconcilable difference, so theres no true possibility of cooperating.”

“But…...I feel that there is still hope, as long as both sides are willing to take a step back……”

“I already gave them the chance, but youve already seen the response of the Magicians Guild. They will not allow their thousands of years old control over the magicians of the continent to weaken at all, they already take all magicians as their private property, so there is no possibility of cooperating at all.”

After saying this, Xu Yi looked down at the documents on the table and his face became darker.

“If it was said that I had some hope about them before, then now…..I finally understand that with these fellows, to peacefully steal the bone from their mouth is impossible. Now that theyve made us pay blood…..I must also let them taste some blood!”

Stills eyes jumped up as she couldnt help crying out, “Xu Yi, it cant be…..that you want to declare war on the Magicians Guild, right This…..This is too dangerous! How about you calm down first and think about it”

This time Arch Magus Camilla didnt support Xu Yi as he knitted his brows, “Xu Yi, I understand your feelings and understand your ideas, but…..are you certain you want to do this Could it be that youve forgotten about what I reminded you of recently”

Xu Yi turned to Arch Magus Camilla and his smile became a bit strange.

“Grandfather, please come see a thing with me. After you see it, you shouldnt be that worried.”

Arch Magus Camilla looked at Xu Yi in surprise, thinking that this kid should clearly know about the threat of Arch Magi.

But now he wanted to bring him to see something

What could take care of the threat of an Arch Magus

Seeing Xu Yi and Arch Magus Camilla go out together, heading towards the training base in the northwest corner of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base, Still deeply knitted her brows.

She had known Xu Yi for over ten years, but this was her first time seeing Xu Yi truly angry.

“I hope that nothing terrifying happens……”


The Sunset Mountains were the several hundred meter long mountain range in the Candra Empires northeastern Tagna Province, which was also the border between two provinces in the north.

This mountain range only had a single path that could lead from the Tagna Province to the northeast province, so there were two human cities on both sides of the mountain range.

The Larul Town was located in the Tagna Province. Although it was only a small town, since it was on the transport line, there were many merchants and tourists that passed by here, so there were many people that went through this place each year.

Because there were many caravans that went through this place, there were many bandits who were gathered outside of Larul Town in the Sunset Mountains, who frequently attacked these trade routes.

Although the Candra Empires government, the Governor Manor of the Tagna Province and Larul Towns guards frequently attacked these bandits, the terrain of the Sunset Mountains were complicated, so these bandits could easily hide in the mountains and they couldnt be chased at all, so they could only let them go each time.

As time passed, the Candra Empire government could only turn a blind eye to these bandits. Other than reminding merchant caravans to be careful, they couldnt do anything else.

Half a month ago, when a caravan had entered the Sunset Valley, they were attacked by bandits and there wasnt a single person who survived.

This was a normal thing for the people of Larul Town and other than talking about it during their meals, they wouldnt care that much.

But this time, everyones attention had been captured.

There was only one reason, the caravan belonged to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

When this Frestech Chamber of Commerce caravan was delivering magic machines to the northeast province, before they even entered the Sunset Mountains, there were many bandits that attacked them.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce caravan had quite a few guards that were also strong, there were just too many bandits, so they were all defeated in the end.

The attack this time was very confusing.

For bandits, they robbed caravans for profit. Even if it wasnt for the daily necessities that these caravan had, they could sell the precious products that they had for money.

There was no need to mention how expensive the Frestech Chamber of Commerces products were, but they were only transporting agricultural magic machines to the northeast province, which was useless to the bandits. Because of how special the products were, there was no way to sell them, so there was no meaning in robbing them at all.

Not to mention that bandits werent bloodthirsty maniacs, so they didnt kill people unless there were special circumstances.

However, this time the bandits had killed everyone in the Frestech Chamber of Commerces caravan, not leaving a single person which was a bit overboard.

In short, there were many doubts with the bandits actions this time, so even after half a month passed, it was still a hot topic in the taverns of Larul Town.

Moreover, because of what happened after this robbery, even more peoples attention was grabbed…...-

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