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Quincy Rachel knitted his brows to look at the map.

“Its because of the iron mines in the Samarant Duchy”

“Thats right.” Garn Sauron nodded with a smile, “In my opinion, this Duke Winnes actually is quite perceptive and decisive. He can determine that steel will be the most important material in the magic machine industry in this short period of time before decisively using the military magic machines we gave him to attack the Samarant Duchy, this really is admirable.”

Quincy Rachel carefully looked at the map for a bit before slowly nodding.

“Youre right. The Winnes Duchy almost has no iron mines at all and they even only have a few Magic Crystal mines. If they want to develop their magic machine industry, they will be very limited by these natural conditions. The Samarant Duchy is very rich in these resources and the Winnes Duchy had risked it all to attack the Samarant Duchy, so you can really say that Duke Winnes is decisive.”

“It isnt just this, I suspect that he took this chance to show his determination to sir chairman, even…..forcing sir chairman to express his stance…..” Garn Sauron said in a deep voice.

“Un Why do you think this” Quincy Rachel was instantly surprised.

Garn Saurojn tapped on the Winnes Duchy on the map and said in a thoughtful voice, “Quincy, youve also met Duke Winnes, do you think that hes an impulsive person”

“No, he should be a very capable man no matter how you look at him.” Quincy Rachel shook his head, “Of course, this is what he should have as the duke.”

“Youre right.” Garn Sauron nodded, “Although I appreciate that he can see that the core of the magic machine industry lies in seizing various resources and has such shocking willingness to act, if you think carefully about how he had attacked the Samarant Duchy, he wouldnt choose to do this with the Winnes Duchys current situation.”

“The safer way is to keep working with our company and increasing the level of their magic machine industry, getting more and better military magic machines from our company. Once he has built up his strength, then he should move. After all, with the Winnes Duchys situation, it hasnt reached the point where they need to wage war to steal resources just yet, right”

Quincy Rachel was silent for a bit before giving a nod.

“Thats right, but Garn, why do you mean by forcing sir chairman to express his stance”

“The Winnes Duchy is one of the first partners that we announced last time, while also being the first country to reach a second grade magic machine industry ranking. When it comes to sir chairmans plan, they are a very good representative country. Look, sir chairman even awarded them with some high level military magic machines as encouragement, which shows that they are viewed differently for him. So Duke Winnes daring to take such a risk should be deliberate because as the representative country for our companys plan, sir chairman would be biased towards them.”

“Then you mean…..sir chairman will support him” Quincy Rachel knitted his brows to ask, “I feel that with sir chairmans normal temper, he might teach this restless fellow a lesson that he would never forget.”

Garn Sauron gave a bitter laugh and slowly shook his head.

“No, I dont think so. I feel that…..sir chairman had already expected this, so he deliberately sent this batch of high level military magic machines as a reward to the Winnes Duchy. Its to support Duke Winnes in doing this.”

“It cant be, right” Quincy Rachel was stunned, “Hasnt sir chairman always been a firm supporter of peace Why would he……”

“Who told you that sir chairman is a supporter of peace” Garn Sauron glared at him, “You think that someone who supports peace would provoke the Magicians Guilds headquarters”

“This……” Quincy Rachels face twitched, “It cant be said that sir chairman provoked them, right Its clearly the Magicians Guild headquarters forcing our company, so sir chairman had no choice but to fight back.”

“But if sir chairman acted peacefully enough, this matter would havent gone this far, right” Garn Sauron spread his hand, “Look, the Magicians Guild has already torn all face with our company and many countries that are deeply involved with the Magicians Guild have put our company on the do not welcome list. Actually, there are times that I feel that I dont understand, its impossible that sir chairman doesnt understand the consequences of doing this, so why is he so determined to do this”

Quincy Rachel was silent for a bit before giving a sigh and shaking his head, “We shouldnt be trying to guess what sir chairman is thinking. As subordinates, we should just do our own work.”

Garn Sauron stretched out a finger and shook it in front of Quincy Rachel before saying while laughing, “Dont assume that Im blaming sir chairman behind his back. Actually, I appreciate sir chairmans methods very much. If we cant face the Magicians Guild, how can our company steal the important magicians from the control of the Magicians guild Dont you think so”

Quincy Rachel rolled his eyes at Garn Sauron, “Alright, before you go crazy, I still urge you to study the safety of our route first. The company headquarters gave the latest warning, according to the latest information, the Magicians Guild is working with some countries and organizations in secret to cause trouble for our company. People like us who wander outside should be more vigilant.”

Garn Sauron curled his lips in disdain, “No matter how powerful the Magicians Guild is, can they take care of us on these vast seas I dont believe that there is a fleet that can resist the powerful attack of our guard fleet on these wide seas in this world.”

Quincy Rachel wanted to refute him, but he felt that he was right because the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet were invincible on the seas, so there was nothing to worry about.

So he shook his head and didnt say anything else.

The Winnes Duchy was at least three thousand kilometers away from the Stantine Duchy in a straight line, a sea route would be over four thousand kilometers.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Ships were fast, a single trip would take a week.

After leaving the Winnes Duchy harbour, the fleet went deeper into the seas and headed west when they were around seventy kilometers away from the shore.

The sea route the Frestech Chamber of Commerce developed with the Candra Empires navy was limited to the southern seas of the Candra Empire, it hasnt developed to the deep seas yet, so the fleet needed to sail around a thousand kilometers before they could reach where the Frestech Chamber of Commerce controlled the signal, where they could contact the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet and the Candra Empires navy.

Before this, they werent that different from normal ships. On the endless seas, they could only sail westward like a blind person.

This would last for around two days and was always the danger area marked by the Frestech Chamber of Commerces sea transport division. One had to have all their ships be on high alert during this time.

But relying on the power of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard ships, even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerces fleet encountered pirates, they could easily take care of the other side without any danger.

As time passed, there were no pirates that dared to provoke the Frestech Chamber of commerces ships and these fleets could easily navigate through the seas.

Now that Quincy Rachel was reminding Garn Sauron to be careful was only out of habit, he wasnt that vigilant either.

In fact, he didnt care about the threat of the Magicians Guild towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

After all, these were the endless seas. Could it be that the Magicians Guild could send a large number of magicians to attack them

However, early the next morning, facts had proven that everything was possible in this world…...

“Damn! Why are there so many magicians ahead And they are all High Grade Magicians!”

Seeing the strange looking giant wooden ships in front of them releasing different glowing magic that were very powerful, there was a vein that popped out on Garn Saurons forehead.

“These fellows arent normal pirates!”


As soon as his voice fell, there were several spells that hi=t the hull and made deafening explosions.

Even if they were separated by several cabins, Garn Sauron could feel the power of these spells and he couldnt help being even more annoyed.

He thought that it was a bunch of blind pirates, but who would have known that the other side would send out all these High Grade Spells right away.

It was clear that there were High Grade Magicians on the other side and it wasnt just one of them, but rather more than ten or even several dozen of them!

Magicians werent that rare on the Sines Continent, but High Grade Magicians who could use High Grade Spells were rare.

Normally, it would be good if a pirate group had several Low Grade Magicians and it was impossible for them to have a High Grade Magician, not to mention several dozen of them.

So Garn Sauron was certain that these werent pirates and most likely the army of some country.

Quincy Rachel on the side had a serious look as he said in a deep voice, “Garn, do you think…...they are people sent by the Magicians Guild headquarters”

Garn Sauron was surprised, “It cant be, right The Magicians Guild headquarters wouldnt be this shameless, right Theyre actually attacking a merchant vessel like us If this was known, wouldnt the entire Magicians Guild lose face”

“If we all die here, wouldnt no one know about this” Quincy Rachel said with a serious look.

“Pei! Who would die here!” Garn Sauron spat out forcefully, “Its just a few High Grade Magicians. Although our fleet isnt abnormal enough to even beat down a Great Magician, we can take care of a few High Grade Magicians. Hei, hei, those fellows of the Magicians Guild who dont know the heights of heaven and hell, do they really think that they can solve everything with magic This time we will clean them up!”

Quincy Rachel thought about it before giving a nod as his expression relaxed.

“Un, with the speed of our fleet, they wont be able to catch us. If they send out a few magicians to attack with the firepower that we have, theres no need to worry. Moreover, our hull is much harder than they can imagine, so as long as there isnt a Great Magician, we shouldnt be in any……”

Quincy Rachels voice suddenly stopped as his eyes opened wide, looking into the distance with a look of fear.

Garn Sauron was surprised and also looking into the distance, seeing a figure slowly rising from the ship.

Around this figure were ripples in space, which made one dizzy to look at, but they couldnt help being deeply drawn in and being unwilling to look away.

This strange phenomenon was the sign of Spatial Magic!

The two were stunned for a bit before they looked at each other and spoke at the same time.

“It cant be……”-

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