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If it was said that before completely breaking all pretenses with the Magicians Guild, Xu Yi hadnt considered the threat of Arch Magi, that would definitely be impossible.

But after the threat came from Arch Magus Camilla, it couldnt be more real and he couldnt help becoming nervous.

But he was only worried for a second before calming down.

He had already thought it through. If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wanted to dominate the development of the magic machine industry on the continent, establishing his ideal magic machine industry, he would have to face the threat of the Arch Magi sooner or later.

The Arch Magi are very special existences on the Sines Continent and until now, including Arch Magus Camilla, there were only twenty seven of them.

Each one of these twenty seven Arch Magi were very important people. Any single move from them could create a large tremor in the magicians circle, so it could be said that they represented the authority of the magicians.

However to Xu Yi, the authority of the Arch Magi was just based on their power, or rather their destructive abilities, which wasnt something that could be praised.

Because to Xu Yi, magic was nothing more than a tool. Using magic to develop magic machines and then using them to improve the lives of people, instead of using destructive magic to participate in wars, it was much more meaningful.

Xu Yi had always downplayed the power of magic so that people would shift from being in awe of magic to focusing on the utility of magic.

This time he had taken a stance against the Magicians Guild to separate the Low Grade Magicians who made up 90% of all magicians on the continent from the Magicians Guild. Then he would find some appropriate work for these Low Grade Magicians, while also allowing him to redefine the definition of magic in their minds.

If the Low Grade Magicians with the highest population accepted the magic machines, concentrating on these magic machines with real life applications, then he could change the direction most magicians used magic for and develop the magic machine industry.

But if he really wanted to completely change everyones understanding of magic, even reaching the higher grade magicians, the Great Magicians, and even the Arch Magi, Xu Yi had to face this problem.

If even a single Arch Magus approved of the magic machine industry and joined it, it would be much stronger than convincing a ten thousand Low Grade Magicians.

Arch Magus Camilla was the only Arch Magus that approved of the magic machine industry right now, but because of his relationship with Xu Yi, he wasnt that convincing.

So Xu Yi had always been trying to convince other Arch Magi through other methods.

If the Magicians Guild really convinced an Arch Magus to deal with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it would be dangerous for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, while also being a great chance for them.

As for how the results would be, that would depend on Xu Yi.

It was a good thing that an Arch Magus wasnt a normal person, so unless the Magicians Guild was forced to use their final trump card, they wouldnt use it. Not to mention that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had Arch Magus Camilla, which created scruples for the Magicians Guild.

So even if Arch Magus Camilla was worried about this, in reality after the Frestech Chamber of Commerce tore off all face with the Magicians Guild, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt encounter a worst case scenario and wasnt immediately attacked by an Arch Magus.

The Magicians Guild only attacked the Frestech Chamber of Commerce with statements and didnt make any moves.

On the surface, it seemed quite ordinary and there were no events at all.

Of course, this calm was only for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other countries of the Sines Continent werent calm at all.

After the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announced that they would transfer parts of the military magic machine technology, many other countries on the continent started moving.

The first batch of thirty five countries that signed the contract with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce used only a year to get high marks.

The best among them was the Winnes Duchy which had reached the second stage of cooperation with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce recognized their magic machine industry as reaching grade two, so according to the contract, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would transfer the military magic machine technology for the basic Magic Repeating Crossbow and the small Magic Trebuchet.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Winnes Duchy pooled funds to create a military magic machine factory in the Winnes Duchy. They also built a steel mill that could produce over eight hundred thousand tons of products a year, providing steel material for these military magic machines.

Compared to the other countries that were still on the first stage, preparing for the most basic agricultural magic machines, the Winnes Duchy was without a doubt in the lead.

After the cold winter passed, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Amrit Chamber of Commerce sent the fourth construction crew to the Winnes Duchy.

This time, their goal was to build a sea harbour where the endless seas and the largest river of the Winnes Duchy, the Talon River intersected.

Although the Winnes Duchy already had a natural harbour here, it couldnt satisfy the increasing demands of the Winnes Duchy, especially not allowing the Frestech Chamber of Commerces large transport Magic Ships to dock. So under the suggestion of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Winnes Duchy both paying half the cost, they would build a new harbour.

This harbour would also run into the northern Talon River of the Winnes Duchy, allowing them to transport with the Talon River, easily allowing them to transport goods from the Winnes Duchy through this river and also making it easy to transport to the sea.

Accordingly, the goods from other places could enter this harbour and enter the Winnes Duchy through the Talon River.

Other than this, the Winnes Duchy would also build a road along the Talon River. This would work with the three roads already built in the duchy and allow them to reach any place in the Winnes Duchy.

According to the plan, as long as this harbour and road was complete, as long as the Winnes Duchy cleared the Talon River with the construction magic machines provided by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Winnes Duchys traffic conditions would greatly increase.

Although the Winnes Duchy had rich resources before, it wasnt convenient for them to transport them, so they couldnt transport these products out. The people of the Winnes Duchy could only live bitter lives because of the poor living conditions of the country.

Once the transportation problem was solved, the Winnes Duchy could easily transport their rare goods to other countries to sell, which would bring quite a bit of income to the Winnes Duchy.

For example, when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Amrit Chamber of Commerces combined fleet went to the Winnes Duchy, other than building this harbour, they were in charge of purchasing these special materials.

When the fleet arrived at the natural harbour, countless resources of the Winnes Duchy were already placed on the wharf like a mountain, waiting to be brought away.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport fleet also brought resources that were scarce in the Winnes Duchy.

Among them included foundation things like wheat and rice.

With just this single fleet, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had brought three thousand barrels of dwarven wine in three large transport Magic Ships.

The Winnes Dcuhy was only a small country, with just six hundred thousand people. These goods for the people of the Winnes Duchy that were also short on food would be of great help.

So when the fleet reached the harbour, they were immediately welcomed by the people of the Winnes Duchy.

Duke Winnes had personally come and enthusiastically welcomed the leaders of the fleet, which showed how important the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Amrit Chamber of Commerce were to the Winnes Duchy.

Of course, what he cared most about was the other goods that were hidden under the rice, wheat, and wine that were on the transport fleet…...

“Your excellency duke, please take a look, this is our companys carefully developed Magic Cannon. Dont look at how little it is, each round that it fires is equal to the explosion of a Fourth Grade Fire Spell, with very shocking firepower. There are no conditions for using it, so as long as the soldiers train a bit, they will be able to grasp the method of using it.”

Hearing the introduction of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces fleet captain Garn Sauron, Duke Winnes eyes lit up. He couldnt help reaching his hand out to touch the sparkling and smooth barrel of the Magic Cannon. There was a very smooth and comfortable feeling that came from his hand.

“Good, very good! This thing really isnt bad.” Duke Winnes praised before turning to ask Garn Sauron, “Captain Sauron, I wonder when your Frestech Chamber of Commerce will be willing to transfer the technology for this Magic Cannon to us”

Garn Sauron revealed a faint smile, “Your excellency duke, as for this, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has already given your country the ranking list for magic machine industries. You have to at least grasp a fourth grade magic machine industry ranking to build Magic Cannons, so your country doesnt meet this requirement right now.”

“Is that so” Although he already knew this, when he heard this answer, Duke Winnes was a bit disappointed. After touching the Magic Cannon for a bit longer, he asked, “If you cant give us the technology, at least you can sell a bit more high grade military magic machines to us, right”

Garn Sauron shook his head, “Your excellency Duke, I urge you to give up this idea. Our company has strict rules for military magic machines. The reason why we sold this batch of military magic machines to your company this time was because your country was the first to achieve the second grade ranking, so we gave you a bit of special support. As for the large Magic Cannons…..that is something a sixth grade magic machine industry can have. If your country wants them, you still need to work a bit harder.”

Duke Winnes was silent for a bit before giving a long sigh. He reached his hand out to Garn Sauron, “Alright, then first give me the thing that we earned.”-

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