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Magic Industry Empire Volume 6 Chapter 145 - Lost Vivian

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After a bit of silence, Xu Yi put a question mark on the Marlow Empire on the map before shifting his eyes down. He went to the giant white patch on the map for the southern seas and slightly knitted his brows.

His love for maps was a personal hobby, while also being a practical need.

He had relied on this large map of the Sines Continent that had been on the wall for many years. Xu Yi used it to chart out the Frestech Chamber of Commerces development on the continent, then using it to make the best judgement for the future, so it could be said that it was very helpful for him.

However, even if this map was the most accurate map on the Sines Continent, it was still far from being accurate enough.

For example, the biggest island that was supposed to signify the Giant Deer Island in the southern seas of the Rudson Kingdom, it was only a very small mark on the map and nothing else.

Moreover, according to Xu Yis experience in riding a Magic Airship to Giant Deer Island and back several times, the position recorded on the map was at least a hundred kilometers away from where it really was, which was a large difference.

“If the conditions are right, I have to have someone draw a more accurate map.”

Xu Yi muttered under his breath. He went to the upper right a bit where the real position of Giant Deer Island was, getting as close as possible before making a red mark on the map. Then he drew a broken line to connect it to the one that he had made before, which represented the Frestech Chamber of Commerces marine transport route.

After thinking about it, Xu Yi created another broken line around this island before drawing another one around that line.

These two broken lines represented the sphere of influence of the military base that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had set up on Giant Deer Island.

This sphere wasnt that big right now and it only spread at most five hundred meters, not even going far enough to affect the Candra Empires southern seas.

This was because there were only two fully equipped guard fleets that were deployed right now. Although these guard fleets were powerful, the scale of the base was limited and it couldnt support the guard fleets in launching further strikes.

After drawing in the sphere of influence, Xu Yi looked to the right to the right, going three hundred kilometers to the south of the Candra Empires shore.

According to the reports, there was another island here with rich resources and was one third bigger than Giant Deer Island.

This island was around seven to eight hundred kilometers away from Giant Deer Island. If the guard fleets set out from Giant Deer Island, they could arrive in a single day. This was the island that Xu Yi had chosen for the second base.

Xu Yi made a small dot at the position of this island and then drew a line to the marine transport route that was two hundred kilometers away. After thinking about it, he shook his head.

The reason why he picked this second island that was this far away from the Candra Empires coast was mainly because of the attitude of the Candra Empire.

It wasnt that he was afraid that the Candra Empire navy would pose a threat, but because Xu Yi didnt want to destroy the good relationship that was developing between them right now.

Moreover, about five hundred kilometers southwest of this island was Heaven Island that Leslie controlled.

After he finished these two sea bases, it would create a triangle with Heaven Island.

Once one place had a problem, the other two places could easily react.

Hidden in Xu Yis heart was another idea. It was that if anything happened to Leslie, causing him to lose control of Heaven Island, the two sea bases could quickly react.

After he made some plans for the second sea base, Xu Yi didnt move his eyes further to the east.

He had to eat one thing at a time and do things one at a time.

With the Frestech Chamber of Commerces current strength, building two sea bases and maintaining them already took a lot of effort.

There was no way to consider building even more bases right now.

“Du, du, du, du.”

When Xu Yi was about to come up with his next steps with the map, there was a gentle knock on the door of the study.

Hearing this strange sounding knock, Xu Yi turned over with pleasant surprise and saw Still standing at the door with a smile.

“Hey, Still, didnt you receive an invitation from the Marlow Empire when I left Why are you back today” Xu Yi asked in a surprised voice.

Still looked at Xu Yi with a charming look and said with a faint smile, “I heard that you were back today, so I rushed over from the Marlow Empire.”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling, “Who are you lying to The Marlow Empire is over two thousand kilometers away. Not to mention that you havent received the news that I was back that long ago, so even if you rushed right over with the fastest Magic Airship, it would take a day to arrive, so how could you arrive on time”

“You really are something, its not easy to make you happy…..” Still deliberately pursed her lips and rolled her eyes at Xu Yi, “Alright, I received some important news a few days ago so I rushed back. I never thought that once I came back, Vivian would tell me that you were back, which was a pleasant surprise.”

“Vivian” Xu Yi was surprised, “Where did you see her”

“Just outside the door.” Still turned to point in the direction of the manors door before giving a sigh, “Xu Yi, Ive noticed that youve been too busy lately, even Vivian has been feeling neglected I saw her hesitating to enter outside the door and when I called to her, she ran off after rejecting me. It seems…...like she still hasnt untied the knot in her heart.”

Xu Yi fell silent.

Half a month ago, Seveni had sent people to the Stantine Duchy, taking Teresa, who Xu Yi had put under house arrest for several months, back with them to the Lampuri Kingdom.

Although Xu Yi had explained this matter to Vivian and she understood, seeing her best friend being taken away by others still made her feel lost.

During this time, Vivian had been very depressed and she couldnt get over it.

Xu Yi had tried to explain to her, but it was difficult for him to free up time and Vivian kept avoiding him, so he never had a chance and it had been stalled until now.

Now hearing how Still described Vivian, he imagined Vivians weak body pacing around the entrance of the manor and he couldnt help giving a sigh deep down.

Although Vivian was the first slave that he had since coming to this world, he had never treated her like a slave and always treated her like family, or rather like a little sister.

Vivian relied on Xu Yi and other than Still, Teresa was the only real friend that she had, so naturally she was important to her.

But she never thought that Teresa was sent by the Sack Kingdom, almost causing great harm to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Logic told Vivian that she should be hostile towards Teresa and hate her, but this pure little girl couldnt accept it.

This contradiction had always made Vivian suffer during the months Teresa had been caught and she became more and more silent.

“I will find some time to properly talk to her.” Xu Yi thought for a bit before giving a sigh.

“Good, Vivian only approves you deep down, so if you go and talk to her, I think that she can still accept it.” Still nodded. She reached into her chest and pulled out a small, light, and thin metal place, “Now can you tell me what this is”

“Un” Xu Yi looked at the new lighter version of the Magic Illusion Film Disc developed by the Frestech Chamber of commerce and the New Moon Chamber of Commerce. After thinking for a bit, he remembered what it was, “This is the report film on the Magicians Guild Why is it in your hands”

“I am the New Moon Chamber of Commerces chairman, is it strange that it is in my hands” Still looked at Xu Yi, “Xu Yi, why didnt you mention this big matter to me at all Do you know that if you really broadcast this film, what kind of serious consequences would it cause”

“Is it that serious” Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Its just letting more people see the true face of the Magicians Guild.”

“Are you crazy” Still suddenly raised her voice, “Do you know, once this Illusion Film really is broadcast, that would be tearing all face with the Magicians Guild I dont care what will happen to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but youll be put in danger because of this! I dont agree with you doing this!”

“I will be in danger” Xu Yi laughed, “What Could it be that you think the Magicians guild will send people to kill me”

“You think they wont dare” Still suddenly came in front of Xu Yi and reached out a finger to poke his forehead without any politeness, “Xu Yi, are you too confident because of how smoothly the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has been developing Let me tell you, the Magicians Guild is much stronger than you imagine and if you completely offend them like this, the one to suffer will definitely be you!”

Seeing the serious look on Stills face, Xu Yi couldnt help slightly knitting his brows.

He had been with Still for over ten years and knew that once she decided on something, it would be hard to convince her.

And this matter really was the most important part of his plan, so he had to implement it.

It was almost impossible to convince Still by himself, so after thinking about it, Xu Yi had an idea before taking Stills hand with a smile.

“I know that you definitely wont believe what I say, so lets find grandfather and ask for his opinion. What do you think”

“Humph, grandfather will definitely favour you, you think that I dont know” Still glared at Xu Yi.

However, when Xu Yi moved, she still unwillingly moved out of the manor with Xu Yi.-

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