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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 96

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Old classmate

Xu Yi turned around in a surprised manner and found three people who were around twenty years old standing beside him. The one who called out was a young man with a head of light red hair.

After being surprised for a bit, Xu Yi also revealed a look of pleasant surprise. He punched the young man with light red hair on the shoulder, “Erwin, its actually you! Why are you here”

The youth called Erwin gave a laugh before strongly hugging Xu Yi. His lips curled as he said, “Arent you speaking nonsense Participating in the Magicians Guilds certification exam, which magician would miss this Look, didnt you come in the end”

After saying this, Erwin looked over Xu Yi and had a surprised look, “Yi Xu Yi, looking at your current appearance, you seem like you have some money No wonder you came to the certification exam, you always said that you didnt have money before.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Its alright.”

This Erwin was a classmate from the Senkaiser School and they lived in the same dorm. Although Xu Yi was older than the others in his dorm, they were all still young people and it was easy for him to get along with them. Adding in the fact that Xu Yi was more mature than them, had more knowledge, and had high talent in magic, he became the big brother for these people.

Thinking about his other roommates, Xu Yi looked at the two youths behind Erwin before asking, “After graduating, have you been in contact with Roy and the others”

Erwin shrugged his shoulders, “We all drifted apart after graduation, we cant contact each other even if we wanted to. If it wasnt because I bumped into you today, I wouldnt even know what you were doing. Thats right, what are you doing right now Did you find a good job Its been just a few months and you already have enough to participate in the certification exam.”

Xu Yi smiled without responding before looking at the other two youths, “Youre not going to introduce me to your new friends”

“Oh, I almost forgot.” Erwin patted his head before pointing at the tall and buff youth with a righteous face and saying, “These two are my adventurer comrades. He is Rooney.” Then he pointed at the thin and somewhat short youth to the right, “This is Bob. Hey, Rooney, Bob, this is my classmate from the Senkaiser School, his name is a bit strange, hes Xu Yi. But hes a good person and was a good friend when we were back in school.”

Rooney and Bob shook hands with Xu Yi while Xu Yi looked at their chest. He found that Rooneys magician badge was the same as Cesar and Bobs magician badge only had a single ripple, showing that he was the lowest Primary Grade Magician.

Erwin was the same as Xu Yi, he didnt have a badge on his chest to represent his rank at all.

Seeing Xu Yis eyes fall onto their chests, Rooney and Bob also looked at Xu Yis chest. Seeing no badge at all, they couldnt help revealing surprised looks.

Erwin keenly noticed this point and quickly explained, “Hey, you two, dont look down on Xu Yi. Dont think that hes bad because he doesnt have a badge, his talent is actually really good, he was already almost a Grade Three Magician when we were back in school. Whenever we called him to participate in the exam, he always said he had no money and rejected us.”

“No money” Rooney and Bobs eyes looking at Xu Yi filled with even more surprise. Rooney couldnt help asking, “Erwin, the students of your Senkaiser School wouldnt all be the same right All unwilling to participate in the Magicians Guilds exam”

“Hey, dont compare me to Xu Yi. He had no money and I couldnt pass, its completely different, alright” Erwin corrected him.

Xu Yi patted his shoulder, “Alright, no matter what the past was, since you came this time, you just need to pass. Erwin, I think that with how you are now, you should have confidence in passing the Second Grade Magician exam, right”

“Pretty much, there should be no problem.” Erwin confidently replied. After saying this, he looked at Xu Yi, “Dont just talk about me, you were called a rare magic genius back in school by the teachers. After not seeing each other for half a year, your strength should have increased quite a bit, right Tell me, are you planning on passing the Fourth Grade Magician exam this time”

Hearing Erwins attention, although it caught Rooney and Bobs attention, they werent that surprised.

Xu Yi looked to be several years older than them, so it was normal that his magic power was stronger than theirs.

“Un, pretty much.” Xu Yi very casually nodded, “This is not important. Erwin, why did you become an adventurer Dont you think that it is very dangerous”

Erwin gave a sigh, “So what if its dangerous Im not a fellow with incredibly good talent like you, being able to quickly become a high level magician and not having to worry about food or board. If I become an adventurer, what do you think I can With my bit of magic, Im not even qualified to be an assistant to a Great Magician.”

Rooney and Bob on the side revealed depressed looks, it was obvious they faced the same problems as Erwin.

Xu Yi looked over the three of them and thought that the problem he thought about earlier wasnt baseless, it really did exist.

“Erwin, what if I told you that there is a work where you dont have to face any danger and you have spare time to research magic, where the work itself is related to magic and can increase your magic power Would you be willing to take it” Xu Yi asked.

Erwin laughed, “Hei, Xu Yi, after not seeing each other for half a year, when did you learn to boast How could there possibly be such a good job, you dont need to tell such lies even if youre trying to comfort me, right”

The eyes of Rooney on the side twinkled ashe said, “The job youre talking about, how much money can it give”

Xu Yi raised one finger, “That depends on the situation, but it wont be less than ten gold coins per month.”

“Ten gold coins per month That is not much, but there is no danger and there is spare time, so the conditions are quite good.” Erwin rubbed his chin and looked very satisfied, “Hey, Xu Yi, this all sounds quite good, but arent you just playing a joke Such a good job, can you give me it”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and gave a serious nod, “Thats right, Ill give it to you.”


When the moon rose in the sky, Xu Yi leisurely walked back to the office.

The housekeeper had long prepared dinner, but it had already gone cold since Xu Yi came back so late. But thinking about how the Lord Count ordered him to give him special treatment, the housekeeper wanted to order the kitchen to prepare a new set, but that was stopped by Xu Yi.

When he was walking in the streets, Xu Yi had found a small roadside stall to take care of dinner, so naturally he didnt need to eat again.

“Housekeeper Lahm, you dont need to waste all this effort. It is very likely Ill be eating outside most of the time during this period, so there wont be many times when I eat here. You dont need to specially leave a meal for me.” Xu Yi gave an order to the housekeeper.

Housekeeper Lahm thought about it before nodding in agreement.

Xu Yi had arrived here today with Viscount Leslie, so it seemed that other than having a special relation to the Lord Count, the other connections he had here werent normal.

“Thats right, chairman Xu, according to the Lord Counts orders, the news of your arrival has already been reported to the agricultural department and the kings special guards. If nothing unexpected happened, there should be a notice coming in two days. Its best if you dont go too far in the next few days. If you are going out, its best if you tell me where youre going so its easier for me to find you.” Housekeeper Lahm then said.

“Alright, Ill be careful.” Xu Yi was a bit helpless. There were no cell phones in this world, so it was truly hard to find someone.

After talking to Housekeeper Lahm, Xu Yi prepared to head to his room to rest.

While he was walking, Xu Yi remembered todays experience and was quite satisfied.

After his preliminary inspection, he found that Anvilmar City really was a blank market. As long as Baron Hannas successfully set up the «Anvilmar Times» or the «Anvilmar Morning News», he could depend on this to easily take part of the market.

Compared to a small city like Banta City, Anvilmar had a larger market without a doubt. Just based on the people Xu Yi saw when he was walking around, he could tell that Anvilmar City had several times more people compared to Banta City.

The Magic Fan could sell ten thousand units in Banta City, so with a conservative estimate, it could sell over fifty thousand units in Anvilmar City.

Of course, Xu Yi had already decided to give out the basic manufacturing techniques for the Magic Fan, so there would be many competitors for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce next summer.

But Xu Yi was not worried at all. Just in terms of Magic Fans, there were many aspects where he could easily defeat the competitors.

Not to mention that this technology all came from him, which was equal to having the competitors lives in his hands. It was very easy for him to counterattack them if he wanted to.

Other than this, the success that satisfied Xu Yi was the most was that including Erwin, Rooney, and Bob, there was a total of eight magicians who were interested. They had a desire to come to Banta City to see the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Eight magicians perhaps werent that important, but Xu Yi was very happy to see a trend in them. It was that they were weak magicians who couldnt advance like Erwin, so they were willing to take another path.

With the appearance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, perhaps it will give these magicians a new path to work hard in.

“It was like this to begin with. Its not like every magician can become powerful Great Magicians or Arch Magi, so what is bad about working for a living” Thinking about the strange expressions Erwins group of three had when they heard he started a company and were producing magic machines, Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

Thinking about the magic machines, Xu Yi thought about the things in the storage room. He stopped moving and started heading towards the storage room.

Those things were related to the success or failure of this trip to Anvilmar City, there definitely couldnt be any accidents that happened.

As soon as he saw the corner of the storage room, Xu Yi suddenly saw a spark appearing in the darkness. There was a roaring flame that suddenly exploded and instantly surrounded the entire storage room.-

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