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Seveni put the document in her hand and looked up at Xu Yi sitting in front of her, suddenly giving a laugh.

Xu Yi was surprised as he touched his face, “What Is there something on my face”

“No, no……” Seveni waved her hand and tapped on the document on the table as she said with a smile, “I just feel…...that this time, not only did you steal a bunch of researchers, you also took all their data, which is just like robbing them. If I was the Sack Kingdoms king, I would definitely hate you to death.”

Xu Yi gave a laugh and didnt care about this.

“Those researchers chose for themselves, how could I have stolen them”

“Chose for themselves” The smile on Sevenis face became wider, “If it wasnt for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce buying those researchers in private beforehand, how could they choose to go to your Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

“If they could be bought by our company, it meant that they werent loyal to the Sack Kingdom to begin with.” Speaking of this, Xu Yi gave a cold laugh before continuing, “So I will only give those fellows normal research projects and will never let them touch the core stuff.”

Seveni couldnt help rolling her eyes at Xu Yi, “You clearly gave them all those conditions before to buy them over and now youre saying that theyre not loyal…..”

Xu Yi shook his head, “Actually, it doesnt matter if theyre loyal or not. Back then, when I deliberately used Teresa to leak all that information on the military magic machines was to make the Sack Kingdom focus on developing the military magic machines, hoping that they could develop something new when it came to the military magic machines. Maybe they could have given our company some inspiration when it came to our military magic machines.”

“Then what about the result now Are they helpful to your companys research”

“We still cant tell now. We need to wait until we completely digest these researchers and the research material, then we can be certain if they are useful or not.” Xu Yi said.

Seveni hesitated a bit before suddenly asking, “Then what about Teresa How are you going to take care of this little girl”

Xu Yi looked at Seveni with a strange look, not understanding why she would suddenly care about Teresa.

“Little girl She was a spy that the Sack Kingdom sent to our side to steal the secret information of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, how can she be a little girl”

“But isnt she very beautiful Moreover, she seems to be just twenty years old How is she not a little girl” Seveni asked with a mysterious look, “To be honest, Xu Yi, have you ever been moved by her”

Xu Yi looked at Seveni in surprise, “I say…..She is a spy sent by the Sack Kingdom, how could I be moved by her”

“That was when you learned that afterwards, what about before when you didnt know I remember that you cared quite a bit about her then, you even asked me to check if what she said was really happening in the Sack Kingdom.” Seveni had a very curious look on her face, “If you werent moved by her, why would you care this much about her”

Xu Yi was silent and after a long time, he gave a sigh, “Alright, I saw that she was a little girl at first and she was that pitiful, so I wanted to help her out. However, after judging from the various signs and the following evidence that she was a spy from the Sack Kingdom, do you really think I would be moved by her”

“That isnt certain.” Seveni said with a smile, “According to the things that we could verify, Teresa didnt lie at all, everything she encountered was fact. The only difference was that the Sack Kingdoms army saw that she was very beautiful, so they taught her how to be a spy. Her background and experience are pitiful, dont you sympathize with her after learning this”

Xu Yi slightly knitted his brows, “I dont understand what you are saying. I do sympathize with what she has encountered, but that doesnt change the fact that she is a spy. As the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman, how could I be moved by her”

“So you mercilessly used her to send the fake information on the military magic machines to the Sack Kingdom and then used those fellows to do research for you before taking the results” Seveni looked at Xu Yi and gave a sigh as she shook her head, “Xu Yi, why didnt I see that you were such a sinister fellow before”

Xu Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry, “I say Seveni, what is with you When we came up with this plan, you participated the entire time and now youre saying that Im sinister…..could it be that you want to exclude yourself”

Seveni gave a soft snort, “I was just working with you, this entire plan was something you came up with, its not related to me.”

Seeing Sevenis look of disdain, Xu Yi could only helplessly shake his head and give up the idea of arguing this with Seveni.

The plan against the Sack Kingdom, it was only a temporary plan that Xu Yi came up with when he found out that Teresa was a spy sent by the Sack Kingdom.

In the beginning, he didnt think that much about it. He just wanted to use Teresa to give some false information on the military magic machines to the Sack Kingdom, to make them want to use this to manufacture their own military magic machines, but he didnt have the idea of letting them really grasp the military magic machine technology.

The reason for doing this was just to let the Sack Kingdom waste a lot of human resources on it.

As the Sack Kingdom invested large amounts of human resources into researching the military magic machines, Xu Yis ideas began to change.

He had Evita control the technology that entered Teresas hands and then he tried giving them some real core technology, letting the Sack Kingdom invest a shocking amount of manpower to make them really develop a few military magic machines.

What the Sack Kingdom invested in the most and had the deepest research for was the Magic Cannon.

Combined with the Magic Repeating Crossbows, the Magic Trebuchets, and the other military magic machines, the Sack Kingdom really were able to grasp the military magic machines and gained true power.

After several years, the Sack Kingdom had made several kinds of military magic machines, which greatly increased their confidence.

They suddenly moved on the Antila Kingdom to the north, which showed how confident they were.

Of course, it could be said that they were proving just how strong the military magic machines they made were.

Facts proved that the Sack Kingdoms research into military magic machines paid off and they were able to easily defeat the Antila Kingdoms army.

However, the Sack Kingdom never would have thought that the Lampuri Kingdom would suddenly declare war on them at this time.

There was no suspense in this war as the Lampuri Kingdom easily won.

So this Sack Kingdom that had invested everything in military magic machines had their efforts wasted, rather the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt hesitate to take all the best parts of their military magic machine research and all their best researchers.

In this plan, the ones that were hurt the most were naturally the Sack Kingdom and the ones that benefitted the most were the Lampuri Kingdom.

As for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce getting some research on the military magic machines and some personnel, from the perspective of Seveni, they didnt seem to gain anything.

“You cant say it like that.” Xu Yi slowly shook his head, “Gains are proportional to investments, we didnt invest that much this time, so naturally we only gained this much. Compared to the land and compensation that you need, I care more about these researchers and the research material. Of course, having the Sack Kingdom open themselves to us is also more important.”

“Alright, lets just consider it as we both got what we wanted.” Seveni revealed a naughty smile that she definitely wouldnt show anyone else.

Since the Sack Kingdom had signed the peace agreement, the people the Lampuri Kingdom sent had already taken over the seven cities from the Sack Kingdom, so Seveni had been in a good mood during this time.

For a queen, successfully increasing the amount of land they controlled was the greatest achievement.

This was something that all the kings of the Lampuri Kingdom couldnt do before, only Seveni had done this.

Moreover, she had defeated the Sack Kingdom that had suppressed the Lampuri Kingdom for several hundred years, taking land from their hands, which made this achievement even more shocking.

After the entire Lampuri Kingdom learned of this news, all the newspapers were singing praise for Seveni. There were even countless people who called Seveni the greatest queen in history.

Because of this victory, Sevenis prestige in the Lampuri Kingdom had reached a peak.

It could be said that as long as Seveni said a word, very few people in the Lampuri Kingdom would dare go against her.

If one was to mention benefits for Xu Yi, this was considered one of them.

Through this victory, Seveni now had even greater control over the Lampuri Kingdom. Adding in the large income from the Sack Kingdom, there were many things that she couldnt do in the Lampuri Kingdom that she could now do without any hesitation.

Among them was the plan to lay down the magic communication network.

Xu Yi had come to Anvilmar City today to see Seveni just to discuss this plan.

But when he was about to speak, Seveni suddenly smiled at Xu Yi and said, “Hey, Xu Yi, give Teresa to me, alright”-

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