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Some people were happy and naturally some people were worried.

While captain Eiffel was having a happy sleep, the Hungry Wolf Regiments new commander Toby Ted had a dark look on his face as he looked at the combat report in his hand. In the end, he couldnt take the rising anger in his heart and slapped the combat report on the table in front of him.

“Who can god damn tell me what is god damn going on!” Commander Teds eyes were opened wide as flames of rage came from them.

The Hungry Wolf Regiment officers all lowered their heads and not a single person could answer, as a deathly silence fell over the tent.

Seeing this reaction from the others, commander Ted was even angrier, but he couldnt find a place to vent this anger because the logistics base being destroyed like that was strictly not anyones fault. It was them not being prepared for the Lampuri Kingdoms attack and couldnt react in time.

Their final and most important supply base had ten thousand elite troops guarding it and they had arranged many layers of barricades around it. It was just so they wouldnt give that small Lampuri Kingdom squad any chance to attack.

However, they never would have thought that the Lampuri Kingdoms northern armys attack didnt come from land, but rather came from the sky!

According to the combat report, five Magic Airships had shown up yesterday afternoon in the skies above the supply base and then had thrown down countless Magic Bombs. In less than five minutes, the entire supply base was turned into a sea of flames.

Because of this sudden and fierce attack, the soldiers that were responsible for defending the base couldnt react at all.

Of course, even if they had reacted, they didnt have a way to deal with the five Magic Airships that were high in the sky.

Although the defending army had been cautious and they had left ten magicians behind, according to the reports, those ten magicians under the attacks of the five Magic Airships couldnt even fly into the air, so they werent able to attack at all.

In the end, the defending army could only watch as the five Magic Airships attacked the supply base without any worries from above while they were unable to do anything.

Moreover, the attack of the Magic Airships was just too strong. The defense army could only barely withdraw most of their troops, they didnt have any time to think about defending the precious supplies.

So the faces of all the Hungry Wolf Regiments officers became very serious.

Their most important supplies that supported this army was almost all gone and facing the pressure of the Lampuri Kingdom on the battlefield, they didnt have time to catch their breaths at all.

But to fight back, they needed a large number of supplies.

Not mentioning anything else, just the over a hundred Magic Cannons of the Hungry Wolf Regiment needed a large number of Magic Shells to support them.

Without enough supplies, the over a hundred Magic Cannons were nothing more than decorations.

After feeling this rage, commander Ted forced himself to calm down.

Since all their supplies had been destroyed, the Hungry Wolf Regiment couldnt block the attacks of the Lampuri Kingdom at all and could only retreat.

However, once they retreated here, it would be equal to giving the most important gateway of the Sack Kingdom away, allowing the Lampuri Kingdom army to invade the Sack Kingdom.

So even if they retreated, they had to have a proper plan. They needed to at least wait until the reinforcements from the White Tiger Regiment came.

Of course, if the headquarters reacted quickly and sent another wave of supplies from the kingdom, they would have a chance to fight.

Only commander Ted was very clear that this was impossible.

First, not mentioning the headquarters taking a while to approve their request for reinforcements, what was the biggest headache for them was that it would take at least a week for them to even send more supplies to the Hungry Wolf Regiment.

Thinking of this, commander Ted couldnt help cursing in his heart.

Before he took over the Hungry Wolf Regiment and defending the kingdoms southern border, he had suggested to the army headquarters that they should build a road from the Hungry Wolf Regiment to the deepest part of the kingdom. It would have made transporting supplies much easier, but it was directly rejected by the army headquarters.

The reason the army headquarters gave was that building this road would take over five hundred thousand gold coins, so instead of spending money on this, they might as well spend it on something much more worthwhile. For example, developing the Magic Cannons at the military magic machine development center.

But based on the situation now, the easier transportation brought by the road was much more important.

If the Sack Kingdom was filled with roads like the Lampuri Kingdom, as well as having countless transport Magic Cars as support, it wouldnt have mattered if the Hungry Wolf Regiments supply base was destroyed because they could easily transport supplies with the easier transport conditions, so there was no need to worry.

Commander Ted was certain that Lampuri Kingdoms northern army on the other side definitely had the supply conditions that he dreamed of.

Because the Lampuri Kingdom had roads all over and they had replaced their horse carriages with countless transport Magic Cars, so they could receive their supplies as soon as possible.

The most important thing was that they had the advantage of not being hit, which was the Magic Airship.

Thinking of this, commander Ted looked up at the top of the tent for a bit before looking down with a recovered calm.

“Send down the order, give up Antak Mountains and retreat to the base of the Norman Valley.”

All the people in the tent looked up at commander Ted in surprise.

“General, this…..are we retreating” An officer couldnt help asking.

“Thats right.” Commander Ted nodded without any expressions, “Now that the supply base has been destroyed, we already have no way of staying here to stop the enemy. It is better to retreat now instead of being smashed by the enemy in a few days, at least we can maintain our strength.”

Everyone looked at each other before giving sighs.

Although they were very unwilling, they knew in their hearts that the sir commander was completely right.

The Hungry Wolf Regiment already found it hard facing the northern army head on and now that their supplies had suffered this heavy attack, they couldnt keep staying here at all.

“Other than this…...Upton, in the combat report youre giving headquarters, you have to stress the threat of the other sides Magic Airships. If possible, I hope that the headquarters will send out a Great Magician to the frontlines.”

Everyone was surprised.

In the mind of the sir commander, the Magic Airships threat had already reached such a level that they needed to move a Great Magician to deal with it

But they thought that it seemed right.

It was proven in the fight yesterday when the supply base was destroyed, normal soldiers couldnt pose any threat to the Magic Airships that were high up in the sky.

Only magicians could fly high enough to attack them, but those magicians that werent high enough rank wouldnt be able to approach the Magic Airships under the dense attacks, so they couldnt play any roles.

The only ones that could pose a threat to the Magic Airship were the Great Magicians.

But the Sack Kingdom only had seven Great Magicians, they couldnt be dispatched that easily.

Once they really moved a Great Magician, it would mean that the Sack Kingdom was in a very dire situation.

Thinking of the suffocating powerful attack that the Lampuri Kingdoms northern army had demonstrated in the past few days, as well as the mysterious group that appeared and disappeared like ghosts, the people in the tent were all silent and they didnt question commander Ted at all.

Seeing how his companions were reacting, commander Ted gave a sigh in his heart.

When he took the Hungry Wolf Regiment from Chalon Linear, he thought that with his rich experience and overall perception, as well as the increasing strength of the Sack Kingdom over the years, he would be able to turn around the situation of the Hungry Wolf Regiment being suppressed by the northern army and bullied them at will like before.

However, now that he was in this position, he found why Chalon Linear had that helpless look in front of him before.

Not to mention the large gap in equipment between the two armies, just in terms of logistics, there was a difference of countless folds between the two sides.

The Lampuri Kingdoms northern army had the support of the Lampuri Kingdom and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce behind them, so they didnt need to worry about anything. For the Hungry Wolf Regiment to receive the same support, it depended on some people.

Of course, the most important thing was that after several years of development, the Lampuri Kingdoms national strength had reached a terrifying degree.

Based on the battlefield, he had noticed several differences.

For example, the five Magic Airships with shocking firepower and maneuverability that made people feel despair, as well as the northern armys exceptional ability to work with each other, as well as using the information that they had…...

These were things that commander Ted was confident in when it came to the Hungry Wolf Regiment, but after they started fighting, he found that the Lampuri Kingdoms northern army was stronger than he imagined and their performance wasnt like the past army at all.

This made commander Ted think of last year when he had seen a «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly» that had flowed into the Sack Kingdom.

There was a short article from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu Yi that described the military magic machines.

Putting aside the part that talked about the military magic machines themselves, what had left the deepest impression on commander Ted were the final words Xu Yi had put at the end.

“With the emergence of the military magic machines, the past method of fighting that involved soldiers, horses, bows, and swords has already become history. With the improvement and development of military magic machines, the new modern method of fighting will focus on gathering information and using strong maneuvers and firepower to seize space, making the enemy unable to fight back. With this new method of fighting, the traditional method will be unable to fight back and victory will be decided before the war even begins.”

When he had seen this before, commander Ted had given a snort of contempt. He had thought that Xu Yi was just boasting about the military magic machines his company made.

But now that he had fought with the Lampuri Kingdoms northern army for several days, commander Ted felt complicated feelings once he remembered those words.

Xu Yi wasnt wrong because with the appearance of these military magic machines, the past method of fighting with swords and bows might really be gone forever.-

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