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Captain Eiffel jumped out of the Armoured Magic Vehicle and the moment his feet touched the ground, there were two men and one woman in the Frestech Chamber of Commerces uniform that came over.

One of the young men reached his hand to captain Eiffel.

“Captain Eiffel, please give us your combat report from this time.”

Captain Eiffel pointed backwards with his thumb, “Go get it from that fellow, I have to report to the higher ups first.”

The three nodded and went past him to take the combat report from Peter. After looking through it, the woman, Peter, and Sackerman went back into the Armoured Magic Vehicle. The two men went with Robin and Mark around the Armoured Magic Vehicle to look it over.

Seeing these people getting to work, captain Eiffel shook his head. He thought that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce really was troublesome, it was a good thing that he didnt need to deal with them.

The three of them were all engineers from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. It was said that they were sent by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce so that they could change the northern arms military magic machines at any time.

The three of them were mainly responsible for the Armoured Magic Vehicles, so after every mission captain Eiffel took, he had to give them a combat report which recorded all the details of the skirmishes that they had encountered.

The most important was how the various changes during battle had affected the Armoured Magic Vehicles.

The explanation of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces side was that by collecting data on the Armoured Magic Vehicle through real combat, they could use this data to improve the Armoured Magic Vehicles.

Because of this goal, these engineers kept asking the soldiers questions about their opinion on the operation of these Armoured Magic Vehicles.

In order to obtain first hand material, these engineers went very detailed with their inquiries. These were details that the soldiers didnt know about even after thinking about them.

Captain Eiffel and his subordinates were strong men who became soldiers, how could they bother with this

However, other than captain Eiffel who could escape since he had the excuse that he had to report to his higher ups, the others couldnt escape.

Working with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was a death order from the headquarters, but the normal soldiers could only obey these orders.

Seeing a male engineer pulling Robin around and pointing at a small groove in the Armoured Magic Vehicle that had no importance while asking questions, captain Eiffel gave a laugh filled with schadenfreude as he turned to the command center at the center of the camp.

Before he took a few steps, there was a humming sound that came from above him. Captain Eiffel looked up and found five Magic Airships slowly rising out of the camp before turning into black spots as they flew to the north.

“Hei, hei, those idiots from the Sack Kingdom, theyre about to cry.”

Captain Eiffel was feeling very good as he walked to the command center.

“Report! The first special mobile squads commander Sharuk Eiffel is here to report!”

When he came in, captain Eiffel gave this salute first.

The high level commanders and various staff officers in the command center were gathered around a table with their heads down. When they heard captain Eiffel reporting in, the northern armys commander general Rudolph Tuton waved his hand at him.

“Alright, quickly come over. Eiffel, your first squad just went on a stroll in the Hungry Wolf Regiments backyard, tell me, how did it go”

Captain Eiffel looked up with a proud smile that he couldnt hide as he said in a loud voice, “Reporting to the general, we were very relaxed in their backyard, it was no different from going on a picnic!”

General Tuton gave a laugh and patted captain Eiffels shoulder before pointing at the map that was in front of him, “Tell us about your actions over the past few days.”

Captain Eiffel was filled with energy. With the careful map that was made by the airship squad, he described to everyone around the actions the first squad he led took in disrupting the back lines of the Hungry Wolf Regiment over the past two days.

Actually, for their actions over the past two days, the Magic Airships that had been responsible for scouting had already reported everything back to the headquarters.

Now what these people wanted to know were a few of the finer details.

“Eiffel, you just said…...the Hungry Wolf Regiments light cavalry chased you for two days and they couldnt catch you at all Just what happened there” General Tuton suddenly asked.

Captain Eiffel tilted his head to think after being suddenly interrupted, but then he replied, “This…..it was that they couldnt catch up. The Armoured Magic Vehicles are much faster than their horses. There were several times when we saw them chasing us and if we just ran in one direction, we wouldnt even be able to see a trace of them. With this difference in speed and the fact that their horses need to rest, while our Armoured Magic Vehicles dont, its impossible for them to catch us.”

“I believe that you can easily outrun them on flat ground, but what about in tough environments The horses ability to adapt on territory like that is greater than the Armoured Magic Vehicles, so how did you deal with them” General Tuton asked.

Captain Eiffel laughed, “General, we definitely cant run well on tough terrain, but why would we race them on tough terrain Actually we ran around them on the flat lands for several days and they couldnt catch us. Not to mention that we had the information that the branch office gave us from the airships, so we didnt suffer at all.”

“Oh” General Tuton turned to look at the other officers before giving a nod, “Very good. If its like this, it seems like we can test the new tactics that we came up before.”

“Test New tactics” Captain Eiffel was confused as he looked at general Tuton.

General Tuton turned to look at him with a smile.

“Alright, captain Eiffel, you and your subordinates have brilliantly completed this task, so now you can go back and rest. If nothing unexpected happens, you will have an even more important mission in two days, so you should prepare yourselves.”

“Yes! General!” Captain Eiffel loudly said this before leaving the command center.

Although he still cared about what general Tuton had said, since general Tuton didnt plan on telling him now, it meant that he shouldnt know about this matter right now.

After leaving the command center, he didnt go back to the barracks to sleep, but rather he went to the simple bathhouse prepared in the camp to take a bath. Then he ran off to the cafeteria to eat his fill and after he was satisfied, he went back to the barracks to lie down.

The cool breeze came from the special large Magic Fan that was placed in the corner of the barracks made captain Eiffel unable to stop himself from letting out a satisfied moan.

“How is this fighting a war, this is simply as comfortable as the picnics of the noble young masters.”

It was no wonder captain Eiffel had this kind of feeling.

As a veteran of many years in the northern army, captain Eiffel had fought against the Sack Kingdoms Hungry Wolf Regiment many times.

In the past ten years that he served, because of the Lampuri Kingdoms financial troubles, the northern armys supplies had been very tight.

Even the basic equipment was already hard enough to guarantee, not to mention the other supplies that they needed.

When fighting before, most of the northern army soldiers were hungry as they fought. The things that they ate were the cheapest steamed mantou and occasionally they would hunt some game to have a better meal.

As for vegetables They couldnt find them at all.

One, it was because they were poor and two, it was because of transportation problems.

There was no need to even think about a place to sleep. Most of the time, they were grateful to even have a simple tent, there was no need to think about a warm blanket at all.

When winter came each year, there werent enough coats for everyone in the northern army and even if there were coats, they were mostly of the lowest quality. They were coats that couldnt even perform the function of keeping the heat in.

Once winter came, there were many non-combatant personnel who had been lost to the cold.

However, since the appearance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the northern armys days had gotten better with each passing day.

With the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the northern army had gained the support of the military magic machines. It was the first time that they had suppressed the Hungry Wolf Regiment and gained the advantage on the battlefield, which made all the northern army officers dance with joy.

Then when the Lampuri Kingdoms financial situation gradually became better, as well as the magic machine industry in the Lampuri Kingdom developed, increasing the production capacity, the supplies that the northern guard received underwent a heaven shaking change.

Specifically, take the most basic food and clothes. Now the northern guards were equipped with a large amount of Magic Stoves, so they could prepare food at any place and didnt need to worry about smoke from fires exposing their positions.

Then adding in the strong transport abilities of the Lampuri Kingdom, it guaranteed that fresh food could be delivered to the northern guards, allowing them to have three meals a day that were quite nutritious.

What made captain Eiffel and most of the northern guard officers happiest was that they were able to get a bit of meat which they had never gotten before.

Since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce united the two elf tribes and several Lampuri Kingdom companies to set up the breeding farm, the Lampuri Kingdoms output for various meats had increased.

Now the normal citizens of the Lampuri Kingdom didnt even have to worry about eating meat, so they as soldiers naturally received the biggest portions.

As for clothes, the army headquarters had already taken the Armani Chamber of Commerce as their military uniform supplier.

With the Armani Chamber of Commerces ability to produce clothes, no matter how many uniforms that army headquarters needed, the Armani Chamber of Commerce could promptly supply them.

The clothes that captain Eiffel wore now, from head to toe, even his underwear all came from the Armani Chamber of Commerce.

Because he was a low ranking military officer, the quality of his clothes were better than normal soldiers. Even when he wasnt in the army, the clothes he wore were very beautiful and had very good quality.

Captain Eiffel already decided that when he retired from the army, he would take back the clothes that he received each year. It would be enough for him to not have to buy any clothes in the future and could save him quite a bit of money.

Comparing the before with the after, if it was said that the northern guards suffered daily when they had been resisting the Hungry Wolf Regiment in the Meurto Mountains before, this place was now simply like heaven for them.

Captain Eiffel thought about these changes while enjoying the cool breeze from the Magic Fan, feeling very satisfied.

After a while, he nodded off.-

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