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There was a loud explosion as flames suddenly filled the sky. One of the warehouses hidden outside the village was suddenly engulfed in flames.

Seeing that it was done, captain Eiffel went back into the Armoured Magic Vehicle and picked up the Magic Communicator to give an order, “Immediately retreat to eight oclock to the southwest. Peter will send a route to you later and youll follow this route. Boys, follow closely! This is the Sack Kingdom, if you fall behind, no one will wait for you!”

There were voices that accepted this order from the Magic Communicator before laughs rang out.

“I say, captain, we ran that fast, so even if people fall behind, those brats from the Sack Kingdom definitely wont catch them. Be assured.”

Captain Eiffel gave a cold snort, “Even warhorses can break their legs. Although the Armoured Magic Vehicles are good, can you guarantee that they wont break down”

There was a silence that came from the Magic Communicator as no response followed.

“Alright, stop wasting words, were fighting a war, not acting in a play, no one will give you a chance if something happens!” Captain Eiffel emphasized this, “Everyone in charge of damages listen to me, pay attention to the situation of your vehicle and make sure that not a single accident happens, do you understand!”



“Relax, captain!”


This time, there were actual damage reports on each Armoured Magic Vehicles that came from the Magic Communicator.

Captain Eiffel gave a satisfied nod and turned to see Peter giving him an OK signal before giving the order, “Full speed!”

The Lampuri Kingdoms first mobile units twenty five Armoured Magic Vehicles quickly gathered together and were like a mighty steel current that slid through the small road of the town, quickly leaving this place.

After around ten minutes, there was a team of light cavalry in the Hungry Wolf Regiments uniform that arrived in the town.

Seeing the fire soar into the sky and the sorry conditions, the leader of the cavalry team was shocked.

After receiving the news that their supply warehouse had been attacked, he had immediately led the light cavalry here. They only spent twenty minutes to get here which was already considered very fast.

However, based on the situation, the warehouse was already in a sea of flames and the enemies were already gone without a trace.

The leader of this light cavalry team simply didnt dare believe his eyes.

It had to be known that this supplies warehouse was one of the more important warehouses that the Hungry Wolf Regiment had prepared for the war against the Lampuri Kingdom, so they had properly protected it. The Hungry Wolf Regiment had sent an entire unit with two thousand elites to guard this place.

These were elites that were top ranked in the Hungry Wolf Regiment that were famous for their defensive abilities. Their defense had actually been broken in such a short time and the warehouse that they had to defend with their lives had been destroyed

How was that possible!

The cavalry team leader looked around and found that there were corpses wearing the Hungry Wolf Regiment uniform lying around the warehouse, but there wasnt a single person that was still alive. There was a bit of anger that filled his heart.

“Those b*stards! They actually dared to desert!”

There were two thousand people stationed here and now although there were many corpses, there were only several hundred of them added up. So where did the rest of them go

The light cavalry team leader waved his hand and had his subordinates look around, while leading several people to look at the corpses.

After finally finding a soldier that seemed to have escaped death who was unconscious, the light cavalry team leader didnt hesitate to slap his face to wake him up.

“Devils! The devils are here!”

Surprising the light cavalry team leader, when the soldier woke up, he had a look of fear and he immediately shrunk back, as if he had suffered something terrifying.

“What devils, open your dog eyes for me!” The light cavalry team leader angrily roared.

The soldier trembled and fell into a daze for a bit before slowly coming back to his senses.

“Tell me, just what happened here Enemies Which direction did they run in” Seeing that he was slowly calming down, the light cavalry team leader immediately started questioning him.

Hearing the word “enemies”, the fear on the soldiers face became deeper again.

“I…...I dont know what happened either. We…..We were guarding outside when suddenly……” The soldier pointed at the woods that were to the south of the warehouse, “There were a bunch of iron monsters that came out from there. Before we could react, the monsters shot countless fireballs and then I was knocked out by those fireballs……”

Seeing the stunned look on the soldier, the light cavalry team leader helplessly shook his head.

This pitiful fellow was already scared into being a fool, so there was nothing he could get from asking him.

But based on the clues in his words, it was clear that there were enemies that came from the south. There was no doubt that it was a special small squad that the Lampuri Kingdoms northern guards had sent to attack this warehouse.

But there were two problems that he couldnt understand.

How did the Lampuri Kingdom know where this warehouse was

How did the ambush squad pass through the various traps that had been placed on the way here and come this far to precisely attack the location of this warehouse

However, when this question appeared in the mind of the light cavalry team leader, he threw it out.

Now wasnt the time to consider this. The most important thing was that the enemies had charged in and if he couldnt find them to intercept them, their rear might suffer even more damage.

Based on the iron monster described by the soldier, the light cavalry team leader guessed that the Lampuri Kingdom had sent a special ambush squad composed of Magic Cars, so he had his subordinates carefully search for marks on the ground.

After a while, there were clear tracks to the towns south that were leading to the west that were found.

Looking in the direction these tracks were leading, the light cavalry team leaders expression couldnt help changing.

Around ten kilometers in that direction was another important supply warehouse.

If his guess was right, the Lampuri Kingdoms small ambush squad should be heading to that warehouse.

“Everyone follow me! Quickly!” The light cavalry team leader roared out as he jumped onto his horse, waving his hand at his subordinates to follow the tracks that were leading west.

After around twenty minutes, the light cavalry team leader had led his subordinates over ten kilometers away.

However, before he arrived at the warehouse, he saw flames filling the sky in the distance and thick smoke rising.

The light cavalry team leaders heart sunk.

They charged in the direction of the flames and the smoke and found that it was as he had expected. This warehouse that had been heavily guarded was currently in a sea of flames, it could be said that it was completely destroyed.

When he came close, he bumped into another group of light cavalry that came as support.

The other side also had the same look of shock as they looked at the warehouse covered in flames and smoke.

After the two sides met, the first light cavalry team leader described the situation from before to the new cavalry team leader. The two didnt say anything else as they gathered together and followed the tracks left by the enemy, chasing them in a northeast direction.

However, in the direction that they headed, what was waiting for them was another supply warehouse that was destroyed.

Not only could they not catch the enemy, with the delay in time, they found that they were getting further and further away from their enemies.

This kind of enemy that could appear like a ghost before disappearing without a trace, was without a doubt a large hidden problem.

Very soon, the Hungry Wolf Regiment that received this news reacted and quickly mobilized the rear army to increase the defenses around their supply bases. At the same time, they gathered their forces to trace the tracks left by the enemy, trying to create a dragnet to catch this enemy army that had boldly charged in.

However, the facts were even more shocking.

The Hungry Wolf Regiment sent all those men to chase and surround, but it was like the enemy could always predict their moves. They avoided the Hungry Wolf Regiments army and always escaped before they could be surrounded.

What was even worse was that after they escaped the encirclement, they didnt choose to escape, but rather continued to ambush the front and rear of the Hungry Wolf Regiment.

In just a single day, the enemy had destroyed thirteen supply warehouses and thirty seven sentry posts. It could be said that they had thrown the rear army into complete chaos.

What gave the Hungry Wolf Regiment the biggest headache was that based on the small scale battles from before, the Lampuri Kingdoms ambush squad wasnt considered big, but they had a shocking battle strength. They could easily rout a group of one to two thousand Hungry Wolf Regiment soldiers.

So even if the Hungry Wolf Regiment wanted to catch these enemies, they couldnt send enough strength to deal with them.

The Hungry Wolf Regiment was already suffering on the frontlines, so they couldnt send enough men to deal with this small squad.

Feeling helpless, the Hungry Wolf Regiment gave up their scattered supply plan from before. They reorganized all the various supply points and gathered all their supplies to the largest supply base.

The largest supply base was the core of the Hungry Wolf Regiment, so there were at least five thousand elite troops guarding it, as well as many of the military magic machines that the Sack Kingdom produced were also placed there.

With the strength of the Lampuri Kingdoms small ambush squad, they definitely couldnt attack this supply base because it was seeking their own deaths.

The following facts had proved the Hungry Wolf Regiments guesses.

After gathering all their supplies, the mysterious enemy didnt appear again.

However, the Hungry Wolf Regiment never would have thought that the mysterious enemy that was a headache for them had already silently left the Sack Kingdom, returning to the Muerto Mountains that was in the control range of the Lampuri Kingdoms northern army.-

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