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Based on the hundred years of history between the Lampuri Kingdom and the Sack Kingdom, the Lampuri Kingdom declaring war on the Sack Kingdom wasnt strange at all.

Because since the two countries had been established, the Sack Kingdom had invaded the Lampuri Kingdom again and again. Even if they didnt fully beat the Lampuri Kingdom, the Lampuri Kingdom had suffered many humiliations at their hands.

Now, the Lampuri Kingdom had developed with the magic machine industry after several years and their financial situation was much better, so their national strength had increased.

Adding in the firm support from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, their army was equipped with a large amount of military magic machines, which increased their battle strength. In the conflicts between the two countries over the past few years, the Lampuri Kingdom had always won and the situation between the two countries changed.

In this situation, the Lampuri Kingdom declaring war on the Sack Kingdom to take back the humiliation that they suffered over the past several hundred years was something that was easy to understand.

But what many people were doubtful about was whether it was the Lampuri Kingdom or the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that supported them, they reached their hands out to the Sack Kingdom and requested their cooperation. This cooperation had spread to many aspects during the last three years.

Based on the information that came from this, the Lampuri Kingdom and the Sack Kingdom had a happy cooperation and they were deepening this cooperation this entire time.

Since they had such good cooperation, why would they suddenly change their attitude

Not to mention that the Lampuri Kingdom had chosen the right timing to declare war on the Sack Kingdom. They declared war right when the Sack Kingdom had a clear advantage in their war against the Antila Kingdom, when the Polar Bear Regiment had gone deep into the Antila Kingdoms territory.

If one looked at it from a purely strategic point of view, this was a very good chance because the Sack Kingdom was completely focused on the Antila Kingdom right now. If the Lampuri Kingdom suddenly declared war at this time, it would be hard for them to deal with.

But like this, it meant that the Lampuri Kingdom was serious when they declared war, they werent just doing it simply to attack the Sack Kingdom.

The reason for this was a bit thought provoking.

Because the Antila Kingdom and the Lampuri Kingdom had been separated by the Sack Kingdom, so they had very few relations with each other and definitely couldnt be considered allies, so the Lampuri Kingdom declaring war on the Sack Kingdom clearly wasnt to support the Antila Kingdom.

But the Lampuri Kingdom had a good cooperation with the Sack Kingdom and even at the beginning of the year, Queen Seveni as the leader of the Lampuri Kingdom had publicly announced that the Lampuri Kingdom and Sack Kingdoms cooperation was going well. She hoped that they could deepen the cooperation to help develop both sides.

But now half a year later, her majesty Seveni was going against her own words

No matter how one looked at it, the Lampuri Kingdom suddenly declaring war on the Sack Kingdom was strange.

However, for people outside of the Lampuri Kingdom and the Sack Kingdom, they didnt care about the reason. What they really cared about was the result of the war.

Everyone knew that the Lampuri Kingdom was where the Frestech Chamber of Commerce started. Although because of the Lampuri Kingdoms internal strife during the middle which caused the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to leave, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces relationship with the Lampuri Kingdom has always been good.

The Lampuri Kingdoms Queen Seveni had a very close personal relationship with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu Yi, so the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had always supported the Lampuri Kingdom.

Because of this reason, the Lampuri Kingdoms army had obtained a large amount of military magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. It could be said that other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards, they were the army with the most military magic machines.

Through the two invasions of the Candra Empire on the Rudson Kingdom, everyone knew the might of the military magic machines. Even with the few military magic machines of the Rudson Kingdom army, they were able to easily rout the Candra Empire army, so the Lampuri Kingdom army with even more military magic machines should be much stronger than the Rudson Kingdom.

So before this, even if they hadnt fought yet, everyone thought that the Lampuri Kingdoms army should be very strong.

This time the Lampuri Kingdom declaring war on the Sack Kingdom will let everyone see if the Lampuri Kingdom fully armed with military magic machines would be as strong as they imagined.

Putting aside the Lampuri Kingdom, the Sack Kingdom was also something that everyone cared about.

The Sack Kingdom was the only one that had announced they could produce military magic machines other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, during the attack on the Antila Kingdom, they had displayed how strong their military magic machines were.

Like this, if the Lampuri Kingdom fought that Sack Kingdom, it would be a war between two armies armed with large amounts of military magic machines.

This was a first for the Sines Continent, so naturally it drew attention.

Everyone wanted to know if the Lampuri Kingdom army armed with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces military magic machines, or if the Sack Kingdom army armed with their own produced magic machines was stronger.

For the countries and powers of the continent, this was an evaluation of a new modern method of warfare.

And this would be officially demonstrated on the fifth day since the Lampuri Kingdom declared war on the Sack Kingdom.


“Sou, sou, sou.”

There were countless arrows and several dozen fireballs that flew overhead.

Looking up, there were several bright fireballs that flew through the night sky, looking quite powerful.

The Lampuri Kingdoms third regiment, fourth brigade, first mobile units leader, who was also the Armoured Magic Vehicle squads commander captain Eiffel looked at the dense arrows and terrifying looking fireballs that filled the sky and gave a sigh. He fell back down into the Armoured Magic Vehicle below him and closed the hatch above him.

Sackerman, who was the driver, saw him come in and pressed a button on the control panel of the Armoured Magic Vehicle.

There was a pale blue glow that came from under the Armoured Magic Vehicle and quickly spread before covering the entire vehicle.

The five people in the Armoured Magic Vehicle heard countless sounds above them, as well as the occasional explosion which made them realize that they were in an intense battlefield.

However, although the sounds rang out clearly, they were very weak. It didnt give off the same intense feeling as if they were on the battlefield themselves.

Sitting in the back of the Armoured Magic Vehicle, Peter, who was the intelligence officer, firmly sat in his seat. He suddenly took out the ear plugs in his ear and muttered, “Damn, isnt this protection Magic Array too effective I thought that my ears were going deaf, but now it seems like its not even as loud as a mosquito.”

Captain Eiffel gave a laugh and patted his shoulder before teasing, “I had heard that you were a pampered kid. What The battlefield isnt as terrifying as you thought it was”

The white faced Peter looked at captain Eiffle, “I say, captain, I wonder who it was that was wondering if the Armoured Magic Vehicle could even make it through a rain of arrows last night”

Captain Eiffel just laughed without looking embarrassed at all.

“After all, since we obtained this Armoured Magic Vehicle, weve always been training, but have never had actual combat. I had heard that the Sack Kingdom had developed some very powerful military magic machines, so it isnt strange at all to worry that our vehicle wouldnt be able to take it.”

Eiffel turned his head after saying this and looked around the space that wasnt considered too big in the Armoured Magic Vehicle. He couldnt help giving a nod with a sigh.

“Looking at it now, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces things are just too solid. Forget about not reacting at all to being hit by so many arrows, it even took two shots from the Sack Kingdoms Magic Cannon and it hasnt even made a scratch. This is just too strong, I like it.”

“Hei, captain, this isnt a matter of the Armoured Magic Vehicle, but rather that the defensive Magic Array on it is too good.” The driver Sackerman interrupted them.

“Speaking of this protection Magic Array……” Captain Eiffel looked down at the faint blue light at the bottom of the Armoured Magic Vehicle and slightly knitted his brows, “It really is strange. When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce designed this Armoured Magic Vehicle, there wasnt a problem in strengthening the protection Magic Array, so why did they add a sound cancelling effect instead Do they think that us soldiers are all as fragile as this kid Peter”

Peter immediately protested in a loud voice, but captain Eiffel waved his hand to cut him off and asked Sackerman, “Hey, how long will our energy stores last If it wont work, turn off the array for now, we dont know how long well be here for.”

Sackerman nodded and looked at a thing on the control panel that was like a sink before revealing a casual smile.

“Its only consumed a fifth of our energy stores. Even with this same powerful attack, we can still last for half an hour without a problem.”

“Idiot, were not just here to be a target, we still have other things to do with our magic stores. Watch it for me and dont use it all, understood” Captain Eiffel scolded before turning back to Peter, “Is there any news from those fellows in the sky yet”

Peter had a small control panel in front of him, but it was completely different from the driving control panel that was in front of Sackerman. This control panel only had a single plate with a faint red light on it, without any other differences.

Hearing captain Eiffels question, Peter looked down at the control panel and shook his head.

“Theres no news. I think that they havent finished their investigation and still need some time……”

Halfway through, the Magic Communicator that Peter was holding suddenly rang out and there was a flickering blue dot on the control panel in front of him, lighting up the Armoured Magic Vehicle like a star.

Peters eyes instantly lit up.

“Its here!”-

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