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The sounds of cicadas from outside the window fell onto Nielsons ears and he became more agitated.

Listening to this fat fellow talk endlessly in front of him, Nielson really wanted to splash the tea in his hand on his face.

This damn fatty!

He kept repeating that the magic machines of the other companies were easy to use and the quality wasnt that bad compared to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces, while also being several times cheaper. No matter how he looked at it, it was much more cost effective compared to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces household magic machines.

“Damn! If this damn fatty was really thinking this, he wouldnt have seen me today!” Nielsen cursed in his heart, but the smile on his face didnt change.

But now his smile was a bit stiff, it didnt seem as natural.

Of course, Viscount Wilbur who was in charge of the Aodor Duchys external affairs department didnt care about Nielsons expression. After taking about the disadvantages of the Frestech Brand household magic machines compared to the other brands, he finally stopped and took a sip of tea, wetting his throat that should be dry from speaking all that time.

Nielson took this chance to speak.

“Lord Viscount, I admit that our companys products are more expensive than the other brands, but when it comes to whether the performance of the other brands is not worse than our Frestech Brand…..I cant agree with this.”

“Oh” Viscount Wilber looked at Nielson, “Is there a difference between these things They all have the same function in the end.”

“This inexperienced damn fatty!” Nielson couldnt help cursing in his heart.

“Ke…...Of course theres a difference. Lord Viscount, take the Magic Air Conditioner that you are the most interested in. Our companys Frestech Brand is the most effective……”

Looking at the two lumps of fat on Viscount Wilburs face, Nielson quickly changed what he was going to say.

“At maximum power, it can bring the room down to the assigned temperature in just two minutes. For example, here……”

Nielson waved his left arm around to gesture at the walls of the room that they were in, which was around twenty square kilometers.

“Look, this rooms current temperature is around the same temperature as outside and its too hot for people, but if we install the Frestech Brand Magic Air Conditioner, in less than two minutes, it will be as cool as autumn.”

“Then how is it better than the other brands of Magic Air Conditioners” Viscount Wilbur asked.

“The other brand Magic Air Conditioners first would find it hard to achieve this same effect and it would have a slow cooling rate, as well as being unstable. The other brands use more power than our Frestech Brand Magic Air Conditioner. If you use the Frestech Brand Magic Air Conditioner, you would only lose 1.2 degrees of magic for an entire night, which is less than a single high concentration Magic Crystal. If you use the other brands of Magic Air Conditioners, the power use would be doubled and then doubled again. Just based on this, you can save close to one gold coin a month using our Frestech Brand Magic Air Conditioner.”

Viscount Wilbur curled his lips in disdain, “Che, its only saving less than a gold coin a month, what is there to care about. Dont forget, your Frestech Brand Magic Air Conditioner is several gold coins more expensive than the other brands, even surpassing ten gold coins. If I just take the money that comes from buying it, it would be enough for ten months. You can only use this thing for a few months each year, so ten gold coins would be enough for several years. This thing would definitely break after several years, so theres no need to worry about it.”

Nielson was surprised. He didnt think that Viscount Wilbur was this dumb, but he just didnt have the right understanding, which would make him have this idea that people thought was flawless.

Just this was different from the other countries he had sold the Frestech Brand household magic machines in.

The countries that Nielson had gone to before were close to the southwest corner and was quite near to the Lampuri Kingdom, so naturally they had some understanding of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Nielson didnt need to waste that much effort to explain.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces products were without a doubt the most popular items of the southwest corner, so no one questioned them.

But now that Nielson had come five thousand kilometers away from the Stantine Duchy, coming to this Aodor Duchy that was in the far east, he had think of his own way of selling this, so that people would know the difference between the Frestech Brand and the other brands.

Thinking of this, Nielson couldnt help secretly complaining about sir chairman.

If it wasnt for sir chairman insisting on bringing the products of the other magic machine companies to these eastern countries as well, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could have monopolized this region with their own products and wouldnt need to waste energy on selling their products.

But this fit sir chairmans style and an old person like Nielson was already used to this, so he could only complain in his heart before continuing to explain the benefits of the Frestech Brand household magic machines to Viscount Wilbur.

However, Viscount Wilbur was like oil and water, remaining unmoved even after Nielson had spoken for a while.

“Ha, Nielson…...Un…..Manager I think that your position in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is very strange.” Viscount Wilbur paused before saying with a serious look, “How about this, whether our Aodor Duchy will bring in your Frestech Chamber of Commerces household magic machines cant be decided by me alone, so I will study this for some time after heading back and consider it. What do you think”

Nielsons expression couldnt help sinking.

As a full time personnel who was in charge of promoting sales for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, how could he not hear the courtesy behind the words

Based on Viscount Wilburs performance, he had already made his decision.

But why would he waste all that spit talking all that time, it really didnt make sense.

After thinking about it, Nielson could only give a helpless nod and reveal a smile to Viscount Wilbur before reaching out his hand.

“Alright, Lord Viscount, Ill come visit you again in another two days.”

Viscount Wilbur shook his hand and began laughing.”

“Well talk later, ha, ha……”

Seeing Viscount Wilbur leave this quiet tavern, Nielsen couldnt help giving a sigh and shaking his head.

Based on Viscount Wilburs reaction, his attempt to sell the Frestech Brand household magic machines in the Aodor Duchy seemed to have been wasted.

Like this, because they didnt have the support of the Aodor Duchys government, he could only slowly sell through the citizens. He would make the people of the Aodor Duchy slowly accept the Frestech Brand magic machines.

If there was only the Frestech Brand magic machine in this region, it would be much easier.

But because of sir chairmans plan, this region not only had the Frestech Brand, but also the brands of various other companies. Everyone was working hard to take all of this new market.

Although Nielson was confident in the Frestech Brands quality, performance, and other aspects, the people of this place wasnt like the people in the southwest countries where they had reached a consensus.

So in reality, everyone was starting from the same starting line.

Even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had the advantage in terms of quality and performance, they still needed to spend a lot of effort and time.

Moreover, with Nielsons years of experience, once a region was occupied by a brand ahead of time, it would be very hard to change this matter.

“So…..sir chairman is simply too benevolent, why would he give the other magic machine companies such a good chance”

Thinking of this, Nielson couldnt help complaining again about Xu Yi in his heart.

When Xu Yi was thinking about what to do, the door of the tavern was suddenly pushed open and Nielsons assistant Mendiata came in in a hurry.

Looking around, Mendiata quickly came to Nielsons side and came to his ear to say in a low voice, “Ive asked around and Naden from the Longley Chamber of Commerce met with Viscount Wilbur yesterday and gave no less than three thousand gold coins in bribes ot Viscount Wilbur.”

Nielson couldnt help giving a cold laugh.

“Three thousand gold coins…..Its no wonder this Lord Viscount was this cold to us, humph!”

Mendiata hesitated a bit before saying in a low voice, “Manager, look…...should we also……”

“Shut up!” Nielson cut Mendiata off without any courtesy, “If your words were spread to sir chairman, do you believe that he wouldnt make you scram immediately”

Mendiata trembled before saying in an unwilling voice, “But should we just give up on this place like this”

“Nonsense, of course were not giving up, but thats not a reason to give that damn fatty any money. Since this fellow is willing to take money from the Longley Chamber of Commerce, then he will have some moral integrity and work for the Longley Chamber of Commerce. But if he goes back on his words…..do you think I would dare give him money”

Mendiata thought about it before finding it a bit reasonable and falling silent.

Nielson also fell silent and knitted his brows. He tapped his fingers on the table while thinking about what to do next.

Now that Viscount Wilbur who is in charge of the Aodor Duchys foreign affairs department is taking money from the Longley Chamber of Commerce, he would definitely support them with his full strength, which was certainly bad for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But this isnt something that they couldnt come back from. If they needed to, Nielsen could ask the headquarters for support, that way he could easily repel the Longley Chamber of Commerce or any other adversaries.

But this would go against sir chairmans plan and it was equal to Nielson admitting his own defeat, so he definitely couldnt accept this.

So what he had to do was start moving in other places of the Aodor Duchy.

While Nielsons mind was thinking of several people, the door to the tavern was opened once again.

Nielson and Mendiata were surprised as they looked in the direction of the door, finding Viscount Wilbur using his fat body to crush the door before quickly charging over.

“Man…..Manager Nielson, I…..” Viscount Wilbur was panting as he looked very anxious, like he had encountered something of the utmost importance.

“What is it, Lord Viscount” Nielson was a bit confused as he looked at Viscount Wilbur who had come back.

“I…...Ke, ke, manager Nielson, as for the matter just now, can we…...can we…..talk in another place”

Nielson and Mendiata were surprised at the same time.

Hearing Viscount Wilburs tone, could it be that something favourable had happened

But the problem was, where did this favourable turn come from-

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