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If it was said that communication on the continent only relied on shouting…..that was a bit exaggerated.

But if you put aside the use of spatial magic to communicate which could only be used by Great Magicians, magic that normal people couldnt touch at all, the communication of the Sines Continent…..was basically only shouting.

Although the Sines Continent did send letters, because of the limited transportation, the cost of letters was very high.

Specifically speaking, if you wanted to send a letter before from Anvilmar City ot the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base in the Stantine Duchy which was one thousand and three hundred kilometers away, even putting aside if there were any barriers between the two countries or if the letter could even be sent, it would cost as much as thirteen gold coins to send it.

Thats right, one gold coin per hundred kilometers, no more, no less.

For such a high price, it was not something that most normal people could afford.

This caused most people on the Sines Continent to not have any communication with people outside their living circle. Adding in the fact that it was hard to leave the place where they lived, most people would grow up and live in the same place their entire lives. Living, giving birth, and finally dying of old age, never contacting the outside world and not understanding anything about it.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had increased the traffic conditions of a large part of the continent with the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, enabling people who had never left their village before to contact the outside world, there was still a large problem when it came to communication.

Take only the Frestech Chamber of Commerces many employees, they could only head back home once a year and they werent able to communicate with people back home. To Xu Yi, this was something that was almost impossible to endure.

It was a good thing that the magic resonance technology that Akalis group was developing became more and more mature. With this technology, they would be able to construct a complete magic communication network.

After building for the last two years, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had built enough magic signal towers to completely cover the entire Stantine Duchy in the magic communication network.

As long as Xu Yi was in the Stantine Duchy, he would be able to contact any person with the Magic Communicator through the magic communication network.

Moreover, the magic communication network that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Lampuri Kingdom signed a contract over had been connected to the Stantine Duchy.

Now Xu Yi could chat about idle matters with Seveni who was one thousand and three hundred kilometers away.

Compared to when Xu Yi could only write a letter when he wanted to contact Seveni before, which would take at least five days to reach her, this was without a doubt countless times more convenient.

Of course, there were flaws with this new method of communication.

Based on a personal perspective, compared to the cell phones on earth that could contact countless people, this magic communication network could only link a few Magic Communicators and couldnt hold multiple conversations.

As for offering the other services like the communication network on earth, there was no need to think about it.

On a broader perspective, the biggest problem with the communication network was that it cost too much.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had to install over seven hundred magic communication towers in the Stantine Duchy to build the magic communication network, with quite a few of them being installed on mountains that were quite hard. The total cost was over three million gold coins.

This was only for the Stantine Duchy that had less than a tenth of the territory of the Lampuri Kingdom. To completely cover the Lampuri Kingdom, it would cost more than ten times more.

Seveni had wanted to complete this project before, but when she heard from Xu Yi that the estimated costs would be over thirty million, she immediately gave up this thought.

Xu Yi was very helpless about this.

Of course he wanted the Lampuri Kingdom, the Rudson Kingdom, even the Sack Kingdom, the Falk Kingdom, the Candra Empire, and the Marlow Empire to build a completely magic communication system. That way he would be able to solve his biggest problem when it came to communication.

But thinking about this, this wish was definitely impossible right now.

For example, the Lampuri Kingdoms finances had increased with each year under the drive of the magic machine industry. According to the data that Seveni gave Xu Yi last year, it even surpassed sixteen million gold coins, which reached a point that was considered impossible before. But it still couldnt support Seveni in spending over thirty million gold coins to build a magic communication network.

Of course, from a fair point of view, Sevenis worries werent unreasonable because the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic communication system was very limited.

The most important question was the fixed frequency of the magic signal, so it was very hard for many people to use this magic communication network at the same time.

This was also something that Xu Yi wasnt satisfied with. It was a good thing that Akalis team had made a breakthrough recently, so they could make small changes to the communication Magic Array in each Magic Communicator, giving them a different communication signal.

But compared to the cell phones from earth, it was still too inconvenient.

So adding it together, this magic communication system wasnt very cost effective for Seveni.

Seveni couldnt accept this, so there was no chance the other kingdoms would accept it.

So the Frestech Chamber of Commerce kept building more magic signal towers, but that was only to increase the range, just to push the magic communication network of the Stantine Duchy outwards.

There was a clear example of this. It was when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce worked with the Candra Empire to open the marine route between the Candra Empires harbours and the Stantine Duchys harbours.

On the surface, the magic communication network allowed the merchant ships on the sea to send out a distress signal, but this magic communication network was firmly grasped by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. It was completely their own private communication network.

The next step in Xu Yis plan was to continue expanding the magic communication network to the east on the seas, extending it to the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom before going further north.

That way, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could grasp the situation in each base and react accordingly.

With this foundation, it was more realistic for them to open branch offices.

This was without a doubt a giant project and they had also calculated the estimated cost to be in the tens of millions of gold coins.

Even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerces income each year was shocking, they didnt have a way to easily invest this much.

So Xu Yi only made a summary of his plans and found that the key aspect between them was time.

He needed time to make breakthroughs in research, he needed time to change the infrastructure, he needed time to make people of the continent accept the magic machine industry, he needed time to change the traditional views.

In short, he needed a large amount of time to accomplish each one of his goals.

After thinking this through, Xu Yi felt his body becoming much more relaxed.

It was like there was a leather whip behind him before, forcing him to always focus his mind and consider everything to accomplish his goals as soon as possible.

Now that he had thought it through that it would require a large amount of time to build this foundation, Xu Yi was no longer worried.

He decided that he would let out a sigh of relief first.


As the bright sunlight sprinkled down and pass through the leaves, they fell onto the ground and created spots of light.

Freya was jumping around in the empty space in the grove, jumping on one sun spot to another, laughing from time to time.

After Xu Yi watched her for a bit, he stretched himself out and sat up in his chair.

Seeing how happy Freya was, Xu Yi felt his entire body relaxing.

In the past week, he had given himself a vacation. He had spent every day playing with his kids at home and although he was still busy, it gave him a completely different feeling.

After being with the kids for a while, Xu Yi even felt a bit lazy, feeling that living in peace was a very good choice as well.

“Hey, Freya, come over here.” Xu Yi thought for a bit before suddenly waving his hand at Freya.

Freya turned to look at Xu Yi before running over very happily, jumping into Xu Yis arms and then pulling him up.

“Dad, come play with me.”

Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “Dont rush right now. Freya, I have something to ask you, answer me after youve thought it through.”

“Ah” Freya was surprised. Her mind quickly turned before she said with a smile, “Dad, did mom send you to ask this”

Xu Yi was surprised before revealing a smile. He reached out his hand to pinch Freyas nose before asking, “Right, it was your mom who wanted me to ask. But I also care about this very much. Tell me, have you decided what you want to do”

Freya scrunched up her little nose before replying with a snort, “How do I know what I want to do in the future Mom keeps asking me and I dont know how to answer at all, alright”

Seeing the displeased look on Freyas face, Xu Yi couldnt help laughing.

Although Freya was already seven now, she was very intelligent. She was talented in both magic and in other things, so Still had high hopes for her and was very strict with her.

This caused Freya to rebel against Still, so now it was Xu Yi who came to ask this.

“Then tell me, what do you like” Xu Yi asked.

“Like I like many things. For example magic, machines, history……” Freya counted on her fingers as she seriously answered.

But Xu Yi had to cut her off.

“Wait! Freya, listen, its impossible for one person to reach the peak in all of these, so you have to make your choice. I want to ask you now, out of the things that you like, which one do you like the most”

“The most” Freya knitted her small brows to think for a while before shaking her head, “I dont know…..Dad, mom makes me learn many things and I like every one of them, but mom says that I have to study the things she wants me to. I dont like this, can you help me talk to mom”

Xu Yi revealed a bitter smile.

This Freya, she was this smart at the age of seven, she would be something once she grew up.

When he was about to say something, Freya suddenly gave a clap and said with an excited look, “Dad, I know what I like to do the most!”

“Ah” Xu Yi asked in a surprised voice, “What do you like the most”

“I like being like you!” Freya pointed a little finger at Xu Yi, “When I grow up, Ill be the chairman!”

Xu Yi was surprised, “Why”

“Because I can make others listen to my orders!” Freya said in a dominating voice.

Xu Yi helplessly slapped his forehead.

It seems like he needed to talk to Still about Freyas education.

Based on Freyas reaction, she was normally too oppressed when it came to her studies, so she had such strong thoughts of resistance.

But after thinking about it, Xu Yis eyes lit up. He gave a laugh and pulled Freya into a hug before seriously saying to her, “Freya, listen, being the chairman is not an easy thing, first you must……”

On a summer afternoon, the woman would would be considered the most powerful woman on the entire continent many years in the future was receiving her first lesson in reaching the peak.-

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