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Although Sandicos trembling voice was small, because of how quiet it was in the room, everyone had heard this and couldnt help revealing different expressions at the same time.

Xu Yis expression was calm and he brought over the water he still hadnt drank yet.

“Calm down, explain it slowly.”

Sandico took the cup of water and drank it all before giving two coughs. Only then did he gasp for breath and hand the piece of paper in his hand to Xu Yi.

“Sir chairman, this came from the Sack Kingdom side.”

“Sack Kingdom” Xu Yi looked at Sandico with a bit of surprise. After thinking for a bit, he gave a nod and opened the piece of paper in his hand.

There were only two lines on the paper and it looked very simple, but after Xu Yi read it, he couldnt help revealing a surprised look.

“The Sack Kingdom magic research facility announced that they have developed the Magic Cannon and will be starting to mass produce Magic Cannons soon.”

It was just a few short words, but there was a rich meaning in them.

First, the Sack Kingdom developing the Magic Cannon was definitely a shocking piece of news.

The military magic machines had always been held by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce alone. Although the Lampuri Kingdom and the Rudson Kingdom had a portion of it from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, therefore they had some grasp of the military magic machines, they only had only the most preliminary military magic machines. It wasnt a problem to increase the strength of their armies, but their magic machines were far from being able to match the Frestech Chamber of Commerces.

Among the high level military magic machines grasped by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Magic Cannon was one of the more important ones. Moreover, in Xu Yis plan for developing military magic machines, the Magic Cannons were an important part.

Now that the Sack Kingdom had actually developed it, it meant that they would break the Frestech Chamber of Commerces monopoly on the military magic machines.

This was without a doubt a large blow to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but it was also inspiring news for the other countries.

Because the Sack Kingdom had developed the Magic Cannon, which meant that the other countries had hope of developing it and they wouldnt be restricted by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Moreover, expanding on this news……Since they could develop the Magic Cannon without the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, did that mean they could also develop the other military magic machines by themselves

Thinking about it, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces military magic machines didnt fall from space and they had developed it.

Since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could develop it, didnt that mean that others could develop them as well

For the people that wanted to enter the military magic machine industry, this was the greatest boost to their confidence.

It was also a boost of confidence for those that wanted to develop household magic machines.

It could be imagined what kind of powerful impact the Sack Kingdom announcing this news would have.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce would without a doubt also be affected.

After Xu Yi was surprised, he thought about it and then revealed a relaxed smile. He casually gave the piece of paper to Ozil before having him pass it to the others in the room after he finished reading it.

After reading this paper, everyone in the room fell into silence, but they all had serious looks on their faces.

As middle class managers of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, naturally they were clear on the serious effect this would have on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was developing this quickly. The reason why they had this special status was because of their magic machines, especially their monopoly on military magic machines. It forced many people into cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces monopoly had suffered a large blow and they wouldnt have the same powerful monopoly as before, there were many people that would start treating the Frestech Chamber of Commerce differently.

The impact of this couldnt be described with just a few words.

“Sir chairman……” Ozil said before after opening his mouth, he found that he didnt know what to say.

The other people in the conference room looked at Xu Yi with the same serious expression, but no one could react in this short period of time, so they all looked at Xu Yi, waiting for him to speak.

Xu Yi looked over at everyone and said with a smile, “What Why are you looking at me Is there something on my face”

Everyone blankly looked at each other before Sandico asked in a voice where he didnt know whether to laugh or cry, “Sir chairman, this…..What time is it now and youre still in the mood to joke”

“Yes, sir chairman.” Ozil couldnt help saying, “This matter…..You need to quickly think of a way to deal with it.”

Xu Yi gave a relaxed shrug, “What deal with it Why do you all have serious expressions for Is this matter very serious”

Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

One could easily tell how important this matter was, so how could sir chairman not see it

But how could sir chairman react like this Could it be that he really felt it wasnt serious

How could that be possible!

“Sir chairman……”

Xu Yi raised his hand to cut off Sandico.

“This matter is not in the range of what were discussing today, dont waste time.” He turned to Ozil after saying this, “As for establishing the new product distribution center, you should prepare yourselves. I want an initial plan within a month from you all and submit the plan for the new product distribution center to me. Within the year, I want the new product distribution center to start operations and for it to be used next year, do you understand”

Ozil and Sandico looked at each other before giving nods.

“Yes, sir chairman.”

“Then, well leave it like this.” Xu Yi gave a nod before patting Sandicos shoulder, “Sandico, after the new product distribution center is built, Frestech City will be affected, so you as the City Lord should be prepared. Ill give you a suggestion, contact the New Moon Chamber of Commerce more, I feel that the New Moon Chamber of Commerces plan will help Frestech Citys development.”

“New Moon Chamber of Commerce” Sandico looked at Xu Yi with a bit of hesitation.

“Dont hesitate. Although Still is my wife, the New Moon Chamber of Commerce is the New Moon Chamber of Commerce and Still is Still. Im giving you this suggestion because the New Moon Chamber of Commerces new plan is very promising. It can let Frestech City obtain a new method of development.”

“Un, I understand.” Sandico gave a nod, “Ill go to the New Moon Chamber of Commerce.”

“Alright, lets end todays meeting here. As for what I just told you, you should take the time to study it.”

After saying this, Xu Yi gave a wave of his hand and left the conference room.

After talking a few steps out, Xu Yis Magic Communicator rang.

Xu Yi wasnt surprised at all and instantly picked up.

“Hey, is this Kennard”

Kennards voice from the Magic Communicator was a bit surprised.

“Sir chairman, how did you know it was me”

“Nonsense, I already received the news, so how could you as the CEO not receive it If you didnt come looking for me after receiving this news, theres no need for you to be the CEO.”

“Ha……” Kennard gave an exhausted laugh, “Sir chairman, the Sack Kingdoms matter…..what…..do you think”

“What do I think” Xu Yi gave a laugh, “Would you believe it if I said that I was very happy”

There was a bit of silence from the Magic Communicator before Kennards helpless sigh came out.

“Sir chairman, Ive always known about your ideal which is to spread the magic machine industry across the continent, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of magic machines, but……that doesnt include the military magic machines. Moreover, you should know how important this is for our company. If we lose the advantage in terms of military magic machines, our company will be seriously affected. It might even hurt us in the household magic machine department that is important to you.”

“It isnt as serious as you think. Actually, the Sack Kingdom helped us with a big favour because they can stimulate more people to invest in the magic machine industry, so Im very happy.” Xu Yi said.

“But, sir chairman……”

“Kennard, based on the angle of our company, I dont think that this is a bad thing.” Xu Yi patiently continued to explain to Kennard, “For many people, they only know good and bad.”

“For example, in terms of household magic machines, before there were any other companies, although our companys magic machines were very popular, there were many people who knew how outstanding our companys magic machines were. When there were other magic machine companies that appeared and there were more brands, when people compared the, they realized that the Frestech Brand was much better than the other brands and this increased the sales of our company.”

“That is correct, but the household magic machines are different from military magic machines……” Kennards voice was still a bit worried.

Xu Yi gave a laugh, “Kennard, I know about your worries, but relax, this isnt that different.”

“Sir chairman, you…..”

“Just believe me. Give me two days to handle this and Ill give you an explanation.”

“This……Sir chairman, I dont need an explanation, but…..Im just a bit worried. Since you are prepared, then I can be assured.”


After hanging up on Kennard, Xu Yi paused for a bit before opening the Magic Communicator again to press a few buttons.

“Hello, is this sir chairman” After a while, Evitas voice came from the Magic Communicator.

“Its me. Evita, Ill be coming to the main base in a bit, bring Teresa to your office, I want to see her.”

There was silence from the other side before Evita took a deep breath.

“Sir chairman, could it be……”

“Yes, its time.”


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