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An hour later, the ten giant ships quickly came through the sea to the northwest.

Hogan counted carefully and found that there were a total of thirteen ships before letting out a sigh of relief.

Although he had received the news along the way that there was no major problem, when he saw that all thirteen ships were safe, he could truly feel assured.

Seeing the fleet coming into the harbour, Stasom Harbour began to start working.

When the first large transport Magic Ship docked on the harbour, Narvil walked down from the deck. When he saw Hogan and Dicardo, he gave both of them big hugs.

“Narvil, you did great!” Hogan slapped Narvils shoulder as he praised, “When you go back, sir chairman will definitely prepare a special reward for you.”

Narvil gave a laugh, “The reward isnt important, being able to complete the task from sir chairman is already very good. Then again, were already two months late, its already good if sir chairman doesnt punish me. Theres no need to mention a reward at all.”

“The situation on the seas is complicated and it isnt strange that you couldnt follow the plan, sir chairman will understand this.” Dicardo on the side said with a smile, “But Narvil, what is with these people”

Narvil looked in the direction Dicardo was pointing in, seeing the people in strange and clearly different clothes walking down from the deck of the large transport Magic Ship.

“Oh, these people are the representatives from the countries along the way. They heard that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce was sending a fleet to explore the northern seas and wanted to come to have a look. I thought of sir chairmans instructions before heading off and agreed.”

“Oh What do you mean by they can represent their countries” Hogan asked in a curious voice.

“Although they cant completely represent it, its around the same.” Narvil said, “Sir chairman wanted me to establish relationships with the countries that we passed along the way, so I followed his instructions. The two months that we were delayed by was mainly because of this.”

“Its like this……” Hogan and Dicardo looked at each other and gave a nod, thinking that this reason was reasonable.

Anyway, the fleet had arrived safely, so Narvil had perfectly completed his task.

Now it was up to Hogan and Dicardo to take charge.

“Un…..Then lets do this first. Narvil, Its been hard on you and the fleet, so Dicardo and I have already prepared some dwellings in Stasom City. You can go rest first, we just need a few of you to stay here and help with moving the cargo.” Hogan said.

This was the plan that they had before, but who knew that when Narvil heard this, he revealed an awkward look. He gave an awkward smile before hesitantly saying, “This…..This…..Hogan, I wont hide it, but the ship basically doesnt have any of our companys cargo on it at all right now……”

Hogan and Dicardo were surprised.

“Nothing Why”

“Because……Because we sold it all along the way…..so there really is nothing left right now……”

“Sold it all”

Hogan and Dicardo looked at Narvil with wide eyes filled with disbelief.

“How could you sell it all” Dicardo kept asking before suddenly having an idea. He pointed at the people from the other countries that came off the ship and were curiously looking around, “It was sold to those countries”

“Un…..” Narvil gave an honest nod, “When we met a country on the way, we followed sir chairmans instructions to go ashore to make contact. Although there were two that we couldnt contact, the remaining five all welcomed us. The magic machine that we brought were very welcomed by the people of those countries, so they were very easily sold. Actually, if we didnt control the amount that we sold, we might have sold everything in the first country…..”

Hogan and Dicardo looked at each other in blank dismay.

This fleet had two large transport Magic Ships, which had a shipping capacity of over ten thousand tons. There were over a hundred thousand units of various magic machines loaded in it.

These goods had been prepared for the large market in the northern Marlow Empire, but they had been easily sold along the way which was really a bit surprising.

But they couldnt say that Narvil made a mistake because making contact with those countries and opening those markets were the instructions that sir chairman gave. With Narvil doing this, the people of those five countries will know the existence of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and magic machines, creating demand there which was equal to opening the domestic markets in those five countries.

Compared to this, the Marlow Empire had already been influenced by the magic machines and the market didnt need to be opened. Rather it was more important to open up the countries along the way.

It seemed like Narvil had done very well with his mission this time.

Even if he took a bit longer, after sir chairman learned of this, he would definitely be very satisfied.

Of course, this created a large problem for Hogan and Dicardo.

“Dicardo, quickly contact the communications office and have them assemble a large amount of household magic machines from Marquis Southgates territory to transport over here. We have already reached an agreement with City Lord Hughes that we would provide them with some magic machines once the fleet arrives. Now that the fleet doesnt have any cargo, we cant break our promise with him or this would affect the reputation of our company.” Hogan immediately made a decision as he spoke to Dicardo.

“Alright, Ill go now.” Dicardo didnt waste any words and immediately turned to leave.

Seeing the serious looks on their faces, Narvil awkwardly said, “Hogan, Ive caused trouble for you.”

“Its nothing, naturally sir chairmans instructions take priority. But…..” Hogan knitted his brows, “Narvil, why didnt you tell me about this ahead of time Its not like we lost contact along the way.”

Narvil gave a cough as the apologetic look on his face became deeper, “To be honest, I really didnt put Stasom City in my eyes at all…..”

Hogan could only helplessly roll his eyes, “Youre causing trouble for me and you arent even putting me in your eyes”

Narvil wanted to apologize again, but Hogan waved his hand to stop him.

“Alright, I dont mind, but you cant rest now. Its best if you come and see City Lord Hughes with me and explain the situation to him. Stasom Harbour is the most important harbour for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce in the northern Marlow Empire, so its important to have a good relationship with City Lord Hughes.”

“Alright, Ill listen to you.”

Although Narvil had been the Frestech Chamber of Commerces fleet manager for many years, he was normally on the seas and was in charge of transporting things, so normally he had little contact with the people of other countries. He naturally couldnt compare to Hogan in taking care of this.

It was a good thing that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasnt a small company like before. As the company developed, they gained more talented people, otherwise they wouldnt have developed this smoothly.

Since there was no need to unload any cargo, it was easy to handle things once the fleet arrived.

After Hogan had his subordinates take care of the sailors, he brought Narvil and the representatives of the various countries to Stasom City. Stasom Citys City Lord Count Hughes personally came to welcome them and brought them to a banquet.

At the banquet, Hogan apologized for the cargo of the fleet already being sold and stated that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would make up for this from somewhere else.

Although Count Hughes was a bit disappointed, he still understood.

Actually, compared to the arrival of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces fleet, what he cared more about were the representatives from the various countries.

So after the banquet, the news of the representatives from these countries and the Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport fleet arriving in Stasom City quickly left the city and headed south.

The fastest among them were the Magic Sedans that came from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, taking only two days to travel two thousand kilometers to Marquis Southgates territory.

As soon as the news arrived, the magic machine industry production base on Marquis Southgates territory started working at full force.

A large amount of household magic machines were made in the factories of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other magic machine companies, quickly being loaded into large transport Magic Cars and being sent to the north.

This news arrived a day later in the Lampuri Kingdom and then passed through the Lampuri Kingdoms magic communication network, being sent to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces headquarters in the Stantine Duchy in just a single minute.

After another day, three hundred large transport Magic Cars with over a thousand units of various household magic machines headed in the direction of the Marlow Empire.

At the same time, various factories in the Lampuri Kingdom and the Black Rice Wasteland were operating at full force. They made household magic machines one by one before sending them all off to the Marlow Empire.

If one looked at the Sines Continent from above, they would see all the large transport Magic Cars coming out of the southern countries, heading across the roads like ants. All of them were gathering in the Marlow Empire.

If one calculated it, they would find that after the news was sent from Stasom City, in just five days, there were over a hundred thousand units of various household magic machines entering the Marlow Empire.

And every day after that, there was the same number of household magic machines being sent.

Such terrifying mobilization of goods, this was the first time it had appeared in the history of the Sines Continent.

At this time, when the news from Count Hughes in Stasom City spread, there was still a horse carriage that was heading south.

If everything went smoothly and nothing stopped it along the way, it would reach the Marlow Empires capital of Angelo City and deliver the documents to the related documents in twenty days.-

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