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After lunch, a delegate from the Rudson Kingdom secretly arrived in the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base.

After being received, their representative, who was the speaker of the Rudson Kingdom parliament, Duke Boris and two vice leaders came as guests to Xu Yis private manor.

“Chairman Xu, this is my first time in the Stantine Duchy. Along the way, it really seemed like the rumours couldnt compare and it was far more shocking than I had imagined.” Duke Boris praised with a smile as soon as he sat down.

Xu Yi looked at the smiling Duke Boris who was very polite and found it a bit funny.

When he went to the Rudson Kingdom before, he had met this noble and aloof Lord Duke twice before, but in those two times, this Duke Boris never looked at him with a good look.

Now he not only took the initiative to lead a delegation to the Stantine Duchy, he even tried to flatter Xu Yi like this, it really was a clear difference.

The reason for this change was his goal in coming here this time.

Although the Rudson Kingdom had pushed back the Candra Empire, making the other countries of the continent hold them in high esteem, that didnt mean that the Rudson Kingdom could compete with the Candra Empire.

Although the Candra Empire had been careful and didnt launch a third invasion, they had fortified the troops that were on the border with the Candra Empire and firmly closed it. They had blocked the Rudson Kingdom from accessing any channels into their territory.

At the same time, the Candra Empire had officially listed the Rudson Kingdom as an enemy nation, asking the other countries of the continent to also blockade the Rudson Kingdom.

Because of the threat of the Candra Empire, other than those countries that were close to the Marlow Empire and supported them, all the countries near the Rudson Kingdom had agreed to this.

Even the Lampuri Kingdom who had a good relationship with the Candra Empire before, who had also secretly helped the Rudson Kingdom fight back the Candra Empire didnt oppose this.

Of course, this was mainly because the Lampuri Kingdom and the Candra Empire had signed trade agreements. The Candra Empire had listed the Lampuri Kingdom as an allied nation, so naturally the Lampuri Kingdom couldnt be as close to the Rudson Kingdom as before.

Because the countries that supported the Marlow Empire and opposed the Candra Empire were at least a thousand kilometers away, the Rudson Kingdom could be considered isolated.

The only exception was the Stantine Duchy.

The Stantine Duchy had never given a formal response to the blockade of the Rudson Kingdom that the Candra Empire had proposed, so they continued trading with the Rudson Kingdom like before, not caring about the warning and the threats of the Candra Empire.

Now that the Rudson Kingdom had come, naturally they were hoping to get some assistance from the Stantine Duchy to help deal with the blockade of the Candra Empire.

This was why the specifications of this delegation were so high. The leader was the parliament speaker Duke Boris and he was very polite after meeting Xu Yi.

“The Lord Dukes praise are too much.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “I wonder, how has the Rudson Kingdom been recently”

Hearing this question, the expressions of Duke Boris and the two vice leaders beside him became very ugly.

Duke Boris gave a dry laugh before shaking his head, “It isnt that good. Chairman Xu, I think that you should be clear on the situation. Because of the Candra Empires blockade, our kingdom has been seriously impacted. In the past few months, there has been no exports of our products and many merchants in the city have gone bankrupt, with many of them even killing themselves.”

“Yes……” One of the vice leaders on the side, who was the one of the leaders of the Rudson Kingdoms department of commerce, Count Gandal gave a deep sigh, “The kingdoms business taxes have dropped by at least 60%. If this continues, it would be hard to imagine this years business taxes. The plans that were scheduled for next year will be stopped which will be bad for our kingdom.”

“It isnt just the business tax, its also affecting the livelihoods of people. Although after getting the agricultural magic machines and the fertilizer, the kingdoms grain yield has increased and theres no need to worry about a famine, other than this, the kingdom is lacking other goods that we need because its being blocked.”

The other vice leader was the Rudson Kingdoms department of civil welfares chief Count Anke, so naturally what he cared about was different from the rest.

“Right now, the most important problem is medicine. Most of our Rudson Kingdoms medicine was imported from other countries, but now that there is the blockade, there are many essential medicines that we cant buy. It isnt enough to rely just on the medicine inside the kingdom and……”

After saying this, Count Anke looked depressed as tears appeared in his eyes.

“There was a flood in the kingdoms southeast last month which caused serious damage and even a plague. When we left the kingdom, there were already two hundred people who died from the plague. If we dont take care of this medicine problem soon, there will be more and more people dying…..”

Duke Boris and Count Gandal both had the same heavy expressions, confirming that what Count Anke was saying wasnt false.

Xu Yi was a bit surprised.

Although he knew that the Rudson Kingdom would be heavily affected by the Candra Empires blockade, he never thought it would be this serious, which was a bit surprising to him.

“Chairman Xu……”

Duke Boris was about to say something, but Xu Yi raised his hand to cut him off.

“I will arrange some companies to transport some medicine to your country, this is to help the people in your country who are affected by the plague.”

The three of them were surprised before being filled with joy.

Count Anke excitedly took Xu Yis hand, “Really Thats great! Chairman Xu, if there is enough medicine, we can save many more people.”

Xu Yi secretly gave a sigh. He thought that whether these three were acting or not, the plague that they mentioned couldnt be fake because this matter wasnt easy to hide. As long as Xu Yi wanted to ask about it, he could easily find out.

In the face of this serious disaster, it was clear that saving people was more important. The other problems could be put on the side.

The other thing that made him sigh was that although the Rudson Kingdom could push back the Candra Empire, their national strength was just too lacking compared to the Candra Empire. Now that the Candra Empire was targeting them and after they were blockaded, it was even a problem maintaining the livelihood of its citizens.

“This……Chairman Xu……The kingdom has some issues with the funds, so the money to buy this medicine……Ke, can we not pay immediately But please be assured, we will use……” Count Dangal awkwardly said this.

Xu Yi shook his head, “I said that it is aid for the people of your country, it is free to begin with, you dont need to pay anything. Other than this, I will transport some other daily necessities and you can arrange for these people to get some.”

The three looked at each other before Duke Boris gave a nod and said with a serious voice, “Chairman Xu, the aid from your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, our Rudson Kingdom will forever remember this. We……”

Xu Yi raised his hand again and cut him off.

“Lord Duke, the two of you, I need to make one thing clear. This free aid is in my name alone and is unrelated to our Fresteech Chamber of Commerce, I hope you understand that.”

The three were stunned before revealing somewhat ugly looks.

Free aid from Xu Yi alone and free aid from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had very different meanings.

When Xu Yi offered his help without any hesitation, they thought that they had easily accomplished their goals.

But with a single sentence from Xu Yi, they understood that their task was still very hard.

Thinking of this, Duke Boris took a deep breath before calming himself. After giving a nod to Count Dangal and Count Anke, he turned back to Xu Yi and said with a serious look, “Chairman Xu, we came all this way from the kingdom to discuss an important matter with your company.”

Duke Boris intentionally emphasized “your company” which made his meaning clear.

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “Please speak.”

Seeing that Xu Yi was willing to discuss with them, Duke Boris group let out a sigh.

“Chairman Xu, first, I represent our Rudson Kingdom to express our sincere gratitude for your free aid.”

“That isnt anything, this is what a normal person would do.”

Duke Boris gave a nod before continuing, “But chairman Xu, you should understand the current situation of our kingdom. What I want to say is that although your free aid can solve this temporary problem, theres no way to solve all our problems.”

“Of course, I am limited in the end since I am only one person.”

“But your Frestech Chamber of Commerce isnt just one person.” Duke Boris looked straight at Xu Yi and said this in a deep voice.

“So your Rudson Kingdom wants our Frestech Chamber of Commerces help” Xu Yi revealed a smile, “Lord Duke, you must be joking. We are after all only a company, what we do depends on whether we can benefit from it or not. We can help your Rudson Kingdom, but that depends on the conditions you put forth.”

Duke Boris took a deep look at Xu Yi before taking a document out of his bag and putting it in front of Xu Yi.

“Chairman Xu, this is the contract that his majesty has personally signed. As long as you agree, we can sign it immediately.”

Seeing that Count Dangal and Count Anke on the side looked at the contract on the table with tense looks, Xu YI knew that the conditions in this contract werent small.

Of course, to move the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to ignore the threat of the Candra Empire to help the Rudson Kingdom, how could it be possible without giving conditions that were good enough-

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