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While Xu Yi and chairman Cruise were talking, the Lampuri Kingdom merchants in the caravan behind them werent idle.

Actually, it was the Lampuri Kingdoms government that wanted to find a business opportunity in the Candra Empire, so they came several times during this period of time.

For the Lampuri Kingdom, the southwest province that contacted the Lampuri Kingdom first would be most familiar for these companies.

Among the companies, most of them brought a large amount of Lampuri Kingdom products to sell here.

Other than the Candra Empire not having any household magic machines, many of them hadnt even heard of the other materials made from the magic machine industry.

For example, the low cost clothing made by the Armani Chamber of Commerce, it wasnt just Hafra who thought of transporting them to the Candra Empire.

In the capital of the southwest province Canberra City, clothing from the Lampuri Kingdom was already what the normal citizens loved the most.

In this suburb, if one looked carefully, they would find that most people were wearing clothes from the Armani Chamber of Commerce.

Of course, these clothes werent cheap. Although the cotton was worse than silk in name, it was very soft to the touch and very comfortable. It wasnt worse than the clothes that cost several hundred gold coins a piece that the nobles and large merchants wore.

The more important thing was that although these clothes were cheap, they had very good style. It didnt look cheap at all when people wore them, so naturally they were very popular.

Especially those girls that loved to be pretty. They couldnt wear any expensive clothing before, but now there was pretty clothing that was also cheap, how could they let them off

Before coming here, Xu Yi had gotten the general gist from the Armani Chamber of Commerce.

It was said that the Armani Chamber of Commerce had earned over two hundred thousand gold coins in less than three months selling these cheap clothes to the Candra Empire.

That was before they completely opened up the Candra Empires market. If they could sell these cheap clothes all over the Candra Empire, it wouldnt be a problem to multiply their profits by ten.

It was because of this that the Armani Chamber of Commerce had sent a representative to come with Xu Yi.

If they could reach an agreement, the Armani Chamber of Commerce would invest in a clothing factory in the southwest province of the Candra Empire, focused on making cheap clothes.

Not only would they be able to avoid most of the tariffs, they could also save on transport costs which would greatly increase their income.

Of course, most of the company representatives that came with Xu Yi this time had this thought. Even Delil who represented the Night Song Chamber of Commerce had this thought.

As an elf, Delil being among this caravan that was filled with merchants was very conspicuous.

Moreover, she didnt avoid this at all. After the caravan stopped, she even talked to the various customers that were walking around the market in Canberra City, like she didnt see those people looking at her in surprise at all.

After the cargo that some of these merchants had brought was unloaded, Delil came back to Xu Yis side with a thick book and an excited look.

She was holding a plastic basin and water canteen in her hand. Seeing the doubtful look from Xu Yi, she raised the two things with a proud look.

“These are the products of our Night Song Chamber of Commerce.”

“Nonsense, of course I know that these are produced by your Night Song Chamber of Commerce. Other than your company, who else can make plastic products” Xu Yi snappily said, “I want to ask, why did you bring back these two things after walking around Could it be that you dont have enough of what you produced”

“I was just researching the market. I asked quite a few people and they said that these plastic items are easy to use and dont rust, its much better than the iron things that they currently use. But they also raised a few small problems which I jotted down. Ill go back and think about how to improve it.”

“Oh Delil, not bad, you actually learned to do market research and know how to improve your product. Very good, if you keep this attitude, your Night Song Chamber of Commerce will definitely become bigger.” Xu Yi couldnt help praising her.

Delil gave a giggle, “Many thanks for chairman Xus praise, we will definitely work hard.” After saying this, she waved the plastic items in her hand, “Our tribe being able to have better living conditions now is all dependent on this thing, so if we dont make them better, it wont work.”

Xu Yi gave a laugh. He thought that compared to the Night Song Tribe, the Moon Shadow Tribes shortcoming was that they werent willing to give up the stubbornness of the elves and listen to his suggestions.

If the Moon Shadow Tribe could also have this attitude, their current development would be much better than the Night Song Tribe.

When he wanted to say a few things to Delil, there was a horse carriage that came out of the distant Canberra City gate and stopped where the caravan was.

The door opened and a young man who looked to be around thirty years old jumped out.

He looked around before seeing chairman Cruise beside Xu Yi and walking over.

“Viscount Tuler, you came to welcome us” Before he came over, chairman Cruise waved his hand to welcome him.

This young man called Viscount Tuler revealed a friendly smile and nodded in response before his eyes turned to Xu Yi standing beside chairman Cruise.

“If Im correct, this should be the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu, right”

Xu Yi reached out his hand with a faint smile, “Hello, Viscount Tuler, I am Xu Yi.”

Viscount Tuler reached out to take Xu Yis hand, “Chairman Xue, youve come this far, its been hard on you.” He turned back to chairman Cruise after saying this, “Where are you other representatives from your Lampuri Kingdom”

“Theyre already all here. Viscount Tuler, are we going to see the Lord Governor” Chairman Cruise asked.

“Since youre all here, lets not waste any time and come with me to see the Lord Governor.” Viscount Tuler gave a nod.

Their group came together and they took their Magic Sedans into Canberra City.

Viscount Tuler had come out in a horse carriage, but when they went back in, he said that he would come along as a guide, so he entered the Magic Sedan Xu Yi and Chairman Cruise were sitting in.

When the Magic Sedan drove through the streets of Canberra City, Viscount Tuler couldnt help patting the seat under him before saying with a sigh, “When I was in Wimbledon City, I was lucky enough to ride in the Magic Sedan that Count Merlot bought. I felt that the Magic Sedan really was better than the old horse carriages. Its a pity that theres no place to sell Magic Sedans in Canberra City and it isnt convenient to bring one over from Wimbledon City.”

Xu Yi and chairman Cruise looked at each other with smiles before Xu Yi said, “If the Lord Governor agrees, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is willing to open a Magic Sedan shop in Canberra City. If Viscount Turel is interested, you can buy it directly from the shop.”

“Really” Viscount Turel turned to look at Xu Yi before giving a nod with a faint smile, “If it really is like this, that would naturally be very good. But according to what I know, would having just a single shop be enough The Magic Cars need to be maintained which is also very important. Chairman Xu, does your Frestech Chamber of Commerce have a plan for this”

“That will all depend on the discussion with the Lord Governor.” Xu Yi said.

Viscount Turel gave an oh sound before he stopped asking.

After around ten minutes, the Magic Sedan group arrived at the Governor Manor to the north of Canberra City.

As the location of the southwest governors manor, Canberra City was as big as the Lampuri Kingdoms Anvilmar City. Based on this Governor Manor, it was even bigger than the Lampuri Kingdom royal palace.

Just based on this, it showed that the Candra Empire was worthy of being one of the two empires. Their overall strength far surpassed a small country like the Lampuri Kingdom.

The southwest governor Duke Megudo wouldnt lower his status to personally greet some merchants from the Lampuri Kingdom. Even when this group was summoned by Duke Megudo, only Xu Yi, chairman Cruise, and Count Andy Cole who was the chief of the Lampuri Kingdoms department of commerce were allowed in.

But since this cooperation wasnt just the cooperation between the Lampuri Kingdom and the Candra Empire, also including the cooperation between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and his highness Frank, Duke Megudo was considered quite polite. He personally held a banquet in the Governor Manor and invited Xu Yis group of three.

The banquet passed and after lunch, the three of them had a short conversation with Duke Megudo.

During this conversation, Duke Megudo made clear his stance.

He represented the Candra Empires southwest province to welcome the Lampuri Kingdoms various companies to invest in factories. He expressed that the southwest provinces Governor Manor would support them and guarantee that their investments would go smoothly.

Of course, there were conditions.

There was no problem with the Lampuri Kingdoms companies investing in the Candra Empire, but they had to follow the laws of the Candra Empire.

To put it directly, it was to honestly pay taxes and not think of avoiding them at all.

Chairman Cruise didnt have a problem with this at all. He represented the Lampuri Kingdom companies to vow that they would follow this and do all they could to help develop the southwest province…..

In general, the atmosphere of their conversation was relaxed and happy because before this, the Candra Empire and the Lampuri Kingdom had already discussed this many times to reach an agreement.

The Lampuri Kingdom companies only came this time to give a more detailed inspection.

The only exception was Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce he represented.-

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