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As the Moon Shadow Tribes core product, the fertilizer that could increase grain yield was naturally welcomed by the surrounding countries.

As for the fertilizer factories under the Moon Shadow Tribe, what they worried about was never their sales, but their production capacity.

When the harvest came every year, all the countries turned their eyes to the Moon Shadow Tribes fertilizer. They all struggled to get a bit more to increase their own countrys grain yield.

But this year, among the countries fighting for it, there was the giant Marlow Empire that had appeared.

Although the Marlow Empire had only come into contact with the fertilizer last year during their fall harvest, with the data they received from their spring harvest, the nobles of the Marlow Empire immediately had a deep desire for this new thing.

Now that it was about to enter the important fall harvest, the countries in the southwest led by the Lampuri Kingdom other than taking care of their harvests were also preparing to get some more fertilizer from the Moon Shadow Tribe.

The Marlow Empire wouldnt give up this chance either. Some nobles of the Marlow Empire, being represented by Marquis Southgate, made a shocking order for thirty thousand tons of fertilizer to the Moon Shadow Tribes factory.

This giant order was equal to all the orders of the Lampuri Kingdom.

Even if the Moon Shadow Tribe had been prepared this year, they could only at most receive orders for a hundred thousand tons. So as for how to assign this quota was a difficult problem for these elves.

It was a good thing that the elves had always been stubborn. Elder Lisanya used the excuse that it was already promised to prioritize the supply of fertilizer for the Lampuri Kingdom and the Stantine Duchy.

As for the other countries, it had dropped compared to previous years.

For the Marlow Empire, they only got ten thousand tons in the end, forcefully taking some of the orders from the other countries.

The countries other than the Lampuri Kingdom and the Stantine Duchy werent happy, but because the Moon Shadow Tribe were the only ones that had the fertilizer, there was nothing they could do.

Of course, remaining like this also wasnt good. So after Xu Yi brought the two sides together, several nobles signed a raw materials supply contract with the Moon Shadow Tribe. They would plant the materials needed to make fertilizer on the territory of these nobles, which would greatly increase their raw material supply.

At the same time, the Moon Shadow Tribe had built another three fertilizer factories in the Lampuri Kingdom and the Stantine Duchy.

According to their estimates, once those three factories could start producing next year, the Moon Shadow Tribes fertilizer production capacity would double. It would be enough to satisfy the needs of the surrounding countries, while also providing some supplies for other buyers.

But according to Xu Yis estimates, this was still far from enough.

Not counting anything else, just the Marlow Empire alone would have a giant demand for the fertilizer.

With the Marlow Empires territory that was even bigger than the southwest countries added together, they would obviously have a bigger demand for fertilizer.

The Moon Shadow Tribe could barely meet the demands of the surrounding countries, so they wouldnt be able to meet the demands of the Marlow Empire.

Not to mention the Candra Empire who would also need a large amount of fertilizer in the future, as well as the other countries on the continent.

With the Moon Shadow Tribes current production capacity, the future demand for fertilizer was like a bottomless hole.

But Xu Yi didnt have a solution for this problem.

Although the Moon Shadow Tribe was the biggest out of the three elf tribes he contacted, they only had less than four thousand members.

Even if a fertilizer factory was completely filled with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces automated production magic machines, it would still need over five hundred workers.

With all the elves of the Moon Shadow Tribe counted in, they would only be able to support six fertilizer factories at most. Their max production capacity would be five hundred thousand tons of fertilizer a year, which was far from being enough.

Of course, it wasnt right to say that there was no way to solve this at all.

But that was the key to the problem. Elder Lisanya insisted that the factory had to be controlled by the Moon Shadow Tribes elves, she wouldnt allow any outsiders at all.

Xu Yi had suggested to elder Lisanya that they could recruit some human workers which would free up some elves from the Moon Shadow Tribe, letting them be put in manager positions while also increasing production capacity. However, she had rejected this.

Elder Lisanya was very firm at the time, so Xu Yi couldnt keep convincing her and just left it.

But Xu Yi believed that as the Moon Shadow Tribe faced more and more demand for fertilizer, elder Lisanya will sooner or later compromise on this matter.

In the end, in front of large benefits, even the most stubborn elves would be moved in the end.

A very typical example was the Night Song Tribe.

Perhaps it was because they met Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce earlier, or because elder Illusia was an elf that was more understanding than the other elves. Or perhaps it was because the Night Song Tribe didnt have the same population as the Moon Shadow Tribe and they were facing a very serious problem towards their survival, so elder Illusia couldnt stick to her principles like others could……

In short, when the Night Song Tribe met similar bottlenecks, elder Illusia didnt hesitate to accept Xi Yis previous suggestion of working with humans.

The main business of the Night Song Tribe was always related to plastics.

In the beginning, the Night Song Tribe had been working from a small factory that was in the Falling Rain Forest. Their first order other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was two hundred hanging racks for a normal clothing store, which was an order for less than ten gold coins.

Then after the plastic products became more popular, the Night Song Tribe had more and more orders for plastic products at their factory.

Very soon, elder Illusia found that they couldnt match this demand with just the manpower in the Night Song Tribe, so she decided to accept Xu Yis suggestion. She set up a Night Song Chamber of Commerce in the Lampuri Kingdom for the elves and then started recruiting humans to work in factories of the Night Song Tribe.

Although the Night Song Chamber of Commerce was affected by the unstable situation in the Lampuri Kingdom before, it is developing quite strongly now.

To this date, the Night Song Tribe had seven factories in the Lampuri Kingdom alone and other than the most important positions such as management or finances being held by elves of the Night Song Tribe, the other workers were all humans.

In the Rudson Kingdom and the Drake Duchy, the Night Song Tribe had also invested and constructed three plastic processing factories respectively.

Even the plastic processing factory in the Drake Duchy, elder Illusia only sent a single elf to take care of the finances and the rest were all handled by the human workers.

With this bold strategy, although there were human workers that tried to cheat them, in general, the industry under the Night Song Tribe was developing quickly.

With the various plastic processing factories the Night Song Tribe had, they were earning a net income of over two million gold coins a year which even surpassed the net income of the Moon Shadow Tribe.

Other than hiring some human workers, the first female elf that elder Illusia had follow Xu Yi to learn human business, Delil had already integrated herself into the human business circle. She could even take care of some businesses by herself.

For example, when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was invited by the Candra Empires Prince Frank to set up a Magic Car factory in the Candra Empire, he had stopped the other Lampuri Kingdom companies from investing as well. Before Xu Yi had mentioned this to Delil, she had come to find him.

“Chairman Xu, the Candra Empire market is very important to our Night Song Tribe. If possible, I hope that we can go with you to the Candra Empire to invest in a plastic processing factory in the Candra Empire.” Delil directly said to Xu Yi in a sincere tone.

“Its good that you have this idea, but……” Xu Yi reached out a finger to tap Delils forehead, “If an elf like you suddenly appears in front of the Candra Empire people, dont you think that would be too much The people of the Candra Empire arent like the people in the surrounding country who are already used to the elves.”

“That isnt a problem.” Delil said with a faint smile, “Chairman Xu, you always wanted us elves to boldly appear in front of humans, which would make it easier for humans to accept us. I think that since the people of the surrounding country have already accepted us, the Candra Empires people will also accept us.”

Seeing the confident smile on Delils face, Xu Yi couldnt help giving a nod of praise.

“Alright, since youre this confident, I can bring you with me. But as for how you will convince the Candra Empires people to accept you and agree to let your Night Song Tribe invest in a factory, that will be up to you.”

“Alright, that isnt a problem at all.”

Seeing the confident Delil, Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

It seems like each elf of the tribe was influenced by the elder. The Moon Shadow Tribe had also followed Xu Yi for quite some time, but not a single one of them had learned the confident mentality like Delil that Xu Yi thought was the most important.

Otherwise, the Moon Shadow Tribe has a greater population and they have the stronger product in the fertilizer, so they would have developed much further than the Night Song Tribe already.-

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