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Magic Industry Empire Volume 6 Chapter 83 - Betrothal gift

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“If this is the reason, you have even less to worry about.” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile as he took a document from his chest.

Elder Lisanya was confused when she took it, but after reading it with elder Illusia, they were both shocked.

“Chairman Xu, are you serious” Elder Lisanya looked up and asked Xu Yi in a surprised voice, “Youre actually willing to transfer a portion of the military magic machine technology to us”

“Of course Im serious.” Xu Yi nodded, “Look, this transfer agreement already has my signature on it. As long as you sign it, this contract will become official. Elder Lisanya, elder Illusia, look over this contract and if you can accept it, how about you sign it”

Elder Illusia and elder Lisanya were in a bit of disbelief as they picked up this «Military magic machine transfer agreement» and seriously read over it.

After half an hour, they finally finished reading it.

After thinking for a bit, elder Lisanya cleared her throat to ask, “Chairman Xu, you only stated that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would give us some military magic machines, but you didnt state a price. Im afraid…..this isnt right, right”

“Its because the price I want you to pay isnt suited for being added to a contract.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. In front of the confused looks of the two elders, he walked out of the tree house and pulled Agnes who was holding the child beside the moon well in.

“Elder Illusia, according to our human customs, when we get a wife, we have to give some property to the wifes family as a betrothal gift. After Agnes married me, Ive never thought of this, which was my mistake. Now I want to use the thing in this contract as the betrothal gift, what do you think”

Elder Illusia looked at Xu Yi in surprise before looking at Agnes and finally looking down at the contract in her hand. She took a soft breath and let out a sigh, “Chairman Xu, your human customs really make people feel uncomfortable. But…..Alright. Agnes is already married to you, she shares life and death with you, being together for all times. Since youre willing to do this for her, Ill accept.”

“Many thanks for the elders support.” Xu Yi gave a serious bow to elder Lisanya.

“Chairman Xu, could it be that you only want to work with the Night Song Tribe” Elder Lisanya asked in a deep voice on the side.

Xu Yi revealed a smile and turned to give elder Lisanya a bow before saying in a serious voice, “Elder Lisanya, after being with Tvisti for some time now, I already have strong feelings for her. I want to be with her forever, so Im asking you to allow me to be with her for the rest of our lives.”

Hearing Xu Yis words, the three elves in the room were stunned.

Elder Lisanya was surprised for a bit before asking in a voice filled with disbelief, “Chairman Xu, you mean……you mean that you want to marry Tvisti”

“I want this very much.” Xu Yi said with a nod.

“This……” Elder Lisanya had a rare bit of panic before calming down, looking very happy.

She had put Tvisti by Xu Yis side just for this to begin with.

“Alright, I agree.”

Elder Lisanya was very direct, not like the elves that normally stalled. Seeing that Xu Yis request matched her intent, she immediately agreed.

“So this contract is also your betrothal gift for Tvisti” Elder Lisanya waved her hand over the military magic machine transfer document.


Elder Lisanya looked at the surprised Agnes and couldnt help giving a laugh. Then she shook her head and said with a sigh, “Chairman Xu, you really are willing to pay for Agnes.”

Xu Yi immediately said with a serious look, “I just said it, Agnes is my wife and she has my child, so they are my dear family members. For them, it doesnt matter how much I have to pay. As for Tvisti, I am sincere towards her, there is no other reason.”

“Is that so” Elder Lisanya looked at Xu Yi with a gaze of deep meaning, but she didnt say anything else.

Elder Illusia was silent for a bit before pulling Agnes aside. It was clear that she wanted to talk to Agnes about something.

There was only Xu Yi and elder Lisanya left in the room. Elder Lisanya gave a laugh and reached out to tap the contract, as a red flow fell onto the signature line which represented her signature.

“Chairman Xu, for you to give us elves these powerful military magic machines, arent you worried that other humans will think you have betrayed them” Elder Lisanya suddenly asked.

“In the history of humans, weve slaughtered each other more than weve slaughtered other races. Even now, the countries of the Sines Continent still wage war against each other. So for me, there are no differences between humans and other races. What makes my decision is my relationship with them.” Xu Yi said.

“Then if we clash with other humans in the future or even go to war, whose side will you stand on” Elder Lisanya kept asking.

“If I said that I will stand on the just side, would you believe it” Xu Yi asked.

“Even if I do, would you believe it” Elder Lisanya sharply asked back.

Xu Yi was silent for a bit before revealing a smile and giving a shrug, “Lets talk about when the time comes. Speaking of conflicts between elves and humans, elder Lisanya, have there been any moves from the Sack Kingdom”

“Yes, just last month. The Sack Kingdoms Spirit Turtle Regiment tried to invade this land, but they were repelled in the end.”

“Oh Did they make any special moves” Xu Yi kept asking.

“There were no special moves, but there was something to note.” Elder Lisanya had Xu Yi wait a bit before searching around a cabinet in this room and taking out some pieces of paper for Xu Yi.

Xu Yi took it and found that there were a few blueprints which looked quite familiar.

“Dont you think this is very familiar”

“Is this the military magic machine the Sack Kingdom developed” Xu Yi flipped through the blueprints in his hands and gave a cold laugh, “Hei, the outside looks similar, I just dont know if the inside is similar or not.”

“According to the clansmen who fought with the Spirit Turtle Regiment, although the Sack Kingdoms military magic machines couldnt compare to those from your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they were at least stronger than traditional weapons. They were at least half as strong as the military magic machines produced by your Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“Only half” Xu Yi stroked his chin before curling his lips in disdain, “Ive deliberately given them so much secret information and they can only develop these broken things, they really are disappointing.”

“I say……Chairman Xu, Ive never understood. Youve clearly noticed that the Sack Kingdom has put a spy in your company and you can avoid this situation, so why are you not doing this and giving them this technology You might as well give this precious technology to us instead.” Elder Lisanya had a trace of sadness in her voice.

“I was counting on the Sack Kingdom to use all their national strength to study this after getting them, developing some new things that even our Frestech Chamber of Commerce couldnt develop. But looking at it now…..they really are too lacking.”

“Isnt that certain” Elder Lisanya had a surprised look, “Chairman Xu, you told me many times that to create a complete industrial system, there are many complicated things. To promote the development of technology, one needs a solid base and cant develop things out of thin air. But now the Sack Kingdom is studying new technology that even your Frestech Chamber of Commerce hasnt developed with this base, this is just too far fetched.”

Xu Yi said with a bitter smile, “This is my delusion over the years because I felt that the magic machine industry was a new thing, so I dont know what kind of magic existed. I was hoping that other people could have innovations that we couldnt have. However, the facts prove now…..that having basic knowledge is the most important thing…..”

“Then what are you going to do now Continue placing hope in the Sack Kingdom”

“No need.” Xu Yi shook his head, “My ideas are different from before, depending on others isnt reliable and its also a way of being lazy. The most reliable thing is to move forward step by step. So…..Elder Lisanya, I will send out five hundred company guards when I go back to help you expel the Sack Kingdoms Spirit Turtle Regiment.”

“Thats great.” Elder Lisanya revealed a happy smile, “This Spirit Turtle Regiment has been here the entire time and has affected our tribes planting too much, while indirectly affecting our fertilizer production speed. I already wanted to chase them away.”

“Un, if you took the fertilizer out as a threat against them, I think that Sack Kingdom would obediently pull back the Spirit Turtle Regiment.” Xu Yi said.

“I dont want to do this. The fertilizer is only the product of our Moon Shadow Tribe, its not something to be used to threaten people.” Elder Lisanya shook her head.

Xu Yi couldnt help rolling his eyes. He thought that many times, fertilizer is a very important product for people, so it is even more threatening than an army.

Of course, the premise was that you were strong enough to defend it.-

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