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Elder Illusia looked at Xu Yi with a smile, a smile that was even more friendly compared to before.

“Agnes is waiting for you, come and see her.”


Xu Yi replied. He didnt exchange any further greetings with the two elders and following a Moon Shadow Tribes elven girl, he entered a large tree house.

Inside the room, Agnes who had her eyes closed suddenly perked up. She heard the footsteps and her eyes opened wide as she stared at the door with an expectant look.

When she saw Xu Yi come in, Agnes jumped out of the bed and threw herself into Xu Yis embrace.

“Sir chairman, youre finally here to see me!”

Xu Yi rolled his eyes, “I wanted to see you sooner, but elder Lisanya and elder Illusia never let me.”

Agnes gave a giggle, “Dont blame the elders, they just wanted me to safely give birth to the child.

When Agnes mentioned the child, Xu Yi looked around and found that there was no one else here.

“Wheres the child”

“The elder said that the childs situation isnt stable, so they put it in the moon well for observation over the past few days.” Agnes replied.

“Not stable What happened” Xu Yi was a bit surprised and a bit worried.

This was his and Agnes first child, it had a very great significance, so if something happened, the consequences would be very serious.

Seeing that Xu Yi looked nervous, Agnes happily shook her head, “Its nothing, its nothing big, its just that the elders view this as important and are treating him carefully.”

“Him Its a boy” Xu Yi keenly picked up on this.

“Un, its a very beautiful boy who looks very much like you.” Agnes said with a smile.

“How could he be beautiful if hes like me, hell only be beautiful if hes like you.” Xu Yi gave a laugh.

Actually, after he had received notice from elder Lisanya a week ago that his and Agnes child had been born, he still couldnt believe it even now.

Although Agnes had been gone for a year and a half and he could guess from the situation that Agnes was pregnant with his child, he still felt very strange after he learned that Agnes had given birth.

According to what elder Lisanya and elder Illusia said, this was the first time that a marriage between an elf and a human has been acknowledged by both sides, especially by the elves.

It was because the other side was Xu Yi.

“Lets go see the child together.” Xu Yi suggested.

“Alright, but lets tell the elders first.”

Agnes pulled Xu Yi out to find elder Lisanya and elder Illusia again. The four of them went into the depth of the tribe, where the moon well was located right in the center.

This moon well had water with a sprinkling of starlight in it and there was a small basin that was floating on it.

In the basin, there was a baby who looked no different from a human baby with its eyes shut and happily sleeping there.

“This is our child Why arent there any elven characteristics” Xu Yi asked in a curious voice.

Elder Lisanya and elder Illusia looked at each other with helpless looks.

“Theres no other way, the characteristics of you humans are too obvious. According to the records of our race, as long as other races come together with humans, the child will always be more like humans. Our elf race isnt that different from humans, so half elves born from being together with humans will naturally look like humans more.”

“Of course, there are some differences.” Elder Illusia raised her hand and a breeze came, blowing the basin over to where they were.

When it came over, elder Illusia picked up the baby and brought it in front of Xu Yi.

“Look, his ears and eyes have the clear characteristics of the elves. If you look carefully, you can see the difference it has from humans.”

Xu Yi looked carefully and found that the ears of the baby were sharper than human ears. Although it wasnt as sharp as the elven years, it was still very different from normal humans.

Also his eyes were very bright and the pupils werent black like Xu Yis, but rather they were light blue which people couldnt help praising as beautiful.

Of course, the most significant difference was that his pupil wasnt round like normal humans, but rather it was oval shaped with lines around it, which was completely different from what a human would have.

Xu Yi turned to seriously look at Agnes, elder Illusia, and elder Lisanya, noticing that their pupils were just as flat.

It seemed like what elder Lisanya said just now wasnt wrong at all.

Compared to the other races, the genes of humans were a bit stronger.

When coming together with humans, the genes of the other races would fuse bit by bit before disappearing.

“Perhaps this is the reason why the Sines Continent was ruled by humans in the end” Xu Yi guessed in his heart.

“Ge, ge.”

The baby who was sleeping suddenly opened his eyes, but he didnt cry. Rather he looked at Xu Yi with big eyes and gave a happy laugh as he reached his little hand out to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi couldnt help being happy as he reached out to hug it.

“It seems like he knows who his father is.”

“The children of us elves are very sensitive to our environments, they can easily feel the familiar aura from the people around them. Perhaps he inherited this and can recognize the similar aura coming from you.” Elder Lisanya said.

“Oh That really is good.”

Xu Yi played with the child a bit before giving him back to Agnes and turning to elder Illusia and elder Lisanya.

The two elders looked at each other before giving a nod for Xu Yi to follow them.

The three came to a tree house beside the moon well and there werent any other elves that followed them.

“Chairman Xu, I think that you should already know the arrangement for this child, right” After the three sat down, elder Lisanya spoke first.

“I do, but…..I dont agree with this.” Xu Yi said in a deep voice.

“Why” Elder Lisanya said in a surprised voice.

“Because he is my child, of course he should live with me. If I leave him to grow up in your elf tribe, wouldnt I be too irresponsible as his father”

“That doesnt matter.” Elder Illusia said, “Although the child will grow up in our tribe, he wont be that far from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. You can come see him whenever you want, I dont think that will affect anything.”

“I said it before, he is my child, so he will be with me. Also, Agnes is my wife, so she will also be staying with me.”

Xu Yi paused before continuing, “When you told me that Agnes body needed to recuperate, I didnt understand the biology of elves, so I handed her to you. But I never thought that I wouldnt be able to meet her in a year and a half. Im very dissatisfied with this, so no matter what, I wont hand this child to you.”

Seeing the serious look on Xu Yis face, elder Illusia and elder Lisanya couldnt help knitting their brows.

They had known Xu Yi for quite a bit of time and had met him quite a bit, of course they knew that Xu Yi rarely revealed such an expression. Once he did, it meant that he had made a decision and he wouldnt change it.

After a bit of thought, elder Lisanya said in a deep voice, “Chairman Xu, I think that you should be clear that our arrangement is beneficial for both our sides, so why are you being this stubborn”

“Its beneficial for our sides, but it isnt good for the child or Agnes, so I cant accept this.” Xu Yi had the same calm look, “Elder Lisanya and elder Illusia, of course I understand that the reason for this arrangement is to strengthen the relationship between us humans and the elves, to deepen the cooperation between our two sides, right”

“Thats right. This child is the first step in us elves integrating with your humans, so its very important to us.” Elder Lisanya said with a serious look.

“But that doesnt mean he needs to be kept in your elf tribe, right” Xu Yi asked, “Actually……Elder Lisanya, you dont have trust in your elves and have even less trust in us humans. Have you not noticed that after several years of being together, at least your two elf tribes have integrated quite smoothly into our human society”

Elder Lisanya and elder Illusia looked at each other. After a bit of silent thought, they gave nods.

“Un, I must admit that at least in the Stantine Duchy, the Lampuri Kingdom, the Rudson Kingdom, and the surrounding countries, humans and elves are already quite close and there arent many barriers.”

“Then do you know why” Xu Yi asked.

“Why Its because they are used to it.”

“That is a part of the reason, but it isnt the most important reason.” Xu Yi turned to elder Illusia, “Elder Illusia, do you remember what I told you in the beginning I said that we humans are a race that care about benefits the most. As long as the other side can bring us benefits, it doesnt matter what race the other side is at all.”

“Un, you have indeed said this.” Elder Illusia gave a nod.

“Look, you are perfectly representing this right now. The human countries in the surrounding area can exist peacefully with your two elf tribes mainly because you can bring them benefits. To put it more simply, the most direct method is with fertilizer. Elder Lisanya, just with the fertilizer, your Moon Shadow Tribe can firmly stand in our human world.”

Elder Lisanya was silent for a bit before giving an un sound.

“Chairman Xu is correct. With the fertilizer, we can even make contact with further human countries like the Marlow Empire and the Candra Empire. When we were discussing the fertilizer, the humans didnt look at us differently because we were elves.”

When she said this, elder Lisanya looked at Xu Yi and revealed a self-deprecating smile.

“So when we were discussing business with those sly human merchants, we suffered quite a bit……”

“That is related to me.” Xu Yi spread his hands, “In short, my meaning is that as long as you elves can demonstrate your value, you dont need to worry about integrating with humans. Even if you dont have the fertilizer, with the plastic industry of the Night Song Tribe and the forestry industry that you worked together with the Amrit Chamber of Commerce one before, as well as the beautification industry you worked with the New Moon Chamber of Commerce on, and…..With these unique things, you dont need to depend on a child to maintain relations with the humans.”

The two elders were silent for a bit before elder Illusia said with a sigh, “Chairman Xu, do you still not understand what we mean The reason we need this child is purely because we want to maintain a good relationship with you.”-

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