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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 90

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Student aid fund

“Vivian, this kid doesnt seem like hes been bothering you for just a day or two now, does he” Watching Enriques group of three running off, Xu Yi asked Vivian this with a frown.

He was at Baron Rickto Magic Academy Today, other than teaching a theoretical basics of magic machines class, he was here for another important matter.

Who would have thought that after he finished class and was walking across campus, he would see Vivian talking to three boys about something in the distance.

At first Xu Yi thought that the three of them were Vivians classmates, feeling happy that Vivian had made friends in this short period of time and even guessed that perhaps they were Vivians admirers. But after a while, he suddenly saw one of the boys grabbing Vivian and pulling her to the school gates.

Even if Vivian didnt call out for help, whether it was her expression or her action, they all showed signs of resistance.

How could Xu Yi endure this He had lived with Vivian for several months and he had already treated Vivian as a family member. Without saying anything else, he threw a fireball at Enrique, not giving them any chance to argue back at all.

But Enrique being the Falcao Chamber of Commerces chairman Fuller Morgans son, this was something that Xu Yi didnt expect.

Because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had joined the Business Union and the Falcao Chamber of Commerce and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce were in their honeymoon phase, Xu Yis relationship with Morgan Fuller right now wasnt bad. If chairman Morgan knew that Xu Yi had taught his son a lesson, although he wouldnt blame him, their relationship would become a bit awkward.

“Un.” Hearing Xu Yis question, Vivian responded while lowering her head.

“Then why didnt you tell me sooner” Xu Yi took Vivians arm that had been grabbed by Enrique and found that there was a bruise on it. It could be seen how hard Enrique had been gripping just now, “What if I wasnt here one day and that kid really did something to you”

Vivian lowered her head even further and after a while, she muttered, “I…..I was afraid of worrying master.”

Xu Yi gave a sigh and rubbed her head, “Idiot, if something really happened to you, it would be too late for me to worry. Next time this kind of thing happens, you must tell me, understand”

Vivian gave a slight nod and gave an un sound.

Xu Yi suddenly revealed a smile, “Then again, Vivian, you really have made progress.”

“Ah” Vivian looked up at Xu Yi in a confused manner.

“You were actually afraid of worrying me, that means that youre already treating me as a family member and know I will worry. Not bad, not bad. It seems like letting you come to school was right. Its only been two months and youve progressed quite a bit.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

Seeing the smile on Xu Yis face, the shock and fear in Vivians heart completely scattered. She revealed a sweet smile to Xu Yi and there was a faint blush on her face.

“How about this Since this happened today, you can go ask for a day off from your teacher and not go to class today. Go home and rest first. Ill find some time to come back tonight and we can go out to eat. What do you think”

What Xu Yi didnt expect was that Vivian would actually shake her head to this suggestion.

“No, Im fine. I still…...want to stay at school for a bit. Being able to learn a bit more is good.” Vivian looked at Xu Yi with an expectant gaze as she said this.

“Oh Youre that interested in studying” Xu Yi said in an emotional voice. After thinking about it, he agreed to Vivians request.

After that Enrique learned his name, he wouldnt have the guts to cause trouble for Vivian anymore.

If there really was no choice, Xu Yi could ask Director Shearer to take care of Vivian. After all, the Baron Rickto Magic Academy took all that money from Xu Yi, he should at least receive some preferential treatment.

After asking Vivian a few questions about how her studies were going, Vivian mentioned that her drawing class would start soon and said goodbye to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi went to the school administration office to meet Director Shearer.

Other than coming here to hold a lecture on theoretical basics of magic machines, Xu Yi had come to Baron Rickto Magic Academy for another important reason. He would sign another contract with the Baron Rickto Magic Academy.

During the lecture on theoretical basics of magic machines, Orin and some other students of the Baron Rickto Magic Academy had secretly told Xu Yi that they were very interested in studying magic machines. After they graduated from school, they wanted to join the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to study magic machines.

Naturally Xu Yi extended a warm welcome to them. The reason why he spent such a large amount of money to hold a lesson on theoretical basics of magic machines at the Baron Rickto Magic Academy was just to attract the attention of the students, hoping to guide them into studying magic machines.

Although Xu Yi had a deep mechanical engineering knowledge from earth, studying magic machines was still a new topic for him.

The theory in this aspect was impossible to compile based on him alone, he needed a large number of magicians to participate. The more people he could gather, the faster he could complete the theory on magic machines and the better it would be.

Although more than ten students had expressed their interest right now, Xu Yi felt that was still too little. After thinking about it, he directly had a talk with Director Shearer of the Baron Rickto Magic Academy and decided to create a student aid fund under the Frestech Chamber of Commerces name.

There were two kinds of student aid funds. One was for children from poor families in the school. As long as they handed in their applications and after everything was checked, they could receive financial aid from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, helping them pay their school fees and expenses.

The other kind was for the magic department. This fund had more money than the other fund, but the requirements were also higher.

The students that obtained the second kind of fund would have their entire education paid for by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Not only would that include all their school fees and their not low living expenses, it also included extra financial support that would allow these students to obtain better conditions to conduct magical research.

Accordingly, the students that received the second fund would have to work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce after they graduated and the lowest contract period was three years.

As for what the students wanted to do after the three years, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldnt limit them in any way.

After hearing that Xu Yi wanted to establish these student funds, Director Shearer was overjoyed and worried.

He was happy because if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce really did provide the funds for these grants, that meant that many students that couldnt keep studying because of family circumstances could keep studying because of this financial aid.

Whether it was to those children or the Baron Rickto Magic Academy, this was a good thing.

As for his worries, he was worried that the students of the Baron Rickto Magic Academy would increase their good feelings for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Especially magic department students who received the second kind of grant. No matter what they wanted, they had to work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for three years after they graduated. This was indirectly equal to the Baron Rickto Magic Academy training magicians for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Director Shearer was an old fashioned magician. He always thought that the most important thing for magicians was raising their own magic power, working hard to become strong.

As for magic application, especially those magic machines of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, that was just an evil path. It was not worthy of becoming the true path for magicians.

If it wasnt for the fact that he couldnt reject the money offered, he wouldnt have even let Xu Yi do his lesson on theoretical basics of magic machines.

Director Shearers anxiety was in the end repelled by a few words from Xu Yi.

“This student aid fund is voluntary application. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce will not force any students to accept it nor will we allow the school to force them to accept it. It will be no different from before, rather we can give the students a right to choose. Not to mention that if the students dont even have the funds to support their studies, even if they dont take our student aid funds, they wont be able to become magicians in the end. You think that compared to this, which result is better for the children”

Director Shearer was convinced by Xu Yis facts, so he talked to the other school administrators and finally facilitated a contract between Xu Yi and the Baron Rickto Magic Academy.

Xu Yi came today to sign the contract.

The discussions had already been settled a long time ago. After Xu Yi met with Director Shearer, he also met with the school principal and then they represented the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Baron Rickto Magic Academy to sign this contract.

There were no surprises during this entire process. The only thing that wasnt harmonious was the bitter smile Director Shearer revealed in the end when he saw the contract being signed.

“Chairman Xu, if our school had enough funding, I definitely wouldnt let these children walk on this path.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Director Shearer, perhaps you think that studying magic machines is an evil path and the wrong way, but I believe that not long after, you will find that combining magic and machines, letting magic help people and change their lives is the proper way. When that time comes, the students that come from this school and studied magic machines in our Frestech Chamber of Commerce will definitely create more value that will far surpass that of you traditional magicians.”

Director Shearer looked at Xu Yi before giving a sigh, “I hope it is like this.”-

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