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Xu Yi squatted down until he was at eye level with the little girl in front of him.

“Hey, Lumi, are you in a rush”

The halfling girl Lumi who was like a little human girl pouted her cheeks a bit, looking very cute.

“Of course I am! I want to find my clansmen as soon as possible!”

Xu Yi revealed a smile. He thought that even if they undertook this trip and found the new continent, it wouldnt mean that she would find them because the sailing technology in the past was too crude. The entire halfling race that escaped the Sines Continent might already be buried in the bottom of the endless seas.

Of course, it was impossible for Xu Yi to say this.

“Dont rush because this thing cant be rushed.” Xu Yi shook his head, “In terms of sea voyages, I think that with our companys current technology, we can support a trip of several thousand up to ten thousand kilometers without problem, right”

Lumi fell silent and lowered her head before shaking her head in a dejected manner.

Since she joined the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, she had always been working in the shipyard, so her knowledge of the shipping technology was better than Xu Yis.

Of course she knew that with the current technology of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, although they could support a fleet for transport, even traveling large distances of several thousand kilometers to the Marlow Empire, it was very hard for them to support an exploration journey into the deep seas.

The difference was that their current voyages were only offshore voyages, but exploring for a new continent meant entering the deep seas and truly exploring the depths of the deep seas.

If something happened, the offshore voyage ships could return to the continent for help and the deep sea exploration couldnt return to the shore. Once something happened, everyone might just die.

This was why Xu Yi dared to let Narvils group open a new route, but he wasnt willing to let Lumi conduct a deep sea exploration.

Seeing the disappointed look on Lumis face, Xu Yi said with a smile, “Lumi, actually, if its just exploring for the new continent, there is no need for the Magic Ships to explore the open seas. Theres still another method to achieve this goal.”

“There is” Lumi looked at Xu Yi in surprise.

“Of course.” Xu Yi pointed at the sky, “Compared to sailing the unpredictable seas, dont you think that its more reliable to fly in the sky”

Lumi was surprised, “Sir chairman, could it be that you want to use the Magic Airships to explore But cant the Magic Airships only fly for at most a thousand kilometers How could it fly to a new continent”

“That is only now.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “The Magic Airships could only fly for at most three hundred kilometers when they were first developed and they couldnt fly faster than fifty kilometers an hour, but now they can fly for over a thousand kilometers and surpass a speed of one hundred and twenty kilometers an hour. With this development speed, I think that itll reach a level that youll find hard to imagine soon.”

“But its impossible for it to fly over ten thousand kilometers……” Lumi still didnt believe it.

Xu Yi revealed a smile. He thought of those commercial jumbo jets on earth that could fly over ten thousand kilometers.

If they were refueled in the air, they could fly even further.

Of course, this required them having a base where they could resupply.

Xu Yi looked at the sea. He thought that if this place was like earth and they could build countless bases for refueling on the endless seas, not to mention flying ten thousand kilometers, they could theoretically reach every part of this planet.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was already starting to work on this.

Because the Sack Kingdom blocked the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base by the sea before, Xu Yi had strengthened their defenses and began deploying troops on each island in the sea area of the Stantine Duchy.

After several years, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had control of the sea up to five hundred kilometers away from the Stantine Duchy.

If the Magic Airship took off from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base, they could find any of these islands in this five hundred kilometers range and resupply, allowing it to set off with a full tank.

And if they spread their area of control on the endless seas, it would mean that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could control over a thousand kilometers into the endless seas, controlling the small and large islands that Evita had found on the Magic Airships before.

There were even traces of humans on these larger islands.

As long as they controlled these islands, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would naturally be able to penetrate into the deep seas.

If they extended out a bit further, it wouldnt be impossible for them to control the entire seas.

At that time, it wouldnt be hard at all for them to explore the new continent.

“Sir chairman, sir chairman You just mentioned the Magic Airship and I suddenly thought of something.” Lumis voice suddenly cut through Xu Yis thoughts.

“Un What is it”

“Actually, our clan was involved with designing the Magic Battleship for the elves back then and I forgot I left the blueprint in the Azshara Tribe. If youre interested, I can go back and get it. I think that after chief Evita sees this blueprint, it will definitely help her with her research with the Magic Airship.” Lumi said.

Seeing Lumis excited look, Xu Yi narrowed his eyes and couldnt help laughing.

Although Lumi looked no different from a little human girl, she was a halfling that had lived several hundred years, so she definitely wasnt a little girl who knew nothing.

She never mentioned that she had the blueprint for the Magic Battleship, but now she had suddenly mentioned it was probably because he had told her that the Magic Airship could be used to explore the new continent. She felt that there was hope in finding her clansman that she did this.

Otherwise, she might have hidden this forever.

“This Lumi, just how many things is she hiding” Xu Yi couldnt help thinking.

But thinking about it, Xu Yi felt that it wasnt that important.

If it was said that he was interested in the invincible Magic Battleships of the elves before, now with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces development speed when it came to magic machines, he didnt need to feel awed by these magic machines of several thousand years ago.

The halfling race was known for designing the invincible Magic Battleships of the elves, but they cost a lot, so they werent practical.

Moreover, it was said that the main use of the Magic Battleships was their powerful attacks.

If Xu Yis guesses were right, it should be a powerful Magic Array that was placed on the Magic Battleship. Then relying on the powerful magic of the elves, it released a might that was invincible.

This was something that was completely different from the direction Xu Yi took with the military magic machines and the Magic Airship, so there wasnt much value in studying this.

Of course, he didnt reject it and just said with a nod and a smile, “Alright, if we can reference the legendary Magic Battleships, Evita will definitely draw many inspirations from them.”

Even if it wasnt compatible with the research of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Xu Yi believed he could use these things. Not to mention that Lumi had offered this, so he couldnt reject her good intentions.

Seeing that Xu Yis reaction wasnt that positive, Lumi was a bit disappointed as she gave a nod to show she understood.

After talking with Lumi for a bit, Lumi and some other people from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce who came to send Narvil off took a Magic Airship back to the Stantine Duchy. Xu Yi drove his Magic Sedan and left the Black Rice Harbour, driving east across the Black Rice Wasteland before heading north to the border.

When the wisps of green appeared in front of him, Xu Yi knew that he was close to his destination.

In front of him was the piece of land that the Moon Shadow Tribe had asked for from the Sack Kingdom.

This territory was west of the endless sea, connected to the Black Rice Wasteland. It was a piece of land that came from the southwest corner of the Sack Kingdom, being in between the Sack Kingdom and the Black Rice Wasteland. It made it hard for the Sack Kingdom to easily invade the Black Rice Wasteland, posing both a threat to the Black Rice Wasteland and the Stantine Duchy to the south.

The Sack Kingdom had traded this piece of land to the Moon Shadow Tribe two years ago, so this place was no longer as bleak as the rest of the Black Rice Wasteland. Now that two years had passed, this place was completely green with a forest that had spread all over.

There was an ancient saying on the Sines Continent, it was that the land under the feet of the elves was always green. This saying was perfectly manifested in this piece of land.

Xu Yis Magic Sedan had just passed the boundaries of this forest when a bunch of fully armed elves from the Moon Shadow Tribe appeared.

Of course, they were only here to welcome Xu Yi.

Although elder Lisanya was very interested in Magic Sedans, with the stubbornness of the elves, at least in their territory, they would still act like elves.

The forest had just begun growing, so there werent any paths. Xu Yi could only leave behind the Magic Sedan and follow this group of elves that came to welcome him.

It caused him to take an entire hour before he made his way through this forest and met elder Lisanya who he hadnt seen for a long time.

“Chairman Xu, if I remember correctly, since weve officially taken this place, this is your first time here” Elder Lisanya asked with a smile.

“Youre right, this is indeed my first time.” Xu Yi gave a nod and looked at elder Illusia beside elder Lisanya, “Elder Illusia, wheres Agnes”-

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