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Magic Industry Empire Volume 6 Chapter 79 - Go in a group

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Facts proved that Hafras groups encounter in Laru City wasnt an exception.

After the Lampuri Kingdom and the Candra Empire signed the trade agreement, it wasnt just Hafra who could see the opportunity.

In the past few months, there were many Lampuri Kingdom merchants who brought large amounts of Lampuri Kingdom products into the Candra Empire.

With the cheap products of the Lampuri Kingdom, these merchants had earned quite a bit in the Candra Empire.

This situation should have continued, but once May came, there were over ten groups of Lampuri Kingdom merchants that were caught in the Candra Empires southern province. All their cargos were seized and they were deported, which caught quite a bit of attention from people.

Although the southern province had given an explanation for these, saying that the Lampuri Kingdom merchants had gone against some laws of the Candra Empire, even giving some evidence for this.

Some smart people could easily see that the southern province was clearly targeting the Lampuri Kingdom merchants.

Because although there was targeting of the Lampuri Kingdom merchants in the other parts of the Candra Empire, they werent as dense and continuous as the southern province.

Moreover, this matter clearly involved the officials of the southern province, making people think that it was done intentionally.

But the problem was, why would the southern province target these Lampuri Kingdom merchants

This was a question that the Lampuri Kingdom wanted to make clear. Her majesty Seveni had even sent a letter to the Candra Empires department of finance, asking them to give an explanation.

However, the response that the Candra Empire gave was only a letter from the Candra Empires department of commerces chief Marquis Descartes.

In that letter, Marquis Descartes said that the southern province was only an outlier, it didnt represent the entire Candra Empire, so they hoped that the Lampuri Kingdom wouldnt be too worried. The Candra Empire was still willing to trade with the Lampuri Kingdom……

Although Marquis Descartes letter seemed alright, the tone that he had shown was actually one that showed that he clearly didnt care.

In the end, the letter from the Lampuri Kingdom was written by her majesty Seveni. Although there was no need for the emperor to personally write back, at least it should be someone with a higher status that replied.

Moreover, at least the Candra Empire side gave some explanation, not like Marquis Descartes who didnt seem to care at all.

This didnt show any sincerity in solving this problem at all.

“Ha, you think that the Candra Empire will really treat your Lampuri Kingdom as an equal Its very clear that they just dont want more enemies at this point. When they discovered that the Rudson Kingdom couldnt pose any threat to them, the superiority of the large empire would come out once again.”

“You say it like it isnt related to you at all.” Seveni snappily rolled her eyes at Xu Yi, “Since the Candra Empire side is targeting our Lampuri Kingdom merchants, they will naturally target your Frestech Chamber of Commerce as well. Do you really think you can be this relaxed”

“Of course, why not” Xu Yi gave a shrug, “To be honest, the Candra Empire isnt wrong at all. This targeting of Lampuri Kingdom merchants, if it is as expected, should be the action of the Candra Empires southern province and not the entire Candra Empire.”

“How are you certain of this” Seveni looked at Xu Yi doubtfully.

“Because…..Ke……The southern provinces governor is Duke Windsor and he…..has some private grudges against our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so it isnt strange that he is targeting your Lampuri Kingdom merchants. Because what your merchants are bringing over are mostly magic machines.” Xu Yi replied.

“You have a personal grudge with Duke Windsor” Seveni had a look of disbelief, “Your company has never entered the Candra Empire, how can you have a grudge with the southern provinces governor”

“Its a long story……” Xu Yi revealed a helpless smile. It wasnt that we wanted to be enemies, but the other side came forward to be enemies with us, so you cant blame us for this.

“Alright, lets talk business. Seveni, I suggested to you before that you use the Lampuri Kingdoms government to gather up all the Lampuri Kingdoms merchants that wanted to do business in the Candra Empire, so they would be unified. Not only would it make it easier for them to help each other, it would also help manage those merchants for your Lampuri Kingdom, but you rejected it.”

“Un……I was worried that most of these merchants had the support of nobles behind them, so if I did this, it would be very likely that the nobles would become vigilant which wouldnt be good. Looking at it now, those nobles cant even take care of these simple things, so they really disappointed me.” Seveni gave a sigh.

“You cant blame them for this.” Xu Yi shook his head, “The Lampuri Kingdom has laws that stop the nobles from doing business, so they cant use their strength directly. Also, in the end, they are just a few nobles, they cant represent the Lampuri Kingdom. In this situation, do you think that they can go against the Candra Empire”

“Indeed……This was my mistake.” Seveni honestly nodded, “Then Xu Yi, you mean……”

“Our company has already reached a cooperation agreement with his highness Frank and will begin entering the Candra Empire next month. We will be opening a Magic Car factory on his highness Franks territory. I want to use the same method as Marquis Southgates territory to invite the large companies of the Lampuri Kingdom to invest with our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.” Xu Yi said with a serious look, “But those that can come with our company are those that will be officially approved by the Lampuri Kingdoms government.”

Sevenis expression changed as her gaze filled with a bit of gentleness as she looked at Xu Yi.

“Xu Yi, thank you for helping me.”

“Dont misunderstand, Im not just helping you. The Candra Empires situation is more complicated than the Marlow Empire, so I dont want to bring a group that is disorganized with me, that will just cause trouble for me.” Xu Yi said while waving his hand.

“Is that so” Seveni revealed a faint smile, but she didnt keep asking. She thought about it before saying, “Alright, I will help you investigate these companies. Right, those thirteen companies selected before have already finished their arrangements, do you want to count them in After all, if you count them in, they have some foundations in the Candra Empire.”

“Sure, I included them in my plan originally and the things that they can do over there might be more than the other companies.” Xu Yi revealed a smile with a hint of slyness to it.

“Alright, this matter will be decided like this for now.” Seveni paused before suddenly asking, “Speaking of this…..Xu Yi, you just said that your company has a grudge with the Candra Empires southern provinces governor. Im also certain that through the Rudson Kingdom matter, many people in the Candra Empire will be dissatisfied with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce and even might be hostile. Are you certain that you will be able to smoothly open up the Candra Empire like this”

“You have to understand something.” Xu Yis smile filled with confidence, even having a trace of pride, “This time, its the Candra Empire asking our company to come and not us asking them.”

Speaking of this, Xu Yi suddenly thought of something funny and gave a laugh.

“Hei, Seveni, I just compared the Marlow Empire and the Candra Empire and Ive found that the Candra Empire really is dumb. I had thought that it was an excellent move on their part when they wanted to work with your Lampuri Kingdom, but I never thought that in just a few months, they would begin suppressing your Lampuri Kingdom merchants. This makes me think of…..the legendary you wont die if you dont do it”

Seveni looked at Xu Yi with a confused look. Why did this fellow always seem confident when facing the Candra Empire, even…..feeling like he was superior

This large empire didnt seem like it was worth a thing in his eyes.

Actually, this was very strange.

Because towards the Marlow Empire that was also one of the two empires, Xu Yi had a clearly different attitude.

Thinking of this, Seveni suddenly thought of a problem.

“Right, Xu Yi, the Marlow Empire and the Candra Empire appeared in your Frestech Chamber of Commerce base last time and met each other, what happened after that”

“Nothing happened. They went back home and did what they should do.”

“You clearly know that Im not asking about this.” Seveni revealed a rare angry look as she glared at Xu Yi, “Im talking about how you will handle this matter afterwards”

“Afterwards…….Weve already signed an agreement with the Marlow Empire army to sell fifty thousand Magic Repeating Crossbows, three thousand Magic Bazookas, two thousand large transport Magic Cars, and five Magis Airships. As for the Candra Empire side, it is as I just told you.”

“The Marlow Empire really did go all out.” Seveni couldnt help being surprised before noticing that something was off, “Wait! Five Magic Airships Xu Yi, you still havent delivered all one hundred of our Magic Airships yet!”

Xu Yi gave a laugh, “Anyway, were still missing so many for you, so might as well take five of them for the Marlow Empire fellows to open their eyes……”

“You!” Seveni knitted her brows and wanted to be angry, but then she revealed a smile, “Alright, then you have to compensate me first!”

Xu Yi rolled his eyes. He thought that since Seveni took the throne, she really became more and more sly.

“Alright, dear your majesty, please tell me your request. As long as I can do it, I definitely wont decline.”

“Is that so” Seveni narrowed her eyes as the curled like crescent moons.-

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