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Volume 6 Chapter 75 Incredible clothing

When the sun was a bit slanted in the sky, there were seven horse drawn carriages that slowly entered the gates of Laru City.

The City Lord Count Nasaps who was already waiting by the gate immediately came forward. Following behind him were the nobles with some status of Laru City.

But these people who usually acted aloof were all bending their arrogant figures in front of this motorcad, with humble expressions on their faces.

There was only one reason why they would do this. It was because of the family symbol on the seven horse carriages, which came from the largest family in the Candra Empires southern province, the Windsor Family.

The one who came to Laru City this time was the subordinate sent by the current head of the Windsor Family, who was also the current governor Duke Windsor, coming to inspect Laru City.

Although the status of this subordinate couldnt compare to the people here, since he represented Duke Windsor, they had to treat him with respect and awe.

When the first horse carriage stopped in front of Count Nasaps, the door opened and a forty year old middle aged man came out.

After seeing him, Count Nasaps couldnt help being surprised.

This middle aged man was the manager of the governors manor, Emmado. Although he didnt have a high status, he was the trusted subordinate of Duke Windsor, being fully trusted by him.

But his status wasnt suited to being sent here for an inspection.

Manager Emmado could see that doubt in Count Nasaps heart, so he came over and whispered in his ear, “Lord Count, the duchess has come as well this time, so I have to ask you to prepare everything.”

“Ah” Count Nasaps was immediately stunned.

Wasnt it said that this would only be a normal inspection Why did even the noble duchess come along

While he was pondering this question in his heart, the door to the third horse carriage opened. The first one to come out was a young girl who looked like a maid before a woman with quality and grace came out.

As the City Lord of the third largest city in the southern province, Count Nasaps had seen Duchess Windsor at the governors manors banquets many times, so he naturally immediately recognized her.

He stopped thinking as he quickly came forward and gave a polite bow to Duchess Windsor before saying with a smile, “Duchess, it really is our Laru Citys honour that you can be here.”

Even if the other nobles of Laru City didnt recognize Duchess Windsor, based on the actions of Count Nasaps and his words, of course they could understand. They immediately came forward as well and all gave bows to Duchess Windsor.

Duchess Windsor casually waved her hand at them, “Alright, I just came out to relax, you dont need to mind me. Take care of your business.”

Although she said this, as the duchess, since she was here, how could Count Nasaps and the others not care about her

So the inspection group that Count Nasaps planned on greeting was no longer important as the focus fell onto how to entertain Duchess Windsor.

It was tight timing, so it made everyone in Laru City panic a bit.

It was a good thing that Duchess Windsor was very amiable, having Count Nasaps do away with these formalities and their group smoothly entered Laru City.

“Madame, if you want to relax, I recommend the Alps Mountain thirty kilometers to the east of the city. It is currently late spring and the flowers that bloom there are beautiful. The temperature is very refreshing and cool, and there are open fields there, so you can ride a horse up there on a tour. Ive also prepared a private manor up there, so after you go up…..”

Count Nasaps was in the same horse carriage as Duchess Windsor, heading to the City Lord Manor while trying to recommend a scenic area near Lari City.

Duchess Windsor didnt really care and just nodded from time to time to show she was listening.

This made Count Nasaps feel a bit worried.

Duchess Windsor had suddenly appeared here which was strange enough, so why was she acting like this

Was she really just here to relax

Count Nasaps didnt believe it.

But Duchess Windsor didnt really speak along the way, so he wasnt able to do anything.

The horse carriage passed several streets and when it was about to turn in the direction of the City Lord Manor, Duchess Windsor who had been very silent the entire time suddenly pointed out the horse carriage window.

“What is going on here”

Count Nasap looked in the direction she was pointing in and saw the left side of the street filled with people, looking very lively.

“Oh, thats the business street. Its been all these days….there might be some event on the business street This is very normal since this business street is the most lively place and most people in the surrounding cities come here……”

“Not right.” Duchess Windsor shook her head and cut Count Nasaps off, “If it was just a normal event, there wouldnt be this many people. Moreover, you can see that the people coming out are holding something, which should be something they bought from a shop.”

Count Nasaps was surprised as he looked over, finding that people that came from the crowd all had several beautiful clothes in their hands, which had clearly come from the same clothing store.

“Go ask what its about.” Duchess Windsor suddenly said.

Count Napas was praising Duchess Windsors exceptional power of observation when he was surprised after hearing this again.

The duchess was this curious about this matter Actually, he was also a bit curious.

But of course he wouldnt go against Duchess Windsor, so he found two guards and had them ask.

After a few minutes, a guard came back to report.

“Lord City Lord, its said that there is a clothing store that is holding some event where each product can be sold for as low as fifty silver coins. They started advertising three days again and because of how cheap it is, when they started selling today, it attracted many people.”

“One piece of clothing for fifty silvers” Count Nasaps and Duchess Windsor looked at each other, seeing the surprise in each others eyes.

Although the two normally wore completely different clothes from normal citizens, that didnt mean that they didnt understand the price of clothes for citizens.

The general market price in the southern province for a normal piece of cloth clothing was at least two gold coins.

This was a price that most citizens couldnt take, so they generally would spend money to buy clothing.

Over time, most of the clothing stores stopped selling clothes for normal citizens and only made clothes for rich merchants or nobles, so the price was naturally higher.

Now there was a shop that was selling it at a price of fifty silver coins, werent they afraid of bleeding dry

“Buy some for me to see.” Duchess Windsor gave the order.

Count Nasaps looked at the guards and the guards went over.

“Count Nasaps, your Laru City actually has some interesting companies, this really is unexpected.” Duchess Windsor suddenly said to Count Nasaps with a smile.

Seeing the smile on Duchess Windsors face, Count Nasaps became more nervous as he could only say with a smile, “These merchants always have their strange ideas.”

“Is that so” Duchess Windsor looked to the west with a complicated expression. It was unclear what she was thinking about.

Looking at her expression, Count Nasaps tactfully knew not to speak.

After a bit of silence in the carriage, the two guards came back with a pile of clothes in their hands.

Duchess Windsor and Count Nasaps looked at these clothes and were surprised at the same time.

The work done for these clothes was quite good and the material wasnt inferior linen, rather it was the cloth that most citizens liked. Adding in the proportional dye in the clothes, it didnt seem like something that was crudely made.

The two took a few pieces of clothing from the guards and they could tell that the materials of the clothes in their hands were good, it wasnt the same material that the citizens normally used with their self made clothing.

Count Nasaps to prove a point even rubbed the clothes that the guard was wearing under his armour. He confirmed that the material of the piece of clothing in his hand was even better than the clothes the guard was wearing.

It had to be known that the wages of his guards werent low, so their clothes were better than what most people wore.

But this piece of clothing had a price of less than fifty gold coins, this seemed unbelievable.

What Duchess Windsor paid attention to was completely different from Count Nasaps.

She just touched it and confirmed the material of the clothing, knowing that it definitely wasnt a normal product.

She found after seriously looking over these clothes that the stitches for these pieces of clothing were all very finely done, with each stitch being placed in a straight line, looking very neat.

Not mentioning anything else, just based on the needlework, it was enough to be a senior tailor in any city of the southern province and the price for the clothes they make wouldnt be low.

After a pause, Duchess Windsor spread open the piece of clothing in her hands and with a single look, she couldnt help being surprised again.

It was a long skirt that not only had fine materials, there was even a beautiful design to it.

The design was overall very simple, but if one looked carefully, they would be able to see the hidden luxury of the finer details.

Based on the design, it wasnt that far from the dress that she had that was made by the top designer of the Candra Empire that had cost her eight hundred gold coins.

Duchess Windsor was certain that with this outstanding design, if it used a better material and had a few more finer details, it would definitely not sell any lower than five hundred gold coins in any city of the empire.

But now……

“How much was this” Duchess Windsor asked the two guards.

The two guards scratched their heads, “We didnt ask clearly, we just gave them ten gold coins and casually picked ten of them…..”

Duchess Windsor and Count Nasaps were stunned, “Ten gold coins Ten of them”

The two looked at each other and could see the disbelief in each others eyes.

Such good clothing had an average price of one gold coin

How could the other shops even make a living!-

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