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Everyone on the beach was looking at Leslie, following him as he stopped in front of the soldiers that had suddenly appeared.

“Who are you” The man who had loudly shouted just now asked Leslie this.

Leslie looked at him before ignoring him and turning to the mountain of meat in the horse carriage.

“May I ask if you are his majesty Antore”

The “meat mountain” had two slits for eyes after they were pushed together by the fat on his face which looked over at him.

“You are”

“Hello your majesty Antore, I am the leader of this fleet from the Sines Continent. Weve come this time to do a bit of business with the residents of Heaven Island.”

“This time” The meat mountain king called Antore gave a soft snort, “This isnt your first time”

Leslies lips curled slightly as he revealed a cold smile.

This King Antore in front of him was the current ruler of Heaven Island.

Based on the information from the island residents, they also came from the Sines Continent a long time ago. Its said that they were the royal family of a certain empire on the Sines Continent, so they brought quite a few guards when they came here.

With this power, the Antore Royal Family were able to control the entire Heaven Island the entire time, grasping all the resources on the island in their hands.

Although this island was very big, there was no one who had enough power to resist the Antore Royal Family. So even if they had been abusing their power on the island for over a thousand years, there was no one that went against them.

But seeing this king with his own eyes, Leslie could only give a scoff.

Based on his formation, it wasnt false that no one could go against him, but as for abusing his power…..

As the king and only being able to ride this crude horse carriage that had such weak horses pulling it, it could be seen that his living conditions werent that good.

Of course, compared to the poor residents of the island, he as the king was at least able to become fat and enjoy his life.

“It is indeed not the first time, what about it Your majesty, is there some problem” Leslie asked.

“You still dare ask if there is some problem” King Antore gave a snort before gasping for breath, feeling a bit tired. He pointed at the man who was responsible for shouting for him.

That man understood and continued, “Dont you understand This is Heaven Island, since you are here, you must follow the rules of Heaven Island.”

“Then can you please tell me what the rules of Heaven Island are” Leslie asked with a smile.

“Nonsense, the rules of the island are naturally his majesty is the greatest! You people came here to do business with the people of the island, didnt you not contact his majesty first and get his permission”

“We really didnt.” Leslie directly admitted it before turning to King Antore, “Then your majesty, how do we get your permission”

King Antore opened his eyes with difficulty and gave a soft snort. Then he closed his eyes and was too lazy to care about Leslie.

“Since you are a smart person and you come from the Sines Continent, dont you know the customs of each country on the Sines Continent Pay taxes! Its not a problem to do business on the island, but dont even think about not paying taxes!”

Leslie gave a laugh, “Then what if I dont want to pay them”

“Dont want to pay” The man gave a cold snort and raised his right hand.

The over two hundred men surrounding King Antore raised their weapons and pointed them at Leslie.

Leslie looked at them and had a look filled with disdain as he shook his head, “Your majesty, it seems like you dont understand the situation at all.”

After throwing these words down, Leslie also raised his right hand and there were several hundred people that jumped out onto the beach, instantly surrounding the two hundred people that King Antores had brought.

They were stunned when they were surrounded and King Antore couldnt help sitting up. His eyes opened wide as he stared at Leslie and roared, “What do you want to do Do you want to rebel”

“Rebel” Leslie couldnt help smiling, “Your majesty, it seems like you not only need to lose weight, you also need to study a bit. The word rebel cant be used in this current situation.”


King Antore wanted to say something else, but as soon as he opened his mouth, Leslie suddenly raised his hand before quickly bringing it back down.


There was an arrow that flew through the air and pierced right through King Antores throat, deeply submerging until there was only the tail of the arrow left.

King Antore could only move his fingers as his upper body that was hard for him to set up fell down in the horse carriage, making a loud boom before it stopped moving.

The beach instantly became deathly silent.

Then the man who had given the orders for King Antore shouted with a look of terror.

“Gods! Quickly kill him……”


There was another arrow that also pierced right through his throat and blocked the rest of his words in his throat.

The man had lasted a bit longer than King Antore, but he could only bring his hand to his throat and make a few sounds before falling to the ground.

The few subordinates of King Antore that had been moving stopped as they looked at King Antore and the man on the ground who had stopped breathing already in a daze. After a while, it was unknown who shouted first, but then they all scattered.

However, they hadnt run far when there were several red lights that appeared above their heads, landing in front of them.

“Hong, hong, hong, hong.”

With several explosions, the scattering of soil in front of them made them all freeze, not daring to move.

“This island isnt as big as you think, so dont think of escaping. All of you will stay and listen to my orders, or I can also take your lives. Otherwise……”

Leslies ice cold voice came out and the subordinates of King Antore all looked at each other before turning around to kneel down towards Leslie.

“Greetings to your majesty!”

Perhaps it was because of these cries but the residents who had been stunned by how fast this incident had changed all finally reacted and kneeled towards Leslie.

“Greetings to you majesty!”

Seeing the people kneeling around him, Leslie revealed a faint smile as he turned to look in a northwest direction.

“I already said that to solve this quickly, you need to use direct methods. If it was that fellow Xu Yi with all his thoughts, who knows how long this would drag on.”



Xu Yi gave a strong sneeze. He couldnt help rubbing his nose, feeling a bit confused.

Since he became a Great Magician, he hadnt sneezed once in all these years. Why did he suddenly sneeze”

“Could it be because I looked up at the sun earlier” Xu Yi raised his head with knitted brows to look at the sun, feeling that this early spring sun wasnt that strong even though it was noon. It shouldnt be enough to make him give such a sneeze.

“Chairman Xu, these Magic Airships in front of us are the same as the Magic Airship we came here in” Eitro saw Xu Yi suddenly look up and followed his line of sight to see several Magic Airships flying across.

“Ah Ah……Right, these are the first generation Magic Airships, they are only models.” Xu Yi replied.

“First generation” Eitro narrowed his eyes and followed the Magic Airships in the sky. When they disappeared along the horizon, he turned back to Xu Yi and seriously asked, “Chairman Xu, are you selling these Magic Airships”

“What You want to buy them as well”

“Of course.” Eitro gave a very certain nod, “Although I know that these things will be more expensive than the large transport Magic Cars and they might not have more carrying capacity, just based on their abilities to fly through the sky is enough to play a role that would be hard to imagine most of the time. Tell me, is your company willing to sell these”

“If possible, of course I want to sell them.” Xu Yi gave a sigh and helplessly spread his hands, “But our companys production capacity for these Magic Airships isnt high. To this point, we can only make less than thirty Magic Airships a year, so theres no extra that we can supply you with.”

“Is that so That is too disappointing.” Eitro had a disappointed look on his face as he turned back to look in the direction the Magic Airships disappeared in with an unwilling feeling in his heart. After thinking about it, he asked, “Then chairman Xu, can you first sell me ten…..Oh, no, five, five is enough. Your company can make thirty of them a year, then there should be no problem to sell five of them to us. I can represent the Marlow Empires armys logistics department to promise you that we will definitely pay a price that you will be satisfied with.”

“You really want it that much” Xu Yi was a bit surprised by Eitros determination.

“Yes.” Eitro was strangely certain, “No matter what, I have to at least ask chairman Xu to give a demonstration video for these Magic Airships. I can use that to convince the higher ups back at headquarters. Im certain that they will agree with my thoughts.”

Xu Yi was silent for a bit before giving a nod.

“Alright, if your side really is interested, I can give several Magic Airships for reference. However, this isnt included in our companys plan, so the price……”

“Theres no need for chairman Xu to worry about the price, our Marlow Empires army has a very good budget. As long as the higher ups at the headquarters like it, there will be no problem with this.”

Xu Yi gave a laugh, “Good then, its decided. When you go back, I will give you a demonstration video to bring back. If your noble side really decides to buy it, we can continue this discussion. What do you think”

“Good, no problem.”

He had gotten another deal just like that, Xu Yi felt very happy.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce did have production capacity problems right now, they couldnt even supply the Lampuri Kingdom with the hundred Magic Airships, with his relationship to Still, he just needed to talk to her and he would be able to squeeze out a few for the Marlow Empire.

And he was certain that the Marlow Empire wouldnt let off the most advanced magic machine represented by the Magic Airship.

As long as the higher ups at the headquarters saw this demonstration video, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would certainly receive more orders from the Marlow Empire in the future.

When he was about to lead Eitro to the shipyard, there was a Frestech Chamber of Commerce subordinate that suddenly came over. After looking at Eitro with a complicated look, he turned to Xu Yi.

“Sorry.” Xu Yi understood and apologized to Eitro before bringing his subordinate to the side.

“Sir chairman, something has happened.” The subordinate leaned in and spoke in Xu Yis ear in a low and anxious voice.

“What happened” Xu Yi wasnt surprised as he asked in a calm voice.

The subordinate looked at Eitro in the distance before saying, “The people his highness Frank has sent have just arrived and they bumped into the people of the Marlow Empire. Right now…..their situation doesnt look good.”

“The people from the Candra Empire are also here” Xu Yi was surprised as he thought that this really was unexpected.

After thinking for a bit, he walked over to Eitro.

“Viscount Eitro, there are some guests that have arrived. Do you want to see them together”

Eitro looked at Xu Yi in surprise.

The guests of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, why did Xu Yi bring him along Could it be that they were related to him-

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