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“Did you finish entertaining the guests” Hearing Xu Yi walk in, Arch Magus Camilla didnt even look up as he asked this.

“Un, just finished.” Xu Yi replied. He looked at the long and slender metal tool in Arch Magus Camillas hand that was letting out a light blue magic glow, while he focused on the two steel plates on the table. He tactfully closed his mouth.

The magic glow from the tool came closer to the two steel plates and the slit in between the two plates suddenly began to melt before they were completely sealed together.

After a while, Arch Magus Camilla had perfectly sealed the two steel plates together with the tool. Other than a trace that wasnt very clear on the surface, it seemed like it was a single steel plate.”

Xu Yi said in a surprised voice, “Grandfather, it seems like your welding technology has progressed.”

Arch Magus Camilla threw down the tool in his hand and picked up the welded steel plate. He first put it under a Magic Lamp to carefully look it over before tapping it with his hand and then giving a satisfied nod. He put the steel plate back on the table before saying with a cold snort, “Nonsense, if I didnt have any progress on this research after all this time, how could that be acceptable”

Xu Yi gave a laugh before also picking up the steel plate to look over. He found that after this steel plate was welded, not only did it seem like it was stuck together on the surface, it was actually perfectly welded on the inside without leaving a single slit.

This kind of welding was truly useful welding and the high grade technology the Frestech Chamber of Commerce needed the most to make the large magic machines.

“Grandfather, this is the new Magic Welding Torch you developed Are there any special requirements to use it” Xu Yi picked up the long metal tool Arch Magus Camilla had been holding as he asked this.

“What special requirements could there be” Arch Magus Camilla rolled his eyes at Xu Yi, “This thing was developed for normal people to use, why would I develop a special requirement to use it Relax, this thing can be learnt as long as they are willing to spend some time learning it. As for how they will grasp it…..That will depend on each persons talent and comprehension. I cant guarantee that.”

“Un, its good that normal people can use it. As for the welders, they have their grades.” Xu Yi nodded, feeling very satisfied.

The Magic Welding technology Arch Magus Camilla focused on developing seemed normal, but it was used in most of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines.

If they couldnt weld things properly, it was impossible to create large magic machines. EVen if it was possible, there was still a limit.

So since Arch Magus Camilla had invented the Magic Welding Torch, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had made various large magic machines.

It wasnt exaggerated to say that just with this most foundation technology, it had increased the level of the magic machine industry on the Sines Continent.

“Alright, kid, stop beating around the bush. What did you come looking for me for” Arch Magus Camilla asked.

“Grandfather understands me the best.” Xu Yi gave a laugh, “This time, its mainly to ask you about Arch Magus Alaster that you mentioned before.”

“What Kid, you want to pull him into your company” Arch Magus Camilla looked at Xu Yi thinking that this was a bit funny with a bit of teasing in his eyes.

“Is that possible” Xu Yi asked.

“Nonsense, of course its impossible.” Arch Magus Camilla gave him a firm denial, “He is one of the nine Arch Magi of the Marlow Empire, you think that he would come to work for your small company”

Xu Yi gave up the idea of saying, “You are also an Arch Magus, but arent you also working for our small company”.

“Then……Grandfather, you seem to have a good relationship with him, can you contact him and have him cooperate on some magic research with our company” Xu Yi asked.

“This……” Arch Magus Camilla fell into thought and slightly knitted his brows, “If it was before, it wouldnt be too possible, but now……Im not certain, but there might be some hope.”


Arch Magus Camilla looked at Xu Yi, “You dont need to say it, why do you think I mentioned Alaster to that fellow just now”

Xu Yi was a bit moved.

Even if Arch Magus Camilla was prejudiced against the magic machines before, he had still fully supported him.

Then when he lost that prejudice and joined the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, as well as studying magic machines, he began thinking of him and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce even more.

There were many times that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had relied on him as the signboard or they would have met many problems.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi immediately said, “Grandfather, I dont need you to convince Arch Magus Alaster, I just need you to find a chance for me to go talk to him. As for how to convince him to work with our company, you dont need to worry about that.”

“Che, you think that I care about all that” Arch Magus Camilla gave a laugh before turning to a small cabinet behind him and pulling out a letter for Xu Yi, “Take it, this is my personal letter. When you have time to go to the Marlow Empire again, you can use this letter to see him. Alaster and I studied at the same school and weve always had a good relationship, so you should be able to easily see him if you take my letter.”

Seeing that Arch Magus Camilla had already prepared the letter, Xu Yi was even more moved. After taking the letter, he wanted to say some words of gratitude, but he changed his mind when they came to the tip of his tongue.

“Grandfather, that person was from the Marlow Empire army headquarters and he was interested in the off road Magic Cars. After I showed the demonstration video that Stills team made, he seemed very satisfied. If nothing unexpected happens, the Marlow Empires army headquarters shouldnt have a problem making orders for the off road Magic Cars.”

“Oh Still is finally working with you You did very well with this, Im very satisfied.” Arch Magus Camilla gave a nod, “I thought that since she was married, she should stay home, but if shes willing to run around and you supported her, I couldnt say anything. Now that you two have thought it through, that is very good.”

Xu Yi gave a laugh and felt a comfortable warmth fill his heart.

“Grandfather, in the end, we are married. Its good to support each other, but its better to spend more time together.”

Arch Magus Camilla gave another cold snort, “Speaking of spending more time together, you just came back from the Marlow Empire and she ran off to the Rudson Kingdom. Have you been together for over a week this month”

Xu Yi awkwardly scratched his nose, “Everyone is busy, so theres no other way.”

Arch Magus Camilla looked at Xu Yi for a bit before giving a sigh and waving his hand. His tone was a bit sad.

“Forget it, this is the matter between you two, its fine if you think its fine and Im too lazy to care. Instead of caring about you, I should find more time to go play with Freya.”

Hearing Arch Magus Camilla mention Freya, Xu Yi couldnt help rolling his eyes.

Arch Magus Camilla completely spoiled his great granddaughter Freya, many times making it hard even for Still to watch.

When they wanted to discipline Freya, they were chased away by Arch Magus Camilla. It was a big headache for Xu Yi and he was even worried that Freya would become spoiled because of this.

But now that Freya was six years old, although she was a bit naughty like children were, she was still very cute and obedient. She didnt seem spoiled at all, which made Xu Yi much more assured.

Of course, if he wanted to be a bit more proud, that was because of his and Stills strict education.

“Alright, lets not talk about this. Xu Yi, you brought the people from the Marlow Empires army headquarters here, are you already planning on selling the military magic machines to the Marlow Empire” Arch Magus Camilla asked.

“Un……I was planning to do this.”

“Then what about the Candra Empire Youre not planning on selling to them”

Xu Yi took a deep look at Arch Magus Camilla before giving a calm answer, “If it was a normal situation, I shouldnt sell to them because we are currently hostile with them. But grandfather, you should understand that since Im selling the military magic machines to the Marlow Empire, I will also sell to the Candra Empire.”

Arch Magus Camilla had a look of praise as he gave a nod, “Its good you know. But Xu Yi, do you know that choosing to do this is very dangerous Compared to the Candra Empire and the Marlow Empire, whether it is the Frestech Chamber of Commerce or the Stantine Duchy, you are just too small. Just a single misstep will ruin everything youve done before.”

Xu Yi revealed a confident smile, “Be assured, grandfather. Didnt you tell me to be more direct before Although this current approach seems like Im playing with fire, there wont actually be any problems. In the end, the core things are being controlled by me, so the two empires wont be able to shake my foundation.”

“Its good to be confident, but overconfidence isnt good. I have to remind you to be a bit more careful. If you fail, its a small matter if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is gone, but its a big matter if something happened to you. I dont want to see Still become a widow, do you understand”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling, “Grandfather, arent you looking down on me too much No matter what, I am at least a Great Magician, so I think that there shouldnt be a problem protecting myself, right”

“You think that Great Magicians are invincible” Arch Magus Camilla stared at Xu Yi.

“Im not invincible in front of you, but I am at least invincible in front of many people on the continent…..” Xu Yi helplessly argued, “Not to mention, Ive prepared quite a few escape routes. Even if the entire Sines Continent falls, that doesnt mean that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and I dont have a place to hide……”-

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