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Spring was when everything grew.

In Marquis Southgates private territory, there was a strong breeze that filled the air. Other than the wild flowers and weeds that grew all over and the fields filled with grain, there was another place that was filled with buildings.

This magic machine industry base was mostly finished at the end of last year and it had been scheduled to start producing at the beginning of this year.

But when they made this plan, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce didnt have enough information to make estimates. Although they expected the Marlow Empire which was further north than the other countries to have an earlier winter, they never expected it to come this early and that it would be several times colder than in the Lampuri Kingdom. They never expected the Marlow Empires winter to affect their project this much, so they couldnt meet the plan of finishing in the year.

It was a good thing that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other magic machine companies that came to the Marlow Empire didnt expect to start producing in the first year. Although it was delayed by a bit, it didnt affect them that much and it gave them more time to prepare.

After spring came this year, there were a large number of transport Magic Cars with products of these magic machine companies that entered Marquis Southgates territory. Then the construction site that was closed because of winter started working again.

Because there was enough preparations, once they started working, the construction speed increased by several times compared to last year.

With the current speed, if nothing unexpected happened, they would be able to finish the base before June. It was just a single month later than their plan, so it wasnt that bad.

Of course, these factories could be postponed for a month without problems, but the fields on Marquis Southgates territory couldnt be pushed back by a month. It would be a problem even if it was pushed back by a week.

With the help of the Cantona Chamber of Commerce last year, Marquis Southgate had expanded the fields on his territory by two times. With the help of the Magic Seed Drill and the other agricultural magic machines, wheat was planted on all this farmland.

Now that spring was here, the fields that had been reclaimed were growing smoothly and would be harvested soon.

But if there wasnt the help of the agricultural magic machine, Marquis Southgate was certain that he wouldnt have enough manpower to harvest it all.

So when the first spring breeze came, he already began hoping the Cantona Chamber of Commerce would come again.

On a certain day in April, the Cantona Chamber of Commerce finally came.

At the same time, another group that he cared more about came, which was the motorcade from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Looking down the road, he could see a long line of large transport Magic Cars that was at least two kilometers long and Marquis Southgate couldnt help feeling emotional.

Other than when the empire mobilized for war, normally there would be very few chances to see such a large motorcade on the road.

Moreover, this motorcade wasnt filled with those traditional horse carriages, it was filled with the most advanced large transport Magic Cars.

Not to mention having at least ten times the loading capacity of the horse carriages, their speed and endurance were also far above that of horse carriages.

A motorcade that had all these large transport Magic Cars, the products inside had to be shocking.

The first twenty cars in the motorcade had the logo of the Cantona Chamber of Commerce. When they arrived at Marquis Southgates personal manor, chairman Cantona jumped out from the passenger seat of the large transport Magic Car in front.

“Lord Marquis, Im not late, right” When he got out, chairman Cantona waved his hand with a laugh as he greeted Marquis Southgate.

Marquis Southgate gave a nod with a faint smile before looking over the motorcade and asking chairman Cantona, “Chairman Cantona, its been hard on you. The ones in the back is the Frestech Chamber of Commerces motorcade”

“Of course, other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, how could any other companies have such a large formation But if were saying that the transport Magic Cars belong to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, that isnt right since they belong to the Fersen Transport Company and they are just helping the Frestech Chamber of Commerce this time.” Chairman Cantona replied.

Marquis Southgate slightly knitted his brows, looking a bit confused.

“The Frestech Chamber of Commerce makes the large transport Magic Cars, so why wouldnt they make their own transport line and let others help with their transport”

“I had asked chairman Xu about this before. He said that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce mainly focuses on researching and manufacturing magic machines, so the other aspects should be left to other people and other companies, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldnt meddle. That is the reason why he didnt make his own transport team and it should be this kind of consideration.”

Marquis Southgate shook his head, not really understanding.

But he didnt care that much about this. After pausing, he looked at the motorcade again.

“Since the Frestech Chamber of Commerces motorcade is here, where is chairman Xu Why dont I see him”

“We spent four days on the road. Chairman Xu was very busy and didnt want to waste that much time on the road, so he set off after us. Calculating the time…..” Chairman Cantona turned to look into the sky in the distance, “He should be arriving soon.”

Marquis Southgate was surprised. He thought that since Xu Yi set off later than you, how can he be here as soon as you arrived

When he was about to ask about this, chairman Cantona suddenly pointed above them.

“Hes here!”

Marquis Southgate looked in that direction in surprise and found that there was a black spot in the sky that was approaching.

After a while, that black spot turned into a black cloud.

Hearing the sound of a machine rotating in the sky, Marquis Southgate immediately reacted.

“Magic Airship Chairman Xu came in a Magic Airship”

“Yes, otherwise he wouldnt have been able to come so quickly.” Chairman Cantona turned back with a smile.

Marquis Southgate looked at the quickly approaching Magic Airship and was a bit surprised.

When he inspected the Lampuri Kingdom and the Stantine Duchy, of course he had seen the Magic Airship. He had even received Xu Yis invitation to ride in one before.

He had been shocked by the feeling of riding in a Magic Airship and had asked several times to buy a few to bring back to the Marlow Empire, but Xu Yi had always changed the topic.

He never thought that Xu Yi would be coming here in a Magic Airship this time.

He believed that Xu Yi wouldnt do things with no meaning, so bringing a Magic Airship here, did that mean that he was willing to sell the Magic Airship now

If it was like this, it really was some good news.

“Lord Marquis, you and chairman Xu must have many things to discuss, so I wont stay here to bother you. Ill go and arrange things with my subordinates. Spring will be here in a few days, so we need to seize this time.” Cantona suddenly turned back from looking at the sky and said this.

“Oh Ah, right.” Marquis Southgate quickly came back from his surprise and waved his hand behind him. Baron Franklin who had been waiting on the side came over.

“Chairman Cantona, you should be rather close with Franklin. Im having him help you with your work over the next few days. Right, dont be too busy today, just unload your stuff. Ill be holding a banquet at my manor tonight, chairman Cantona, please come and join us.”

Chairman Cantona gave a laugh, “How could I miss the Lord Marquis banquet Alright, Lord Marquis, we will see each other again tonight.”

After saying this, chairman Cantona called out to Baron Franklin who had an excited look and they went over to the twenty large transport Magic Cars with the symbols of the Cantona Chamber of Commerce on them, driving them over to the warehouse Marquis Southgate had prepared.

After they left, the sound of machines turning that wasnt too strong came from above them.

The Magic Airship landed in an open space not far away from Marquis Southgate and when the cabin door opened, Xu Yi came out.

Marquis Southgate came forward with a wide smile.

“Chairman Xu, welcome back.”

Xu Yi quickly took a few steps forward before giving Marquis Southgate a slight bow and saying with a faint smile, “Lord Marquis, Ive made you wait.”

“No, it wasnt that long. Chairman Cantona arrived just now and chairman Xu is here. Did you already plan this earlier”

“Its just a coincidence.” Xu Yi casually said before turning to the motorcade parked not far away and saying, “Lord Marquis, how about we see the products weve brought this time”

“Alright.” Marquis Southgate replied and without any hesitation, it could even be said that he anxiously moved over to the motorcade.

Seeing how quick he moved, Xu Yi couldnt help smiling as he followed him.

Twenty of these cars were the Cantona Chamber of Commerces and there were seventy three other Magic Cars.

Xu Yi brought Marquis Southgate to look over the first forty large transport Magic Cars, finding them being filled with all kinds of agricultural magic machines.

The various nobles of the Marlow Empire had ordered these agricultural magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, only a small portion belonged to Marquis Southgate. Most of them belonged to nobles that were close to Marquis Southgate, but didnt have a chance to work with the Cantona Chamber of Commerce.

In the other thirty three large transport Magic Cars, the first twenty three cars were filled with various household magic machines and other machines, including bicycles that werent considered magic machines, as well as products made from the production magic machines.

These things only took up less than 5% and they werent brought for Marquis Southgate, but for them to use themselves.

In the final ten large transport Magic Cars, they were filled with the things that Marquis Southgate cared about the most.-

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