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No matter how ugly manager Mancinis expression was, no matter how bad his mood was, he didnt dare make any rude comments like when he met Xu Yi for the first time.

Thinking of how his highness Frank had spoken to him before leaving, he could only suppress the rage in his heart and patiently explain to Xu Yi.

But no matter what he said, Xu Yi firmly stated that the one in charge must be the Frestech Chamber of Commerce or there was nothing to discuss.

“Manager Mancini, theres no need to say anything else. This is the most fundamental condition in our cooperation, please pass this onto his highness.” Xu Yi said in a firm voice.

Manager Mancini knitted his brows and looked at Xu Yi with a serious gaze. After thinking for a bit, he gave a helpless sigh.

“This will make it very hard for his highness, chairman Xu. To be honest, the empires view of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce isnt good and if his highness chooses to cooperate with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce during this time, it will be very risky. But his highness is willing to give you this chance, but youre not cherishing it……”

Xu Yi revealed a smile. If his highness really was the same as manager Mancini, being this arrogant, there was really no need to discuss cooperating.

But Xu Yi believed that his highness Frank was sincere in cooperating, or he wouldnt have secretly sent his trusted subordinate to negotiate with him.

Moreover, he was certain that this represented the wishes of certain people in the Candra Empire, so it definitely wasnt a careless move.

Seeing that Xu Yi wouldnt budge, manager Mancini deeply knitted his brows and shook his head.

“Alright, I will pass this onto his highness, but chairman Xu, you should also consider this again. Being able to receive the attention of his highness, it is very advantageous to the development of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce in the empire. I believe that you wouldnt not know that.”

“Of course I know, so Im very sincere in cooperating with his highness, dont you think” Xu Yi said with a smile.

“It would be strange if you were sincere!” Manager Mancini gave a cold snort before bidding farewell to Xu Yi.

Watching manager Mancini disappear out the door, Xu Yi revealed a smile. He went back to the desk in his office and opened a drawer to take out a document.

This was the newest intelligence report Baron Hannas had people send about the recent happenings in the Lampuri Kingdom, it was mainly related to the magic machine companies of the Lampuri Kingdom.

According to the report, in the past half a month, there were many magic machine companies of the Lampuri Kingdom who had received high offers to buy them out and many of them had accepted these offers.

The buyers didnt seem clear on the surface, but they were actually all from the large companies of the Candra Empire.

Facing these companies that were considered large companies across the entire Sines Continent, these magic machine companies in the Lampuri Kingdom that werent big found it hard to resist. Adding in the fact that they offered very high prices, it wasnt strange that most of these deals progressed smoothly.

For example, there was a small company in Saltan City that was called the Aylan Chamber of Commerce that specialized in making Magic Air Conditioners. The price for their buyout was six hundred thousand, which was more than one and half times the estimate.

After being purchased, the magic production machines under the Aylan Chamber of Commerce were all moved out and even the workers with their families were all moved away.

To put it simply, the Aylan Chamber of Commerce had been emptied and only the Aylan Chamber of Commerces chairman was left, as well as six hundred thousand gold coins.

Moreover, it wasnt just the Aylan Chamber of Commerce that was processed like this. From the report, all the companies that were bought were all processed like this.

With the sudden exit of these companies from the Lampuri Kingdom, it had affected the kingdoms entire magic machine industry and there was a shortage of household magic machines in the kingdom.

“Hei, their table manners really are bad.” Reading this report again, Xu Yi couldnt help shaking his head and giving a laugh.

Actually, whether it was him or Baron Hannas, both of them knew that it was the Candra Empire who had bought out those magic machine companies in the Lampuri Kingdom. It was clear that they were trying to poach the Lampuri Kingdoms magic machine industry.

With his highness Frank sending manager Mancinin to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce with this offer of cooperation, Xu Yi was certain of one thing.

The Candra Empire was definitely scared.

After losing twice to the Rudson Kingdom and only being able to passively defend against the Rudson Kingdom army, there was a vigilance that appeared in the Candra Empire side.

With the powerful national strength of the Candra Empire, it definitely wasnt hard to find that the main reason for this was the military magic machines.

But only the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could produce the military magic machines and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was clearly supporting the Rudson Kingdom, which created scruples for the Candra Empire.

In a normal situation, since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce supported the Rudson Kingdom to defeat the Candra Empire, it meant that they wouldnt agree to cooperate with the Candra Empire.

So the Candra Empire chose to use these two methods to achieve their goal. One side was to purchase the magic machine companies from the Lampuri Kingdom to quickly create a magic machine industry foundation in the Candra Empire, and the other was to have his highness Frank who had contacted the Frestech Chamber of Commerce before probe them.

In the end, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was only a company, they wouldnt give up cooperation with the Candra Empire and the chance to earn this large amount of money.

Even if this probe failed, it would make it easy for the Candra Empire to prepare countermeasures.

It could be said that the Candra Empire being able to find the reason behind their loss to the Rudson Kingdom in two short months and make all these moves made Xu Yi look at them differently.

Because it had been hard to enter the Candra Empire before, with the problems that occurred when the Amrit Chamber of Commerce tried to pave the roads in the Candra Empire, as well as the numerous times he had made contact with the people of the Candra Empire, Xu Yi had a bad impression of the Candra Empire.

Xu Yi always felt that this large empire was a bit too arrogant, too spread out, and didnt react fast enough, giving people a slow and unpleasant feeling.

He never thought that after they became vigilant, their reaction would be so fast that it actually came as a surprise to Xu Yi.

It seemed like the Candra Empire really was worthy of being a thousand year old empire, it was indeed quite strong.

Xu Yis strong stance towards manager Mancini sent by his highness Frank, other than naturally wanting to fight for control for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was actually a counter probe at the Candra Empire.

If the Candra Empire really viewed the magic machine industry as important, they would definitely agree and Xu Yi would truly start working with the Candra Empire.

If his highness Frank didnt agree in the end……

Xu Yi put down the report in his hand and pulled out another thin document from the drawer.

Opening the document, there were two contracts and an invitation inside.

These three things came from the Marlow Empire. One of the two contracts was a contract the Frestech Chamber of Commerce signed with Marquis Southgate.

These contracts stated that Marquis Southgate would open more territory for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, allowing them to build even more factories on his territory and Marquis Southgate would give them many beneficial conditions.

The other contract actually came from the Marlow Empires department of commerce.

The content of the contract was that the Marlow Empires department of commerce hoped that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would introduce a large number of magic machines to the Marlow Empire. It wouldnt just be household magic machines, it would also be agricultural magic machines, construction magic machines, and other kinds of magic machines.

The contract didnt involve military magic machines because that was related to the invitation that Xu Yi was holding.

This invitation was written by a marquis of the Marlow Empire and based on the content, it was something that a marquis had sent through Marquis Southgate.

But in reality, this marquis held an important post in the Marlow Empire. His invitation this time was actually sent with his identity in the Marlow Empires army.

So in reality, this invitation was from the Marlow Empires army headquarters.

There was no need to guess, the Marlow Empires army headquarters suddenly inviting Xu Yi was naturally because they were interested in the military magic machines.

Xu Yi didnt hesitate over this because he would definitely go.

Since the military magic machines had caught the entire continents attention in the war between the Rudson Kingdom and the Candra Empire, the Candra Empire and the Marlow Empire definitely wouldnt let off this thing that could change the entire continent.

The Candra Empire was beating around the bush, but the Marlow Empire came directly.

When Xu Yi supported the Rudson Kingdom in fighting the Candra Empire, he already made his preparations to sell the military magic machines to both the Candra Empire and the Marlow Empire.

Not only could they make money through selling the military magic machines, they could become closer through selling these military magic machines. It would make it easier for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to introduce the magic machine industry into the two empires, which would achieve Xu Yis final goal of spreading the magic machine industry across the continent.

The only problem that Xu Yi had was how to control it.

If the Candra Empire and the Marlow Empire were armed with large amounts of military magic machines, with the power of the two empires, they could easily invade all the other countries and threaten the Stantine Duchy, as well as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Xu Yi was giving them military magic machines at the same time to make sure that one wasnt stronger than the other.

“This difficulty…..its much more difficult than unifying all the other countries on the Sines Continent…..” Xu Yi gave a soft sigh and felt a strong headache come on.-

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