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Not supporting the Moon Shadow Tribes piece of land in the Sack Kingdom was a joke. That was because in just a single month since the Moon Shadow Tribe took this land, it had already become a place that was filled with plants.

The Moon Shadow Tribe had used the special knowledge of the elves to plant all kinds of plants,making it the most important raw material needed to make the Moon Shadow Tribes fertilizer.

The fertilizer wasnt just the most important source of income for the Moon Shadow Tribe, it had already become a very important agricultural resource for the surrounding countries. If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce suddenly stopped supporting this piece of land, not only would the Moon Shadow Tribe be unhappy, the surrounding countries would complain about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce first.

Not to mention that the fertilizer was one of the most important commoner use products, so for Xu Yi who always paid more attention to this department compared to the military magic machines, it was something very important. How could he easily let there be a problem with it

After giving more details to Tvisti on how to make the two financial reports, Xu Yi left the office and planned to go to the magic research facility.

To make the household magic machines more famous, it required something that would attract peoples attention.

In the past two years, because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been focused on enhancing the quality and performance of the household magic machines, there wasnt anything that caught peoples attention.

Now that Xu Yi wanted to draw back their attention, he needed to put in some effort.

As soon as he came out of the main office building, Xu Yi was about to get into his Magic Sedan when he found a familiar white Magic Sedan quickly heading over.

That pure white Magic Sedan came to Xu Yis side and the door opened as Still came out.

“Hey, Still, why are you back” Xu Yi asked in a surprised voice, “Werent you working in the Falk Kingdom”

“What You dont welcome me back” Still pushed back her long hair and came to Xu Yis side with a faint smile. Her hand came out and touched his face, “If Im not here, you have more time to be by yourself”

“What nonsense are you talking about” Xu Yi rolled his eyes, “Speak, did you suddenly come back for something”

“Thats right, there is something and its something I need to talk to you, chairman Xu about.”

“Its related to me What is it” Xu Yi was even more curious.

Still looked around, “Lets find a place to sit and talk.”


Twenty minutes later, the two of them were sitting on the gazebo overlooking the cliff at Xu Yis manor.

Still took a sip of the warm tea and let out a sigh.

“Its good to be back in the Stantine Duchy, the winters arent cold at all. In the days in the Falk Kingdom, it was so cold that I was about to die.”

Xu Yi laughed, “That place is in the north part of the continent, so its much colder than the Stantine Duchy. Did you see me when I came back from the Marlow Empire before If I came back a bit later, I definitely would have frozen to death in the Marlow Empire.”

“Youre quite sly, coming back yourself and leaving the others in the Marlow Empire.” Still looked at Xu Yi and she revealed a charming look.

Although Still was already the mother of two children and she was getting close to being thirty, compared to when they first met, even if the current Still didnt have the same youthfulness as before, there was a mature charm that made her more beautiful.

Xu Yi laughed, “That was their choice. If I had them come back, they definitely wouldnt be willing.”

“Of course. If they can take root in the Marlow Empire, it would be very helpful to the development of their companies, so they wouldnt let go of this chance just because it was a bit cold.”

After saying this, Still turned to look at the sun that was setting on the sea. After staring for a bit, she said, “I came back from the Falk Kingdom this time was not just because I didnt like how cold it was.”

Xu Yi put down the cup of tea in his hand and looked at Still, knowing that she was about to get into business.

Still suddenly stopping her promotion of the Magic Illusion Projectors in the Falk Kingdom and coming back to the Stantine Duchy to look for him, it was clearly something important.

“Speak. If theres something you need my help with, theres no need to be polite. Who told us to be husband and wife” Xu Yi said with a smile.

Still turned to Xu Yi with a smile, but there was a trace of apology in her eyes.

“Actually, I didnt like hearing you say this before.”

Xu Yi was surprised before understanding. He gave a shrug and said, “I understand, you are a strong female and arent willing to depend on me to develop the New Moon Chamber of Commerce. I understand this, so unless you take the initiative to ask for it, I will rarely help you, isnt that right”

“Xu Yi, did my willfulness from before cause a headache for you” Still looked at Xu Yi as she asked this.

Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “Of course not. Being self dependent is the merit of yours that I admire. Since youve made your own choice, I can only support you, how could it be a headache”

“Then if I were to change now and want…..Eh, what was it called again The thing you told me about before”

“What is it” Xu Yi was a bit confused.

“I thought of it, hugging the big leg!” Still gave a clap and said with an excited look, “Xu Yi, Ive changed my thoughts and have decided to hug your big leg. Are you happy”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling as he reached out his right leg.

“Come, hug it then.”

Still snappily slapped Xu Yis thigh, “Its hugging the leg of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce!”

Xu Yi gave a laugh and took back his leg. After thinking about it, he said with a serious look, “You mean that your New Moon Chamber of Commerce wants to work on expanding with our Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

“Pretty much. Xu Yi, havent you always wanted people to pay less attention to the military magic machines and pay more attention to household magic machines” Still said.

“Un, what about it Do you have some good ideas”

“Yes, when I was promoting the Magic Illusion Projector in the Falk Kingdom, I found a problem. It was that although quite a few of the people in the Falk Kingdom had heard the Frestech Chamber of Commerce name and knew what the magic machines were, if you asked them about the various kinds of magic machines, most people wouldnt know them.”

“This is very normal.” Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Our company has just introduced magic machines into the Falk Kingdom, so its natural that the normal citizens dont know about them.”

“So after I considered it, I felt that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce should increase their advertising in this. But speaking of advertising, whether it is pictures of newspapers, it isnt direct enough. It wont let the people really understand what the magic machines can do……”

“Then you thought of introducing it with the Magic Illusion Films” Xu Yi cut in.

Still was stunned before looking at Xu Yi with an aggrieved look, “Can you not be this smart”

Xu Yi was speechless. This kind of television advertising was very common on earth, how could he not think of it

But because the Magic Illusion Projector hadnt spread in the surrounding countries, especially those countries where magic machines were still new things, even if Xu Yi wanted to use these films as advertisements, he was still limited by the conditions.

Moreover, there was a very important reason. It was that Still wanted to develop her New Moon Chamber of Commerce without the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Even if the New Moon Chamber of Commerce bought a large number of Magic Illusion Projectors from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they traded for them at market price without a single discount.

So Xu Yi didnt want to take the initiative to raise this matter. He hoped that when the time was right, Still would make the decision to raise this proposal.

Now that Still had thought this through and raised this idea, it really was a happy matter.

“I thought that because our New Moon Chamber of Commerce isnt that famous, it would be very hard and time consuming to install these Magic Illusion Projectors in other countries. So I wanted to work with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce and promote them along with the other household magic machines. Of course, at the same time, our New Moon Chamber of Commerce would also shoot some Magic Illusion Films to promote the various household magic machines of your company.”

Although Xu Yi felt a bit off hearing “you” and “us” from Stills mouth, he was very clear that Still was just differentiating between the interest of her company and her private interests, so there wasnt any problem.

“Of course theres no problem. How about this, well sign a cooperation agreement. No matter where our Frestech Chamber of Commerce promotes household magic machines, we will make the Magic Illusion Projector the main focus. Then your New Moon Chamber of Commerce will take a few of our Frestech Chamber of Commerces products to shoot commercials for. That would benefit both our sides.”

“This was my idea.” Still said with a nod, “Other than this, our New Moon Chamber of Commerce is trying to shoot some modern or futuristic films. We can put the household magic machines into the films and let the people understand the uses of the household magic machines from the films.”

“Oh” This time Xu Yi really was a bit surprised.

He never thought that Still would think of the same method of advertising as on earth, even using product placement advertising.

Based on this, it could really be said that Still was a genius at advertising.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi suddenly had a thought.

“How about this, Still, I will represent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to officially propose a cooperation with your New Moon Chamber of Commerce. I hope that your New Moon Chamber of Commerce will make a special documentary for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce which will be called……«The Frestech Chamber of Commerces Road of Development». What do you think”

Stills eyes lit up, “That really is a good idea!”-

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