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Seeing Tvisti turn back after throwing out the invitations, Xu Yi already had some plans.

“Give me the annual financial report that Sebas gave you.” Xu Yi said.

Tvisti didnt even need to look for it as she pulled it out of a thick pile of documents on the side and handed it to Xu Yi.

This was also another advantage that Tvisti had as an elf, she had exceptional memory and she could remember everything that was placed in front of her clearly. As long as Xu Yi asked for it, she would be able to immediately find the thing Xu Yi was looking for.

Moreover, she neatly put all the documents in place, so even if Xu Yi looked for it, it wouldnt take him that much time or effort to find the document he wanted.

With how obedient she was and how she didnt talk much, it could be said that she had all the necessary qualities of a secretary.

Not to mention that she was very beautiful and good to look at. If this was earth, she would be the most perfect secretary in the minds of all the bosses.

Xu Yi wasnt that close to Tvisti at first since she was someone that elder Lisanya had arranged.

But after being together for half a year, Xu Yi gradually became used to her.

There were times that Xu Yi even thought that if Tvisti left now, it would take him some time to adapt.

Shaking his head to get rid of these random thoughts, Xu Yi focused on the annual financial report that was in his hand.

Although it was still early December, according to their conventions from the past, Sebas as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces financial manager would create an annual financial report for the company.

This report wasnt considered the final annual report. It was just a basic assessment that Sebas made of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces financial situation this year. Not only did it include this years finance statistics, it also included the evaluation and next years projections.

Although it was only a general appraisal, it was very important for Xu Yi who would set the companys direction for next year, so he always seriously read this report.

Based on the report, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces eleven months of profit had already reached thirty million gold coins.

Moreover, because December was the beginning of winter, it was a busy sales period for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces household magic machines. So this months profit was only second to the second month of summer and the conservative estimates put it at three million gold coins.

With all of this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces profits this year was over thirty three million gold coins. It had increased by 30% compared to last year, so it could be said that their development was going smoothly.

But if one looked at segments of the data, they would find that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces profit growth had been mainly focused on military magic machines.

Compared to last year, the profit of the military magic machines had increased by four million gold coins, taking up more than half of this years profit growth.

Moreover, according to the current estimates, as long as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce increased their production capacity, the profit of the military magic machines would keep growing next year.

So in the meeting between the Frestech Chamber of Commerces high level members, including Kennard, they all proposed that the company put more focus into military magic machines. They would increase the production capacity as much as possible and increase the profits of the company.

However, Xu Yi had rejected this proposal.

Xu Yi stated that although it was inevitable that they would invest in military magic machines, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main focus would be the household magic machines and that wouldnt change.

According to Xu Yis estimates, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would officially open the markets of the Candra Empire and the Marlow Empire next year, sending various household magic machines into those markets. So the Frestech Chamber of Commerce should focus on these household magic machines to prepare ahead of time for the large demand for them.

Even if the others didnt doubt Xu Yis judgement, in front of the large profits of the military magic machines, the high level members of the company were still moved.

Xu Yi wanted to shift the attention of other people from the military magic machines to the household magic machines, so the first thing he needed to do was change the thoughts of the people in the company.

“Tvisti, you talked to Sebas about finances before, how are your studies going” Xu Yi asked.

Tvisti hesitated a bit before looking a bit embarrassed.

“I only learned some basic knowledge, Im still lacking in many other things.”

“Can you understand this report” Xu Yi asked.

“Un, no problem.” Tvisti nodded, “Manager Sebas started by teaching me about these financial reports.”

“Thats good, then come over here.” Xu Yi waved his hand at Tvisti and had her stand by his side before pointing at a page in the financial report, “Do you understand what this means”

Tvisti looked at Xu Yi in surprise before replying, “This is describing the changes in finances from July to November. Based on the data curve, theres clear growth in August and September, but theres a significant drop in October. Manager Sebas analysis is because there was a large order of military magic machines and other related products from the Rudson Kingdom during August and September.”

“Un, it is like this.” Xu Yi nodded, “But havent you noticed a problem This data curve doesnt seem reasonable, right”

“Un…..Manager Sebas said that this was because it was influenced by the war between the Rudson Kingdom and the Candra Empire, so it cant be referenced as a norm.”

“Youre right. Tvisti, I want you to follow the same style as this report to make two other reports. They will be profit analysis reports for both the military magic machine department and the household magic machine department. Can you do it” Xu Yi asked.

Tvisti looked at Xu Yi in surprise, but she didnt ask why. After thinking for a bit, she shook her head, “I cant make as detailed of a report as manager Sebas can.”

“Im not asking you to make the exact same report, I just need you to show the most basic information. Can you do this”

Tvisti knitted her brows and after seriously thinking about it, she gave a nod, “There should be no problems.”

“Very good.” Xu Yi put the financial report in his hands in Tvistis arms, “This is a test of your financial skills. When you return to the Moon Shadow Tribe in a month, elder Lisanya will definitely make you take some responsibility in this aspect, so its good if you get some practice early.”

“Yes, sir chairman.” Tvisti replied with a nod.

“Right, after speaking of your return to the Moon Shadow Tribe, Ive suddenly thought of something. When is Agnes coming back” Xu Yi suddenly asked.

Tvisti just blinked in a daze, “This…..I dont know.”

“Then help me contact elder Lisanya. Just said that I miss Agnes and if theres nothing wrong with her, have her come back.”

Tvisti silently looked at Xu Yi for a bit before hesitantly asked, “Sir chairman, Ive actually always wanted to ask you. Do you…..really love Agnes”

“Why are you asking this” Xu Yi asked back in a slightly surprised voice.

“Because I really find it strange.” Tvisti honestly replied, “We have been taught since we were young that humans and elves are two different races. The humans have always been hostile towards us elves, so we should have as little contact with humans as possible, even not appearing in front of them. But I feel…..that Agnes has really fallen in love with sir chairman. So I want to know, does sir chairman love Agnes”

“The education you received back then is obsolete. If it was not, not mentioning others, just elder Lisanya wouldnt tell you not to make contact with humans, right”

“Un, the elder wants us to contact humans as much as possible and learn to improve on the flaws of the elves from them. She sent me here to learn many good things from sir chairman.”

“He, it seems like elder Lisanya thinks quite highly of me.” Xu Yi gave a smile before continuing, “Speaking of the question just now, whether I love Agnes or not…..that question isnt easy to answer because the definition of love that humans and elves have isnt the same. I can only tell you that Agnes is very important to me right now and if someone wanted to hurt her, I definitely wouldnt let them. Im willing to be with her for this life and she is already one of my most important family members. Can you understand if I say it like this”

“I understand most of it.” Tvisti nodded, “But sir chairman, you dont only have Still as your wife, right Didnt you always say that miss Still is the most important person in your heart”

Xu Yi felt a bit awkward as he gave a cough, “This…..Still is indeed the most important to me, but Agnes is also very important.”

“Is that so” Tvisit was still a bit doubtful, “We elves only have one partner we share our lives with, but you humans can have that many”

Xu Yi felt even more awkward, “It isnt like this, since there are differences between people.”

“Oh…..” Tvisti looked like she understood and understood at the same time. After thinking for a bit, she said with a smile, “Alright, sir chairman, to answer your question, Anges is currently in a critical period, so I think the elder wont let her come back right now.”

“What critical period” Xu Yi was very confused, “Ive asked elder Lisanya about this many times, but she was never willing to tell me. This really is strange, why is there a need to be this mysterious”

Tvisti revealed a naughty smile, “Sir chairman, theres no need to rush. If nothing unexpected happens, youll know in half a year.”

Seeing that Tvisti also wasnt telling him anything, Xu Yi helplessly rolled his eyes.

“Alright, then help my tell elder Lisanya that if shes not willing to tell me why she wont let Agnes come back, then I wont support your tribes stretch of land in the southwest of the Sack Kingdom.”

Tvistis eyes opened wide as a trace of anger appeared on her face.

“Sir chairman, you…..Youre gaining private benefits under the guise of working for the public!”

Xu Yi laughed thinking that so what if I am-

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