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Magic Industry Empire Volume 6 Chapter 51 - Attitude change

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Even though on the battlefield, the Rudson Kingdoms army had beaten the Candra Empires army away, making them unable to even fight back, after general McHales troops had entered three hundred kilometers into the Candra Empire, the Rudson Kingdoms army chose to retreat and didnt show any signs of chasing.

After withdrawing from the Candra Empires territory, the Rudson Kingdom only fortified their border defenses and didnt make any other moves.

And after the Candra Empire suffered two losses, they also fell silent.

The borders of the two countries fell silent again like the war before didnt even happen.

But everyone knew that this calm was only a false appearance.

The Candra Empire as one of the continents two empires, now that they had suffered a disastrous defeat at the hands of a small country like the Rudson Kingdom, if they didnt find a way to restore their reputation, it would be a large blow to the Candra Empires reputation on the entire continent.

So the Candra Empire would definitely make another move. When they did, they wouldnt underestimate the Rudson Kingdom like they had done before.

Everyone believed that with the far stronger national power of the Candra Empire compared to the Rudson Kingdom, even if they suffered one or two losses to the Rudson Kingdom, there would be no problem defeating them in the end.

Of course, they needed some time to prepare.

After the conflict between the two countries ended, it entered the winter of year 3789.

The weather of the other places on the continent began getting colder. Although the Marlow Empire in the north was very big, most of their territory was showing signs of the chill of winter.

Marquis Southgates territory was located in the southwest of the Marlow Empire, close to the middle of the continent, so it wasnt that cold just yet.

But for the people who lived in the Lampuri Kingdom and the Stantine Duchy with their temperate winters, the temperature on Marquis Southgates territory right now made them feel a bit cold.

With a cold breeze, chairman Cantona couldnt help giving a shiver. He tightened the leather clothes he was wearing and only then did he feel a bit warmer.

Turning to look at Baron Franklin beside him, he found that he was only wearing a light unpadded garment. He didnt even buckle it up completely and left it open, but he didnt seem like he was cold at all.

Chairman Cantona couldnt help giving a sigh deep down. Young people are different, they were countless times more resistant against the cold compared to an old man in his forties like him.

“Hey, Baron Franklin, when is the Lord Marquis coming back” Chairman Cantona asked.

Baron Franklin turned back from looking into the distance and replied with a smile, “Grandfather said that he would be back before dinner, so I think that he should be back soon.”

“Un, thats good.” Chairman Cantona gave a nod, “The first field being renovated will be finished today, so we need the Lord Marquis to come back and approve it. If something is wrong, its good to mention it as soon as possible. Its almost the new year and the fellows in the company might be worried that they cant go back home for New Years.

“Actually, if its just the approval, I can represent my grandfather. But my grandfather said that your Cantona Chamber of Commerce has really helped our territory this time and we will be cooperating for a long time in the future, so in order to deepen our relationship, I had to keep you all here for a few more days.” Baron Franklin said with a faint smile.

“Oh” Chairman Cantona looked at Baron Franklin with a bit of surprise.

Since the fall harvest, the subordinates of the Cantona Chamber of Commerce that he led had been here for close to three months.

Although Marquis Southgate and Baron Franklin who represented him in supervising the work had been courteous, chairman Cantona could tell that they were only being polite based on their training as nobles. It didnt mean that they placed any importance on them at all.

Of course, this was a natural thing since the other side was a marquis of the Marlow Empire, someone at the peak on the entire Sines Continent. He was countless times higher than their small company. Being able to appear polite was already because of their training, but most of that was because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

However, chairman Cantona could clearly tell that Baron Franklins words were filled with sincerity, it wasnt just normal courtesy.

Seeing that sincere smile on Baron Franklins face, chairman Cantona felt a bit of doubt.

What reason was there for such a large change in his attitude

But thinking about it, it wasnt important.

Because Cantona also wanted to maintain a long term cooperation with Marquis Southgate, which would greatly help the Cantona Chamber of Commerce open the market in the Marlow Empire.

For example, during the fall harvest this year, when the Cantona Chamber of Commerce had shown that amazing display during the fall harvest on Marquis Southgates territory, there were many other Marlow Empire nobles related to Marquis Southgate who came looking for the Cantona Chamber of Commerce. They wanted them to help them harvest their territories as well.

In the month and a half period of the fall harvest, the Cantona Chamber of Commerce had harvested fifty thousand hectares of farmland, averaging around a hundred hectares of land a day. They helped thirteen nobles completely harvest all the fields in their territory.

This kind of surprising efficiency had created a large stir in the Marlow Empires noble circle. Before the fall harvest ended, there were countless Marlow Empire nobles who looked for Marquis Southgate or directly contacted the Cantona Chamber of Commerce, hoping that the Cantona Chamber of Commerce would help them with their spring harvest next year.

For these nobles, although the Cantona Chamber of Commerce would charge them a certain amount of fees, with the amount of labour that they saved on, they actually gained more than they paid.

Moreover, the Cantona Chamber of Commerce was very efficient in their harvest. The waste of the grain was at an inconceivably low rate, so it was much more effective than harvesting it themselves no matter how they thought about it.

The current Cantona Chamber of Commerce could be considered to have a bit of fame in the Marlow Empire. Even if they werent related to Marquis Southgate, they would be able to open the market in the Marlow Empire.

Of course, chairman Cantona wasnt so short sighted. He firmly gave Marquis Southgate the most support and the first farmland renovation was done on Marquis Southgates territory, helping Marquis Southgate open up around three hundred hectares of farmland.

Like this, as long as the three hundred hectares were planted during the spring planting, when the fall harvest came next year, the grain yield of Marquis Southgates territory would increase by at least 50%.

“Perhaps its because they are very satisfied with our results that they changed their attitude” Chairman Cantona changed his mind and after considering it, he said to Baron Franklin with a nod, “Alright then, since the Lord Marquis has given this invitation, how could I reject it Theres also a few things with the farmland renovation that I wanted to discuss with the Lord Marquis. I hope that I can have a few more talks with the Lord Marquis during these few days.”

“Grandfather will definitely be happy to talk to you.” Baron Franklin said with a smile.

After the two talked for a bit, Baron Franklin left for another matter. Chairman Cantona supervised the work in the field for a bit longer before getting into a transport Magic Car, heading west to the magic machine industrial base on Marquis Southgates territory.

After close to half a year of construction, the base was already starting to take form. There were several factories that were close to being finished and they would be able to start production next year.

Now the companies of these factories were recruiting a large number of workers through Marquis Southgate, preparing for next year.

According to the agreement Xu Yi reached with Marquis Southgate before, the workers of these factories would mainly come from Marquis Southgates territory. However, because Marquis Southgates territory didnt have enough workers, they still needed to recruit from outside.

Marquis Southgate gave priority to his good friend Duke Makaros when it came to the extra quota. It was expected that there would be three to four thousand workers that came from his territory.

And because this would affect the work force on Duke Makaros territory, Duke Makaros had made a request to the Cantona Chamber of Commerce through Marquis Southgate. He wanted the Cantona Chamber of Commerce to completely change the farmland on his territory like they were doing on Marquis Southgates territory.

At the same time, Marquis Southgate had also advised Duke Makaros to order the agricultural magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce which the Frestech Chamber of Commerce agreed to.

If nothing unexpected happened, in just three years, their territories would be like the current Lampuri Kingdom, using mechanical farming.

This result would affect the Cantona Chamber of Commerces income, but chairman Cantona wasnt surprised.

When the Lampuri Kingdom started using machine farming, it had impacted the Cantona Chamber of Commerce, but they still found their market.

The Marlow Empire was several times bigger than the Lampuri Kingdom and the other countries, so he was confident that there was room for them to survive.

Not to mention that chairman Cantonas ambition didnt stop there.

After arriving at the base, chairman Cantona directly found the Amrit Chamber of Commerces vice chairman Riley who was in charge of the construction here and asked a veiled question with the doubt in his heart.

Why did Marquis Southgate suddenly have such a positive attitude

However, the answer that Riley gave chairman Cantona was an answer he never would have imagined.

“Its very simple, its because the Rudson Kingdom defeated the Candra Empire.”

Chairman Cantona just stood there with a bewildered look.

How was this…..all related-

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