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Volume 6 Chapter 46 Deciding factor of war

After talking to Arch Magus Camilla, Xu Yi had to admit that with the current power of the military magic machines the Frestech Chamber of Commerce produced, it was impossible to kill Arch Magi in a head on fight.

But Arch Magus Camilla also admitted that these military magic machines posed a bit of a threat to him, so as long as the right methods were used, they could stall an Arch Magus for a certain amount of time and could even push back the other side.

The key to this was that as long as there were enough ammunition, they could keep attacking.

No matter how strong an Arch Magus was, he had a limited amount of magic.

If pressure was continuously put on the Arch Magus, the Arch Magus would retreat because he would run out of magic.

But the problem is…..how to pressure an Arch Magus

Compared to the current military magic machines, Arch Magi used powerful spells and the most important thing was that they were flexible.

Without having prepared first, an Arch Magus could easily release a powerful spell in a short period of time, but it was hard for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards with the military magic machines to release enough power to suppress an Arch Magus.

If there was an engagement, it was very likely the Arch Magus could take out an entire group of Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards before retreating without any injuries. Then they could find another chance to attack and the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards wouldnt be able to do anything.

“I already told you not to think about facing Arch Magi. If youre really worried about the Arch Magi in the Candra Empire, think of how to defend against their attacks first. As long as you can defend, the role the Arch Magi plays is very limited. In the end, there are too few magicians that they cannot replace armies.” Arch Magus Camilla gave a suggestion in the end.

“Un…..that is right. But…..I dont like being too passive.” Xu Yi spread his hands as he said this.

Arch Magus Camilla rolled his eyes, “You want to take the initiative against an Arch Magus Do you think you are a Great Magus”

Xu Yi gave a helpless bitter laugh, “Alright, I really was thinking too much. But the current Rudson Kingdom can give me actual combat experience, so it saves me quite a bit of effort.”

Arch Magus Camilla was surprised, “I thought that you really wanted to help the Rudson Kingdom, I never thought that you wanted to use them as an experiment.”

“I cant be said like that.” Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “The Rudson Kingdom is a barrier between the Stantine Duchy and the Candra Empire, being able to keep it is beneficial to our company.”

“Then why didnt you use this reason to convince those fellows at the company Why did you let those people secretly think if there was conflict in the company, doubting that you as the chairman was losing control of it” Arch Magus Camilla couldnt help asking.

“Because Ive found a problem. Other than me, theres no one who believes that the Candra Empire can be defeated.”

“Nonsense, that is the Candra Empire. Why do you think a small country like the Rudson Kingdom can beat them” Arch Magus Camilla rolled his eyes.

“So I am too lazy to convince them with words, I want to use the Rudson Kingdom to prove this. Grandfather, what do you think”

Arch Magus Camilla thought about it before saying with a nod, “I thought the same as them before, but after training with the guards a few times, I think that…..the Rudson Kingdom has a chance to win.”

“Is that so” Xu Yi revealed a smile before his expression suddenly changed, revealing a depressed look, “But the problem are the Arch Magi. The Rudson Kingdom have several Great Magicians, but if the Candra Empire sends out an Arch Magus, I think that itll be hard for them to resist.”

Arch Magus Camilla instead revealed a smile and patted Xu Yis shoulder as he comforted him, “Relax, at least in the early periods, the Candra Empire wont sent out an Arch Magus.”


Great Magicians and Arch Magi arent allowed to participate in wars invading other countries, or they will be removed from the Magicians Guild. That is one of the principles the Magicians Guild was established on.” Arch Magus Camilla explained.

“Theres this rule Thats great!” Xu Yis eyes lit up and he clenched his fist, “If its like this, Im fully confident that the Rudson Kingdom can win the war!”

Arch Magus Camilla gave a sigh with a bit of a complicated look on his face.

Before this kid Xu Yi made these military magic machines, everyone on the continent firmly believed that the main deciding factor of war was always which side had the stronger magicians.

But with these military magic machines, Arch Magus Camilla was certain that what decided a war would be which side had the stronger military magic machines.

The role that magicians would play in wars would become weaker compared to before.

Like this, it will greatly impact the positions of magicians on the continent.

To be more pessimistic, the magicians might lose their aloof status that theyve enjoyed for the past several thousand years.

As a traditional magician, Arch Magus Camilla felt a bit disappointed by this loss of influence.

But seeing that confident and bright look on Xu Yis face, Arch Magus Camilla couldnt help smiling.

Although it was possible that the magicians would lose their high position on the continent because of this fellow, because of this fellows appearance, there was another path that magicians could choose from.

Compared to before when everyone thought that magicians only possessed destructive might, if they followed the path that Xu Yi had laid out, magic could give people the impression that it made things easier. And the impression of magicians on people would be one of respect instead of fear.

Arch Magus Camilla liked this change very much, so while he felt disappointed in his heart, he still sincerely hoped that Xu Yi would achieve his goals.

This support was unrelated to Still, it was purely because of his recognition of Xu Yi.


Fall of year 3789 on the continent, there was a war that caught the attention of the continent in the southwest corner.

The two sides of the war was the Candra Empire which was one of the two empires and the Rudson Kingdom, which was an unknown and unimpressive small country.

Everyone thought that with the large disparity in power between the two sides, the Candra Empire would be able to easily defeat the Rudson Kingdom without giving them any chance to resist.

The only suspense was how long the Rudson Kingdom would be able to last.

However, the war didnt progress as everyone had expected.

At the end of September, the Candra Empire officially declared war on the Rudson Kingdom, building up three regiments of fifty thousand soldiers to attack the Rudson Kingdom.

The Rudson Kingdom accepted this war and built up twenty thousand soldiers at the border to resist this invasion.

On the 27th of September, it was the first fight between the two countries on the border.

It was a day of fierce combat. The Candra Empire had lost over three thousand soldiers and were forced to retreat and as for the Rudson Kingdoms losses…..they were zero.

On the 28th of September, the two sides fought on the border again.

The Candra Empire had learned from yesterday and sent out thirty thousand people at once, wanting to defeat the Rudson Kingdom in one fell swoop.

However, the end of this battle resulted in the Candra Empire being routed again, suffering over seven thousand casualties.

The Rudson Kingdom also suffered casualties, but they were so small that they could be ignored.

On the 3rd of October, after five days of rest, the Candra Empires army attacked the Rudson Kingdom again. They committed their entire forces with over forty thousand troops.

At the same time, the Rudson Kingdom had also sent out all their troops to resist.

In the end, after three fierce days of fighting, the Candra Empire was defeated again and again, losing over ten thousand soldiers.

And the Rudson Kingdoms casualties had barely broken the thousand mark.

But compared to the losses of the Candra Empire, just a thousand casualties could be ignored.

So after ten days of fighting, the Candra Empires forces of over fifty thousand had suffered losses of twenty thousand casualties. As for the Rudson Kingdoms army of over twenty thousand, they had only lost less than two thousand troops!

With such a large disparity in casualties, it shocked everyone who paid attention to this war.

Although before the war, there were people who guessed that the Candra Empire would suffer a bit from underestimating their enemies too much, the shocking losses of the Candra Empire couldnt be considered a small loss. It could be said that they were completely routed.

Compared to this, the Rudson Kingdoms army had shown a powerful battle strength that had shocked everyone.

Fighting fifty thousand enemies with twenty thousand and being able to keep their casualties this low, while also dealing such high casualties to the enemy, this had completely subverted everyones knowledge.

Even if the Rudson Kingdoms armies were filled with elits, they shouldnt have such an exaggerated victory, right

If it was said that the people of the continent cared about this war because the continent had been calm for too long, a sudden war would definitely be the center of attention. After the three battles of the Candra Empire and the Rudson Kingdom, everyone became even more focused on this war.

But there were many doubts in the minds of those that cared about this war.

How could the Rudson Kingdom army have such a shocking battle strength-

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