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Volume 6 Chapter 43 Establishing prestige

King Teruc read the report in his hand and he had a slightly sunken look on his face at first, but he slowly revealed a faint smile as he reached the end of it.

When he finished reading it, he folded it up and his expression became calm again as a strong confidence filled his eyes.

“Did chairman Xu have anything else to say to you” King Teruc asked Newman standing in front of him.

Newman gave a bow and replied, “Before leaving the Stantine Duchy, chairman Xu found me in secret to have me bring some words back to your majesty.”


“Chairman Xu said although it seems like the Rudson Kingdom is in a crisis this time, this is actually a very good chance. At the same time, it was also a very good chance for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“Just this”

“Un, just this.”

King Teruc fell silently into thought for a bit, looking at the letter in his hand. After thinking for a bit, it was as if he had thought of something as he revealed a faint smile.

“Very good, it seems like chairman Xus ambitions are even bigger than I thought. That is very good.”

Newman looked at King Teruc in surprise. He thought that it was because chairman Xu and his majesty were both very ambitious people, that was why they had reached this agreement.

This time after fighting the Candra Empire, the entire Rudson Kingdom had fallen into chaos. Everyone was worried that the Candra Empire would start launching powerful retaliation against the Rudson Kingdom because of this, even destroying the Rudson Kingdom.

In this situation, the first thing King Teruc thought about was not how to recover from the influence of this matter and find a solution with the Candra Empire. Rather he mobilized the Rudson Kingdom and prepared to fight the Candra Empire.

Because of the actions of King Teruc, many nobles of the Rudson Kingdom became even more worried and there was an undercurrent surging in the kingdom. Countless nobles had used various methods to ask King Teruc to seek reconciliation with the Candra Empire, hoping that they wouldnt truly go to war with the Candra Empire.

But King Teruc didnt care about them at all and continued to prepare for war.

If it was in another small country, that country would have already fallen into chaos. However, in the Rudson Kingdom, the royal family represented by King Teruc had full control of the Rudson Kingdom, so the other nobles couldnt influence him at all.

Now that King Teruc had made a decision, the other nobles in the kingdom were at their wits end. There were many nobles families that were secretly shifting their family out of the Rudson Kingdom to avoid this calamity.

King Teruc was aware of what was happening in the kingdom, but he acted like he didnt see it at all and didnt care about it. He was focusing most of his attention on preparing for war and a bit of his attention on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

When the Rudson Kingdoms border guards had clashed with the smuggling merchants on the Candra Empire borders, King Teruc had already given the Frestech Chamber of Commerce many favourable conditions in hopes that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would support them within military magic machines.

Now that the conflict between sides had truly erupted, King Teruc immediately sent Newman, who was the most familiar with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to the Stantine Duchy, to negotiate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce on his behalf.

It should be said that the results of the negotiations with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce werent ideal.

Even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce welcomed Newman like usual, Newman could clearly feel that the high level members of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce were only being polite to him. When he tried to discuss the matter of cooperation, whether it was the CEO Kennard or the other high level members, they went to do something else, shifted the topic, or werent willing to discuss this.

When Newman started discussing the matter of buying military magic machines, Kennard and the other high level members of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce were all cold towards him.

After being in the Stantine Duchy for a week, Newman already understood the Frestech Chamber of Commerces stance.

It was clear that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had scruples about being involved between the Rudson Kingdom and the Candra Empire. They werent willing to meddle, so they werent willing to offend the Candra Empire by supporting the Rudson Kingdom.

This result was not that surprising for Newman. Before he had come to the Stantine Duchy, the people in the Rudson Kingdom had already predicted this.

In the end, compared to the giant Candra Empire, the Rudson Kingdom really was insignificant.

Even if Newman was in the Frestech Chamber of Commerces current position, he would have the same attitude as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

However, when Newman left the Stantine Duchy in disappointment, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu who had never appeared appeared in front of Newman.

Xu Yi didnt say much to Newman in private, he just gave him a letter for King Teruc while also letting him bring some words to King Teruc.

However, just a single letter and a few words had made King Teruc who had a dark look on his face because of the attitude of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce fill with confidence again.

This made Newman very confused.

His majesty had suddenly changed, it was clear that Xu Yis letter had shown his support for the Rudson Kingdom.

However, since Xu Yi supported the Rudson Kingdom, why did the high level members of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce have such an attitude when they met Newman

Could it be that they had a different idea as Xu Yi who was the chairman

If that were true, didnt that mean that there was a serious problem in Xu Yis control of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, even to the point that the high level members were going against him

But this problem would be even more serious because even if Xu Yi promised something to his majesty in his letter, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce might not go through with it.

Why did Xu Yi have him bring back this letter and these words

However, King Teruc acted like there was no problem at all. After reading the letter and knowing what Xu Yi said, he became much more spirited and filled with confidence, which was just too strange.

The only explanation was that Xu Yi had added something that Newman didnt know about in that letter, which made his majesty regain confidence in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

“Newman.” King Teruc suddenly called out, cutting through Newmans thoughts.

“Ah Ah, your majesty, do you have some orders”

“There will be some representatives from some Lampuri Kingdom companies coming over the next few days, youll be in charge of them. You have to properly entertain them, understood”

Newman was stunned.

Why would the Lampuri Kingdoms company representatives come now

Moreover, why did he never hear about this before

He looked at the letter in King Terucs hand and Newman had a thought.

Could it be that this was what Xu Yi had written in the letter

But how is that related to the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that his majesty needed


The bright fall sun fell down onto the endless seas. Although it wasnt as hot as it was during the summer, the light reflected on the sea was so bright that people couldnt stare right at it.

Russell was standing on the deck of a guard ship, narrowing his eyes to look at the horizon. Through the report of the guard ship captain, he knew that the line in front of them had passed the border between the Candra Empire and the Rudson Kingdom, so they had entered the Rudson Kingdom.

Actually, the concept of sea area didnt exist in Russells mind before.

What sea area, the places that the royal navy went all belonged to them!

However with the appearance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet, this concept began to spread with the actions of their guard fleet and their transport fleet moving all across the oceans.

According to the idea of sea area that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet had proposed, each country would have control over the seas twenty kilometers away from their territory.

Entering the sea areas of other countries would be equal to invading them.

So by this concept, the Candra Empires third royal fleet that Russell was leading was currently invading the sea area of the Rudson Kingdom, which was equal to invading the Rudson Kingdoms territory.

But…..so what

This time the fleet that Russell led only had three guard ships and fifty Thunderclap Grade Giant Warships with the goal of invading the Rudson Kingdom.

According to the plans of the royal army, Russell would lead his fleet to attack from the southern coast and then head north. Their final goal was to reach the Rudson Kingdoms capital of Caraca City where they would meet with the land army and destroy this impudent small Rudson Kingdom in one fell swoop.

No one in the empire doubted this plan because to everyone, a small country like the Rudson Kingdom couldnt resist the Candra Empire at all. The only way to reduce their casualties was to not resist at all and surrender, becoming a vassal of the empire.

But based on the conflict between the two countries, this damn small country didnt show any signs of giving up at all, their king had even actively prepared for war.

This had greatly injured the pride of the generals in the royal army.

This small and insignificant country actually dared to resist!

The empires army hadnt had a war in twenty years, so the army headquarters wanted to treat this opportunity as a training exercise. They had sent out five regiments at once, which were filled with fifty thousand elite soldiers and even sent out the royal navy to work with them.

They wanted to smash this arrogant small country in a single breath and show the dignity of the empire across the continent!

However, when Russell looked into the distance, there was a bit of uneasiness that filled his heart.

Can the plan of the army headquarters really go that smoothly

At this time, he noticed that there were several ships made of iron quickly coming across the horizon.-

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