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General Forex looked up and gave a loud yawn.

He had been wildly playing with two girls in his tent last night, so he couldnt sleep well all night. Now that noon was already coming, he still couldnt regain his vigor.

Looking up at the hot autumn sun, general Forex felt a bit annoyed at heart.

He couldnt stay home in this damn weather, he had to come several hundred kilometers to this damn place, so he really wasnt happy.

But this was an order that came from headquarters, so even if he was the commander of the third defence armys fourth regiment, he couldnt go against these orders.

“Damn Rudson Kingdom, I really dont know what kind of craziness theyve gained, actually daring to make a move against me. I dont know where they got this kind of courage.” General Forex muttered before gently kicking the mount underneath him, picking up his speed. He headed to the grassland that was on the border between the Candra Empire and the Rudson Kingdom.

A week ago, the seventh squad of the third armys fourth regiment had been attacked by the Rudson Kingdoms border guards here. Only two out of the fifteen people had escaped, the other thirteen had all been annihilated.

After news spread, it created a shock in the empire.

The emperor was furious over this matter and immediately overruled the parliaments decision to have the Rudson Kingdom give an explanation, as well as their decision to forgive this matter over compensation. He gave the order to the army to immediately retaliate against the Rudson Kingdom.

This order was fully supported by the military.

Since the Candra Empire had been founded, although they suffered quite a few times at the hands of the Marlow Empire, other than the Marlow Empire, had any other small countries on the continent dared to disrespect the Candra Empire

Not to mention the reports from the ones who had escaped, the Rudson Kingdoms soldiers had been the ones to make a move first this time!

This was simply open provocation!

This could even be considered a direct challenge to the Candra Empire!

Under the rage of the emperor, the Candra Empires royal army only used three days to finish a plan for their retaliation against the Rudson Kingdom.

And a week after this matter, general Forex had brought three thousand soldiers of the third armys fourth regiment to cross the border between the Candra Empire and the Rudson Kingdom, directly entering the Rudson Kingdoms territory.

General Forexs task this time was very simple, it was to directly launch an attack on the Rudson Kingdoms third regiment on the border. They were to deal as many casualties as possible, dealing a large retaliation to the Rudson Kingdoms border guards from last time.

Although according to the reports, the third regiment had over six thousand people, because they were guarding such a long border, it was impossible for them to be gathered in one spot, so they had to be spread out.

Even if they were gathered together, general Forex was still confident that he could easily defeat them.

In the end, the other side was only the army of a small kingdom like the Rudson Kingdom. It was even an issue of if they could arm all six thousand troops in full equipment, so how could they fight against the Candra Empires third army that was fully equipped.

“How far is it” General Forex asked his lieutenant on the side.

The lieutenant looked up before looking at the map in his hand, saying in an uncertain voice, “It should be another twenty kilometers from here, then we should be a the base of the Rudson Kingdoms third regiment.”

“Twenty kilometers” General Forex gave a scoff, “It really is a small country, twenty kilometers is very far for them Ha, ha……”

The lieutenant laughed along, also looking very relaxed.

The small Rudson Kingdom dared to challenge the Candra Empire, they could only wait to be punished.

It would better if they did dare resist because the royal army would have a good reason to start a war with the Rudson Kingdom.

As long as the Marlow Empire didnt interfere this time, the empire might be able to swallow this small country and increase the size of the empire again.

Of course, that was only the ideal situation.

The army headquarters was only planning on teaching the Rudson Kingdom a lesson before making them compensate the empire.

Even if they couldnt swallow them, making them dependent on the empire and contributing everything they had to them was a pretty good choice.

General Forex led the third armys fourth regiment which was only called the vanguard of this operation.

Of course, Forex didnt think that he was just the vanguard.

Because the two empires had been similar in strength, so there hadnt been any big moves from either armies in twenty years. Now that there was finally a good chance, if he could give a good performance this time and achieve some merit, he might be able to receive a promotion.

Thinking of this, Forex became excited. He forced himself to focus and loudly shouted at his subordinates to move faster.

Seeing that they were halfway across these grasslands, the scout from ahead suddenly came back.

“General, the Rudson Kingdoms army is ahead!” The two scouts were panting as they reported to Forex.

Forex saw how they were panting and how nervous they looked, so he scolded with a smile, “So what if you found them, what are you nervous about Brothers, prepare yourselves to meet the enemy at any moment!”

The two scouts looked at each other and one of them hesitated before saying, “General, this Rudson Kingdom army is a bit…..a bit strange……”

“Strange” Forex looked at them in surprise before waving his hand, “How strange can they be Forget it, stop wasting words and go search a bit more. Report when you find the enemy location, I want to find a good place to engage them from. Right, I forgot to ask, how many of them are there”

The two scouts both had strange expressions before shaking their heads.


“Unclear” Forex looked at the two in surprise, “Are your brains broken I wanted you to scout out the enemy, but you dont even know how many people they have What use do you have then”

The two scouts looked at each other and they both revealed bitter smiles.

“General, we didnt see people at all. We only saw……strange looking vehicles…..”

“Strange looking vehicles”

Forex was surprised. When he wanted to ask them again, the lieutenant beside him suddenly pointed in the distance and shouted out.

“Look! There are enemies!”

Forex looked at the grasslands in the distance in surprise. There were several dozen black figures that were moving at a speed that was hard to imagine.

“It cant be What horses are that fast No, they dont seem like horses, horses arent that big…..”

Forex was stunned as he watched those figures approach. When they came close, he found that they werent horses at all, they were strange black monsters that seemed to be made of iron.

If he looked carefully, he could still see that there were four sturdy wheels under these iron monsters supporting them.

This made Forex immediately react. These strange looking things were like the Magic Sedans that were popular among the nobles of the empire, but their appearances were a bit different.

Just what was this thing

But Forex didnt have the time to slowly consider this. The black figures moved very quickly and they were only less than two kilometers away from them.

Seeing that his subordinates were a bit panicked because of these strange things, Forex shouted, “All of you calm down! Pay attention and prepare to meet the enemies!”

Perhaps it had been a long time since the Candra Empire army had been in a war, the subordinates of general Forex were in a bit of panic and their formation was in a bit of a mess.

Forex didnt have time to make adjustments, so with an order, countless arrows suddenly flew out.

However, under this rain of arrows, hitting the strange looking Magic Cars, there wasnt any damage at all. Many of the arrows had even snapped in two when they hit.

Forex was stunned. When he was about to order another attack, the strange looking Magic Cars suddenly stopped.

The Magic Car that was in front suddenly opened and two heads popped out.

“We are the Rudson Kingdoms third border defense regiment here to issue a warning to you. You have stepped onto the territory of our Rudson Kingdom without permission, please leave here immediately!”

“Hei, say all the nonsense you want.” Forex curled his lips and waved his hand.

The lieutenant understood and turned to give another order.

Countless flaming arrows flew out at the other side.

Forex had seen that normal arrows didnt deal any damage to the other side, so he directly changed to flaming arrows.

In the Magic Armoured Vehicle several hundred meters away, the Rudson Kingdoms third regiments vice commander Vycarlos saw the fire arrows in the sky and took a deep breath. He quickly went back into the car and closed the door above him before taking out a Magic Communicator to say in a low voice, “Sending down orders. All troops move back to a safe distance and prepare to counterattack.”

Forex was a bit surprised that these fire arrows didnt do anything, but suddenly seeing the several dozen Magic Armoured Vehicles drawing back, he immediately shouted out, “Those fellows want to retreat! Chase them for me!”

However, the Magic Armoured Vehicles were faster than them and they were instantly two kilometers away.

While Forex was anxious, the Magic Armoured Vehicles all stopped and aimed forward again.

“Damn, are they playing me” Forex was filled with rage.

When he wanted to send down the order to attack, he heard countless arrows flying through the air. At the same time, there were several hundred dense glows that came from the Magic Armoured Vehicles, flying towards them.

Forexs angry heart felt a deep sense of danger and he shouted, “Put up our defense!” Without another word, he directly fell off his horse.


“Hong, hong, hong, hong, hong!”

Countless explosions rang out and there was a giant shockwave that made Forex roll several times on the ground.

When his heart was filled with terror, he sensed several arrows falling down and deeply driving themselves into his body.

Forex only had time to give a low roar as his eyes widened before his legs stiffened and he couldnt be any more dead.-

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