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Does he like men

Xu Yi was stunned. When he looked back, he saw that Akali had appeared outside the door at an unknown time and was currently leaning on the door. She looked at him and Evita with a smile that almost didnt seem to be there on her face.

“Akali, what nonsense are you saying!” Evita reprimanded Akali before quickly moving to the window, pulling up all the blinds.

Seeing Evita whose face was completely red under the sunlight, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. Evitas face really was thin.

He looked back at Akali and when his eyes passed over her neck, Xu Yi was surprised to find a necklace around her neck.

Although this necklace looked quite finely made, it clearly couldnt compare to the one president Rank had given Akali at the banquet.

Xu Yi pointed at Akalis neck and asked in a confused voice, “Since you like wearing necklaces, why dont you wear the one president Rank gave you Its more suited to you compared to this one”

“The one from president Rank……” A somewhat unnatural expression appeared on Akalis face and a bitter smile that wasnt easy to see appeared before she turned to head downstairs.

Xu Yi was even more confused. He was just asking about a necklace, why was Akalis reaction so strange

“Did something happen to her in the past few days” Xu Yi asked Evita in a daze.

Evita shook her head in an astonished manner, “Nothing. Chairman, so that necklace wasnt something you gave her”

“Me” Xu Yi also shook his head, “That necklace was given to her by the Sarank Chamber of Commerces chairman Rank, it isnt related to me.”

“So its the Sarank Chamber of Commerce, no wonder its so beautiful.” Evita gave a slight now before looking at Xu Yi and revealing a smile, “Chairman, president Rank definitely gave Akali that necklace because of you, so it isnt wrong to say that you gave it to her.”

“No, no, no, you cant say it like that.” Xu Yi quickly waved his hand, “President Rank giving it to her and me giving it to her has completely different meanings, you cant randomly say stuff.”

“Thats right, sir chairman is not my boyfriend and didnt agree to my proposal, so that necklace cant be considered something you gave me.” Akalis voice faintly came from outside the door again.

When Xu Yi turned back, he found that Akali had come back with a box in her hand. It was the box president Rank had given Akali to hold the necklace that day.

Seeing Xu Yi look over, Akali took two steps forward and put the box in Xu Yis hands.

“Chairman, help me return this necklace back to president Rank, Im not qualified to wear it.”

Xu Yi knit his brows and didnt accept the box, rather he seriously looked at Akali. Although her expression was very calm, the corner of her brow and her nose kept twitching, showing that her heart was not calm.

Xu Yi looked at Evita with a look of inquiry, but Evita shook her head.

Thinking about it, Xu Yi tentatively asked, “Akali, this was the gift president Rank gave you. If you return it to him, it will be very rude to him and he might misunderstand your meaning. I think…..”

“I dont care! Anyway Im not qualified to wear it!” Akali cut Xu Yi off in a loud voice.

Xu Yi never thought that Akalis reaction would be this strong and couldnt help falling into a daze. He looked at Akalis expression for a while before giving a sigh in his heart and reached out to take the box.

“Alright, since you insist on not wanting it, Ill take it. But this cant be returned to president Rank, you cant let him misunderstand.”

“Its fine if you return it to president Rank or not, I just dont want it!” Akali firmly said.

Looking at the aggrieved Akali, Xu Yi couldnt help giving a bitter laugh. He thought that whether it was on earth or on this continent, the thoughts of a girl who wasnt twenty years old yet was still the hardest to guess.

He thought that he could discuss the combination of Fluorescent Grass and the Flashing Thunder Array with Evita before mooching off some food, but with the current atmosphere, it wasnt good for him to stay here.

After thinking about it, Xu Yi gave Evita his thoughts. He had Evita keep studying the Fluorescent Grass and it would be best to guarantee that the Fluorescent Grass could release continuous and stable light. As well, he wanted it to change in light intensity and even adjust it at will.

Evita agreed to his requests one by one.

While Xu Yi was talking, Akali stood on the side without any expression the entire time and not saying anything, making the atmosphere very awkward.

After giving his thoughts with great difficulty, Xu Y directly said goodbye to the two of them.

He looked at Akali before leaving and after a pause, Xu Yi couldnt help saying, “Akali, if you have any ideas, you can just talk to me. Weve known each other for a few months and you should know that Im a person who isnt good at talking. Of course, if you think it is something that isnt good for you to talk to me about, you have Evita and Still, your two good friends who you can talk to. In short…...You and Evita left home to come to Banta City to work for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so I dont want you to live bad lives here, do you understand”

Akali bit her lip and didnt say anything.

Xu Yi gave a sigh and looked at Evita a few times while pointing at Akali.

Evita gave a slight nod, signaling to Xu Yi to be assured.

Xu Yi finally waved his hand and rejected Evita sending him off as he directly left.

Hearing Xu Yi walk downstairs and finally Xu Yi closing the main door, Akalis expression finally collapsed and two rows of tears dripped down. She threw herself onto Evitas bed and began crying as she pounded the bed.

Evita shook her head with a sigh and sat down on the bed. She patted Evitas back as she said in a low voice, “Alright, you already knew it was impossible, so why did you have to charge forward”

After a while, Akali slowly stopped sobbing and suddenly rubbed her head against the blanket. She turned her head and looked up at Evita, looking quite aggrieved.

“How would I know if I didnt try”

Evita said with a bitter smile, “But now that youve tried it, do you think it is impossible”

Akalis face turned bitter again, “It seems to be impossible…...Hey, Evita, do you think Im that much worse compared to Still”

Evita looked at Akali for a while before giving a serious nod, “Indeed you are much worse. At least Still wouldnt cry like this. Other than that…..You have to admit, Still is much more beautiful compared to you.”

“Humph! Beauty isnt the only thing.” Akali mumbled, “According to my observations, sir chairman doesnt seem to treat her that specially.”

Evita couldnt help flicking Akalis forehead, “Are you dumb Still is more beautiful compared to you, has a better personality, and she has been with sir chairman longer than you. If sir chairman doesnt even have thoughts for her like this, why do you think sir chairman would have thoughts for you”

“Perhaps sir chairman likes my type” Akali said in a voice unwilling to give up. She thought for a bit before asking in a mysterious voice, “Evita, sir chairman is already twenty seven this year and hasnt gotten married yet and we havent seen him have a close relationship with any girls. He doesnt even have a special feelings for a beauty like Still. Could it be…..he likes men”



Xu Yi gave a strong sneeze and couldnt help pinching his nose as he looked into the sky.

His goal going to the research lab was to mooch some dinner and it was quite late when he went there. Now that he had left for a while, the sky was already turning dark.

It was early November and the Sines Continents weather was approaching winter.

Because they were in the southwest, the Lampuri Kingdom was not as cold in winter as the north, but when Banta City entered night, the streets would still be quite cold.

Xu Yi fixed his clothes and tightly wrapped himself up.

“Thats right, I almost forgot. Vivian shouldnt have any winter clothes, so it seems like I need to find some time to buy her some. But Im not familiar with female clothes, so I should ask Still and the others to help her find some.” Thinking of this, Xu Yi naturally thought of Akali.

Rubbing the box in his chest, Xu Yi couldnt help revealing a bitter smile.

Because he had sunk himself in research all day back on earth, he didnt have the time or mind to interact with girls. After coming to this world, he had been busy familiarizing himself with this world and working hard to survive, so it was even more impossible for him to interact with girls in this world, so he completely didnt understand Akalis strange reaction at all.

But he did understand that for a young girl like Akali, who were the hardest to understand, it wasnt strange for him to be unable to guess anything at all.

He wasnt prepared to guess either because compared to the thoughts of a little girl, there were just too many things that he had to consider.

Whether it was developing new magic machines or trying to start taking the first steps of establishing an industrial system, it all required a large amount of time and effort from him.

Other than this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce faced many dangers while quickly developing. Even Xu Yi as a person who didnt care about a persons strength had to quickly increase his power. These two things took up a lot of time and effort from Xu Yi.

Many times, Xu Yi even wished he could break himself into several portions and each one would focus on a certain thing. That way, those aspects would develop even better.

But that was something impossible to achieve and in those aspects, there were many things that people couldnt substitute Xu Yi for. So he could only invest his own effort and time into it, not daring to waste even a single bit of it.

It was a good thing that Xu Yi was considered a workaholic back on earth. As long as it was interesting mechanical research, he would become more and more enthusiastic.

“Actually talking about it, its still the same problem. Talented people are hard to get. Xu Yi knocked his head as he thought that this problem really had no solution.

The knowledge of magic on the Sines Continent only remained on destruction and slaughter, so even with practical application of magic like the Magic Crystal Lamp, they were small in number and werent common at all.

If Xu Yi wanted to create an industrial system according to his thoughts on the Sines Continent, he could only use practical magic machines to change the thoughts and understanding of the people of the Sines Continent bit by bit.

The good news was that at least in Banta City, peoples understanding of magic machines was quite good.

“Its best if there were more magicians who knew about magic application. Its best if all the magicians on the continent studied magic application, it wouldnt be that hard for me anymore. Its a pity…..Yi”

Xu Yis eyes fell onto the side of the road.

Two familiar figures entered his eyes who were currently entering a small restaurant by the side of the road.-

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